Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 1: YVR to Fra to DUB

29 April 2010

Up at 6am to be at the airport for 12:30pm... Joyous. Not a morning person. Sucks that you have to be at the airport 3 hours before check in. One of our friends gave us a ride, got to YVR at 7:30am and it turns out that check in doesn't even open for another 30 minutes. Guess traffic was lighter than expected. Security was a breeze so we ended up spending a lot of time at the airport before we even got on the plane. Some how we bored before I killed my traveling companion. He wouldn't stop singing some song about Luongo the Canucks goal tender; this is going to be a very long trip!

Just landed in Pearsons and have a two hour layover. I was watching Sherlock Holmes but the iPad died so more time to kill in the airport with nothing to do. Since it's been about 7, almost 8 hours since we've eaten I started to get hangry so we found a burger place in the international section of YYZ that had a cranky cashier and tuna sandwiches for CAD 8. We were glad that I was fed. I also got to stand in the middle of a huge sculpture that reverberates your voice when you stand in it, allowing for a large echo, but it sounds like normal outside. Oh, small amusements...

After being searched by dogs on our way to the plane we left without a hitch. Now we are somewhere over the Atlantic headed to Frankfurt. Not sure of the time but an hour ago we were told that the sun would rise in an hour but the moon is still up. I can see light in the horizon though so it was a good guess. Looking forward to crossing the date line because that means we are that much closer to Europe! My travelling partner has been trying to get me to sleep so I would have some energy when we land as we have a long way to go still. I closed my eyes for about half an hour before the seatbelt sign came on and food was served shortly afterwards.

I will say that the food on the plane is better than I had imagined - guess I set my bar real low! We got corn nibblets, a water bottle, bun, brownie, chicken in cream of mushroom sauce, and wild rice with mixed veggies. We will get a breakfast type meal later and then we will be in Frankfurt, I will finally be in Europe! I'll even know what time it is! Currently the time on the inflight clock is wrong and the last flight had a time that was about an hour slow. Dawn is starting to break though so maybe 5am?

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 2: Dublin

30 April 2010

The security here is a lot tighter than YVR. They tore my purse apart and put it through the x-ray three times yet we went through YVR without a hitch. The item that caused the issue it turns out was my travel companions flashlight as it had magnesium in it which could be a fire starter. Luckily they let us through and we could keep it. We are both starting to feel the pressure / stress from traveling. We've disagreed on a few things but since we are exhausted we haven't really fought or argued about anything. It's weird, technically we've been up for almost 1 days now but really, it's only 5am at home where as here it's 2pm and we catch our flight to Dublin in three hours.

Have to say that it's very odd to see security riding around bikes in the airport and not golf carts. They even have smoking room and there is a naked cut out of a chick with packets of beef jerky for sale that are covering her naughty bits. The bathrooms here are amazing! Fully enclosed stalls, each equipped with three rolls of good toilet paper, a toilet brush, enough room to fit five people, and the toilets have two buttons as well as a deeper bowl. They certainly keep their bathrooms well looked after. Signs through out the airport (except cell phone ads) are in English and everyone speaks it; I was expecting German. My traveling companion just passed out on me while we were sitting at a table so I guess I need to hang out and watch the bags...

Finally on our last flight, it's just under two hours, can't wait. As soon as we boarded, I was out cold. However I was startled awake by a loud, scraping, mechanical noise. Thinking I was going to die I jolted awake to just be told we hadn't even left the ground yet. Thanks to the adrenaline, I'm not sleeping again. During the flight they gave us a snack of a white bun with a roasted red pepper, stick of orange cheese and strawberry? cream cheese? - needless to say, it wasn't appetizing. 

After a long and dreary trip we have finally arrived in Ireland. So glad that we have family picking us up, don't want to sort out finding transportation.... Never booking on points again, it took waaaaay too long to get here. Now I'm sitting in my room for the week at 9:21pm and the birds won't stop chirping. I feel like I'm at home which is prefect because I need to sleep.... badly... shut up birds!!

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 3: Dublin

1 May 2010

Lets see what an Irish wedding is like. I'm assuming lots of religion and drinking.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 4: Dublin

2 May 2010

Well I wasn't far off... Started with religion, ended with more alcohol then I have ever needed... According to some family, I reminded them of a "frat girl having fun". Not sure if that was a good thing or not but since I remember the entire night, drank 16oz to myself, and got home safe I think that Irish frat girls are the best girls to imitate. God knows I've had a lot worse evenings!

The day started off with heading to the local church for a Catholic ceremony with the funniest Benedictine monk I've ever had a chance to listen to (this is not saying much since he's the first....). After watching them trying to light the center unity candle and it continuously going out, the ceremony was over. To everyone's surprise, the cousin who had just spent the night in labor (without any drugs), gave birth at 5am, was sitting in the back pew with the newborn at 2pm. Neither of them made it the reception but clearly the wedding was not one to be missed!

The reception was held at the Clontarf Castle just outside of Dublin. It's very nice and on lovely grounds. During cocktail hour they had a wandering magician who was really good. That's also when the drinking started. Shortly after we were moved into the banquet room where the drinking and the largest wedding dinner I've ever attempted to eat was served.

Drinking was interesting, lots of little differences. I usually drink a Gin Slime (gin, sprite/7up, and lime) as bars normally don't have lemon's on hand. Well they didn't have any limes so I had 69 Specials instead (gin, sprite/7up, lemon) which I prefer anyways. Then I confused the barkeep as I ordered Captain Mo's where as here it's called by it's full name... Captain Morgan's... maybe it was just the bartender and not the entire country... The screwdrivers are universal so that was good. They also have MDG and Coors, guess you need crappy beer everywhere... Then there was lots of drinking and dancing with more drinking. People were very surprised at how Irish I look for being a Canadian so lots of cultural surprises on this trip.

After getting back "home" I threw up twice and then slept like the dead.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

2 May 2010

In the morning I was hungover as could be which was not a surprise. We went back to the castle for the wedding brunch which helped before we headed into Dublin. We wandered through Temple Bar and then up O'Connell Street (don't walk around here at night) then onto Trinity College. We had a really good meal at the Q-Bar before heading back to take a nap which turned into a 14 hour sleep.

This nap was not planned as we were supposed to go to the "head wetting" at the local pub. What is a "head wetting"? It's baby's first time at the bar. Now that she's just over 24 hours old, guess it's time for that but the family never woke us up as they thought the sleep was more important.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 5: Dublin

3 May 2010

I've been so tired these last few days that I'm surprised I've been able to keep up the journaling. This morning we popped down for breakfast which is when I had my first run in with black sausage.

I knew what it was so I stared at it for a while, while having a great debate about eating it or not. (I'm sure it started with "To eat or not to eat"). In the end I just went for it - gotta try everything, even animal blood, at least once right? That's also about the time that I realized that I don't like it so to get rid of the taste I figured I'd try the white sausage. No one at the table could tell me what was in it and it looked like there was a finger nail clipping in it. I just told myself it was a piece of onion and dug in. Yeah... I didn't fare any better with this one...

Afterwards we drove down to the local market where I decided to try some local pop to kill the taste of breakfast. I figured that I've had the sausages so I need to keep trying things until I find something Irish that I like. That's my theory and we will see how long I stick with it. The pop I ended up grabbing was Orange and Barley. Figured that since we are in beer country it was only fitting. I drank it warm and quickly discovered that the only think I like in this country so far are their cocktails....

Our cousin met us downtown and took us to a couple of bars along Temple Bar. It was a very touristy experience since everyone that was working was Polish and the tourists were a mix from all over. The most non-Irish experience in Ireland I think you could have truthfully. I would say that this area deserves a pass unless you want a night of very heavy drinking.

We then debated what to do next. A strip club was quickly thrown on the table but as soon as they realized that they had a female among them (me) they decided not to go. I really wanted to go through. Do they get fully naked? Can they work a pole like an athlete? Are they dark and dank or classy and well lit? So many questions went through my mind but then it was decided we would go for Indian. Not an Indian stripper but Indian food.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

3 May 2010

Off we went, down a back alley, to a small door that you wouldn't notice unless you knew it was there. Once inside we were greeted and ushered to a table. The staff were actually Indian so I had high hopes. Normally at home I order "indian" heat vindaloo as that is the only way to get actual spicy curry. Here? They laughed in my face and told me that they had 10 levels of "indian" head that I wouldn't be able to handle so they started me at level 1 and would take my meal away to make it hotter every time I asked. Level 1 and 2, not an issue. Level 3 I could feel it, 4 had me eating slower, 5 had me in the bathroom running water over my tongue, and 6, well I got to level 6 but asked for it to be packed up to take home as I was "full". They laughed but did as I asked.

We then all headed home after that since the bars were closing (it was 1am).

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 6: Dublin

4 May 2010

Today we hung around the house a bit but it's been good since my stomach has been so upset after the vindaloo. Guess spice doesn't agree with me, glad I'm not hung over too. We headed to downtown to grab some lunch (more hot dogs) before wandering around. We ended up stumbling upon the Wax Museum and since my travel partner had never been in one before we had to go. It was only 9 Euro each so it wasn't that badly priced. It ended up being pretty bland so that accounted for the price.

Afterwards we looped back and ended up at Trinity College so we went in to see the book of Kells. It was amazing to see how preserved the old books are and the long room was breath taking. All the wood work and the old books were gorgeous. I would have loved to explore the entire area but it's roped off with guards keeping strict watch (a very boring job I would think.)

We waddled through the streets before sitting in the park outside of Dublin Castle since our feet hurt. With our feet still hurting after the rest we caught the bus back home where I made burgers, fajita's, and finished my vindaloo. The oven was a pain to use. It was tiny and you had to flick on a switch to get the gas going, turn a knob to the time, another to adjust the heat, and then another to adjust the vents / fan speed. It was a bit of a learning curve. By this time the vindaloo had hit my gut and I was not feeling very good. I should have learned after last night!

The burgers I had made were the same as the ones we got at the Q-bar so I'm guessing there are not many options in the area. The fajita's were burnt on the outside, warm on the inside, and after eating half of one I noticed that the chicken was raw. It was a wonderful experience after a long, tiring day... we ended up going to bed after that.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 7: Dublin

5 May 2010

Today was the day we decided to do the hop-on, hop-off bus around Dublin since there were too many places we wanted to see and the walk would have been a death march. First stop, Kilmainham Gaol for the tour of the former jail. It was surreal how many old artifacts they has as well as how well the prison was resorted. It was hard to stay with the tour group as well since I kept getting caught up looking down different corridors or looking at things longer than I should have. Oh how I wanted to explore! However with how old this place is, parts are probably unrestored and not safe. It was very interesting to learn about how it was the first of it's kind; meant to reform prisoners not just punish. Each prisoner received their own cell and there was lots of fresh air and light. But it didn't take long before multiple prisoners were put into a single cell especially during the famine since prisoners got more food than the standard population. The youngest prisoners were a 5 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. We also learned that "Gaol" is pronounced "Jail".

Next up, Jameson's to become a whiskey tasting expert. In the lobby we grabbed some fries quickly as a snack before joining the tour. They no longer make the whiskey here so they showed us a video before doing a walk through of the different brewing steps. Then four of us were picked to become expert whiskey tasters. They provided us a show of Scotch, Jack Daniels, and Jameson's to "blind" taste and decide which one was the best. After surveying us they gave us an official certificate and then a free Jameson's drink in the bar.

Since it was almost 5 pm and everything closes around this time we caught the last bus tour back into town. It stopped outside of Carroll's Souvenir store so we decided to pop in. I grabbed a few shirts and other gifts to give people when we get back home. After we got all our shopping done, we jumped on the bus and headed home. I was too tired to attempt to cook and my travel partner had memorized the phone number off of the Pizza Hut on the way back to the house so we decided to order pizza. It wasn't the best pizza but I guess pizza is like sex, it's not really bad even when it is. I got a Hawaiian and the ham was fine but the pineapple was white and tasteless. My partner got peperoni and the meat had a nice kick to it. The cheese on both was not very good, almost like melted feta. I'm thinking that pizza isn't very big out here.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 8: dublin

6 May 2010

Today was the longest day we had so far. Up at 6am, out by 7 am. We took the hop-on, hop-off for a full loop (our tickets expire at 12:00pm) so we could learn about the entire city as the pre-recorded tour was very informative. The entire loop took about 1.5 hours to do. Once we got off, we grabbed some lunch in Temple Bar; got a traditional stew (yum!!) which I will say I am going to miss when we leave and my partner got a lamb burger which tasted like meat loaf so he picked the lamb out of my stew.

After we were full we headed off to St. Stevens Green where they have a mall as my partner wanted to get a coat. It was a really long walk from Temple Bar but just when we through we were lost, we spotted the white iron and glass dome. The first store we went into, he found a coat which was nice as he's not much of a shopper and there weren't many stores to go through. The mall was very pleasant with a DJ in a bubble in the middle that seemed out of place in such an old mall. We headed up stairs to keep exploring and then we found out you had to pay $0.20 to use the bathroom which wouldn't be an issue except it looks like they hadn't been cleaned in a week; it was gross.

Onward we headed to Christ Cathedral Church to see the crypt. Along the way we found a porn shop and decided to pop in to take a look. The place looked like someone's home that had been converted but since it had several floors, there was a lot to look at and there was every type of clothing you could want. There was an old guy checking out the submissive gear, a middle aged guy checking out butt plugs, and a younger guy trying to hide the fact that he was looking at videos & magazines. I've never seen so many people in a porn shop before nor so much different product before. Now that we've seen a European porn shop it was time to go to the church after our sinful pit stop.

Guess the church didn't want us to go in because it's closed for a few days for a meeting. Boo! All that walking to see the last thing on my list and I can't do it :(

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

6 May 2010

Since that can't be done we debating doing Dublania (Viking museum), buying more souvenirs, or check out Dublin Castle. We decided on the Castle. After a rest in the gardens of the castle (also doubles as a helicopter pad), we walked through a gate, passed a guard, and then entered into a building we chose at random. There we found the bathrooms as well as a tour desk for the castle. We had no idea that there was tour but since it was under 5 Euro we decided to take it. The tour was 45 minutes and took us through all the old state houses so since we were there we figured why not.

The guide was bland but the rooms were grand. If you like old paintings and architecture this is a must! Truthfully I was too busy taking pics and looking around so I ended up just tuning out the guide as she was not interesting at all. After we completed the staterooms we were taken down to an archeological dig site that unearthed one of the old towers (used for gun powder storage) and part of the moat. It smelt awful but was really cool to see. Of course you exit through the gift shop and like tourists, we bought stuff.

We caught the bus back to the house and chilled for a bit. Then we headed out to find food and since we didn't want to go back downtown, we headed to the Clontarf waterfront. Here he grabbed a burger and I got fish and chips before going further to the water to sit in the park. It was kinda amusing eating this crappy food while people were running by and exercising on the equipment.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 9: Dublin

7 May 2010

We haven't seen Grafton Street and while I've been told that it's a really expensive shop I figured why not. We waddled around it (it was expensive) before ending up at Steven's Green. Here we walked around the lake and then popped in the mall where there was a TK Max. While I was in the changing room my travel partner put down my purse and a woman went for it as soon as it hit the ground. I yelled at him to grab it while I stared her down and she took off. The whole thing was over in a minute.

After that excitement we headed back down Grafton where a beggar had wrote a massive poem. I gave him a few Euro and took a photo of it before continuing on our way to a club at the end of Temple bar for a bite to eat. The view we had was indescribably beautiful as we sat looking over the river liffey on a sunny day while enjoying an Irish stew.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 10: Dublin

8 May 2010

Today we lounged around the house before walking down Vedder to find a gift for mothers day. It was actually quite difficult since today was Mother's day back home but Ireland had celebrated it a few months prior so the shop keep had to dig through storage for a card.

Later we met up with our cousin and a couple of his buddies for drinks. We hit up a couple of non-tourist pubs in which the friends broke out into song; singing traditional Irish music to us. The pub we were in was very well suited for this type of singing. The owner had hand carved a massive Viking face into the wall with the mouth done as the fire place. The corner where we were sitting was plastered in news papers from the early 1900's and to order a drink, we had to ring a bell which the bar keep would open a small window to take our order. Turns out that the area we were sitting in was originally the "woman" area and it was enclosed like this since it was not polite to see a lady drink early in the century.

Our final stop of the night was the Poterhouse in Temple Bar as I would have to drink an Oyster beer as a right of passage. It looked like a Guinness and since I don't like that beer nor do I like oysters I was extremely hesitant but I had to do it. Extremely drunk me took a sip and enjoyed it. I kept drinking it until my partner had me stop as he hated it and it was turning their stomach to watch me.

After drinking we decided it was time for a kebab which happened to be right across the street with a line up out the door. My travel partner doesn't eat those so he walked down the street for a hot dog. Since I wanted something that would absorb, I ordered a donair which was a mistake. If the locals are getting kebab, I should have gone kebab. The meal i got came with fries and a coke that my partner ate with his hot dog while I had my donair. In this (what I hoped was glorious) donair was lamb, lettuce, pickled cabbage, and mayo with dill/relish in a pita. At the time, I didn't realize that it wasn't the same donair that I get at home but after taking my first bite I quickly found out it was different. If I found this thing horrible when I was hammered I could only image what it's like when I'm sober...

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 11: Dublin

9 May 2010

Today we met the family for lunch at the Grand in Malahide which is the only carvery (similar to a buffet minus the all you can eat part) that one of the family members will eat at. It was a beautiful day to be in this beach city so we took off from the family and explore together. Unfortunately it was a Sunday so everything was closed.

After luck we all gathered at the house for our last goodbye for this trip as we would be headed off to Belfast tomorrow and won't see anyone the rest of the trip.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with the family before packing and going to bed.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 12: Dub to BHD

10 May 2010

A two hour drive up to Northern Ireland is in our plan today. We had a plan to visit some family along our drive up but they didn't answer their phone so we went to the outlets in Bainbridge instead that came highly recommended to us. They were large and had some good deals but I didn't find them all that fantastic, again, probably due to comparing them to the ones that are within driving distance to us in the states so not really comparing apples to apples. Our quick pit stop for lunch was Burger King which really seemed the same as what we have at home.

Our first stop in Belfast upon arrival was our hotel - the Ibis, Queens Quarters - which was by the university. After checking in and dropping off our bags we headed out to explore. We stumbled upon the library where I though would be a great idea to see if I could do a big of genealogical hunting. Dumb idea. Floor to ceiling volumes of genealogy covered several floors of the library, there was no one that I was finding anything. It was interesting to go into the library, it was an old building with lots of older looking books but as soon as we saw what I was against we left. Ain't no body got time for that!

At our hotel we were recommended to go to the tourist centre to get information and since we have under 48 hours in the city, it was a must to see. While it was a real bitch to find, in the end it was worth it. We booked a bus tour that takes us up to the Giant's Causeway tomorrow and it was on sale so it should be interesting to see how it goes - on sale and space at the last moment, not very high hopes...

Since we had everything booked we wanted to do we explored the area and went into Victoria Square shopping center which was more expensive than I've every seen. Again, things started to close early and Belfast really felt like a city that I didn't want to be out at night in. Everything was in close quarters, the bricks were all boring, and everything was either under construction or in a state of disrepair. As the shops and sites all close at 6pm we decided to head back to the hotel.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

10 May 2010

The hotel we stayed at was well located and was very modern and clean. However, they warned us that the front doors lock at dark so we will need our key to access the front door as well as the lobby and the elevator room so that raised a lot of questions. Looking outside however you could understand why as all of the row homes across the street were burnt out and empty. It was quite an interesting area... we did need to eat and luckily the bar had a good food menu so we decided to sit down. The bar also had two for one drinks special so it was out kind of place. We ended up getting a pizza, bar platter (wings,, fries, onion rings, and check nuggets), 3 pints, 2 gin slimes, and a shot for $30.95 which is a steal compared to back home.

It's now 11pm and I'm throwing everything up. Not sure if it's the burger king or everything we ate. could be a mixture of it all...

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 13: Northern Ireland

11 May 2010

Up early to get our continental breakfast which was pathetic but what can you expect for an all you can eat that 7 Pounds a person. What made it made? The sausage was stale, the bacon was all eaten, so all you were left with was yogurt with cereal. With something in our gut, we went out and waited for our tour to pick us up.

A giant yellow coach with "Allen's Tours" written on the side picked up us and Tony (our guide) was awesome the whole way. He was extremely funny and very informative not to mention he took us through a lot of small towns that other tours won't take you through (at least according to him...).

We saw the floating islands, the vanishing lake (when the peat is wet the lake is empty but when it's dry then the lake is full), lots of little towns, the islands that become a submarine, Scotland (it's only 11 miles off the coast at the closest point), carrack-a-rede rope bridge, a few ruins, breath taking scenery, Dunlace castle, and the Giant's causeway. For 15 pounds/person this 8.5 hour tour was exactly what we wanted and more. The only downside was that there was only 2 please to grab drinks and snacks on the way up and one on the way back called Molly's. The North is still having issues with terrorists and bombings so the tourist amenities are not there and I can understand why. Molly's was a good place to end the tour though as the staff was extremely nice, the food was a good price, and the nacho's (actually pita bread chunks) was really good.

It was a very satisfying day with lots of exercise but the Giant's Causeway was a huge let down. It would have been good as a stop along the way instead of the highlight / end of the tour. We spend about 30 minutes at the site (including the walk up and down the hill) before checking out the gift shop and grabbing their famous honeycomb ice-cream.

Once back on the we walked back to our hotel and ate like kings again - 2 gin slimes, chicken tikka masala, 4 pints of Carlsberg, 2 bar platters, and a brownie for 28 pounds. It was delicious and a good last meal in Belfast. While in our food coma's we watched TV in the room before passing out.

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 14: BHD to Dub

12 May 2010

Up early today (not as early as yesterday) to grab our continental breakfast. Have to say that this is the last time I will prepare for breakfast without trying it once to make sure we will eat it.... Check out was easy and everything we ate/drank only came to just over 50 pounds. With food in our belly's we headed off to catch the bus to Dublin. The taxi driver who took us to the terminal was really good as he pointed out and corrected landmarks / history that tour guides usually tell / show so we knew the "real" Belfast.

The coach that picked us up was just outside of Jury's hotel and the whole trip lasted 3 hours without a rest break. Luckily we slept so we didn't need one. When we finally got to the airport, we noticed that the shuttle that would take us to the hotel was leaving. My travel partner wouldn't run to grab it so I did and the driver was nice enough to stop for us. Good thing too since I didn't want to wait an hour for the next one.

Our hotel for the next couple of nights is Bewley's and it is really set up as an airport hotel. The room had a twin bed, a single, and a pull out couch. We pulled out the couch since it looked bigger but were surprised with a huge stain on the bed and a pile of garbage under the bed part so we folded it back up. The tea pot had coffee grounds in it (should have checked before having a cup of tea...) and the food was expensive compared to the Ibis. 

Since there was nothing in the area I should not have expected anything different. As they only had 15 TV channels and it was still early we decided to head downtown. Since the crypt's should be open we headed straight there. I think I had my hopes too high; I expected an actual crypt but it turned out to be a couple empty rooms with some costumes from the Tudors TV show. Everything had been redone in 2000 and the only thing in the basement was a gift shop. Can definitely be skipped!

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

12 May 2010

We headed back to the hotel and along the way we decided that Dublin was a lot better than Belfast. Once back in the hotel we watched some random TV shows until 10:30pm. Since the bar only serves food until 11pm I decided to head down. Upon getting to the bar I was told that it was table service only so I sat down. After waiting 20 minutes and still no service i headed to the junk food machine. Needless to say, I have not been impressed with this hotel at all and we still have one more night...

Ireland & Northern Ireland 2010

Day 15: Dublin

13 May 2010

Slept in this morning before heading downtown for one final day. There we wandered around Dublin for a bit, grabbed breakfast, explored another porn shop (turned out to be extremely kinky), and then headed back to the hotel after doing a small grocery shop for tomorrow's breakfast. We also grabbed some grapes from a vendor that was selling them on O'Connell street out of a baby carriage.

I ended up filling the sink with ice and putting the yogurt as well as the orange juice we bought for tomorrow in it. There isn't a fridge or ice bucket in the room so this will have to do; we can wash our hands in the tub.

Dinner was sandwiches we bought earlier at subway. I ended up getting the chicken peri peri which tasted closer to an egg salad sandwich than a spicy chicken sub. Either way, the whole experience was different than in Canada. Here you have to pay to toast your sub, they don't have the pizza sub I normally get, you can get nachos as a side, and they also offer a bowl of meatballs. Peri peri was a new option so that's why I decided to give it a go and next time I'll give it a pass.

It was very hectic to get everything packed and sorted but at least I have all night to do it!


In Dublin's fair city, Where the girls are so pretty, I once met a girl named sweet Molly Malone, And she wheeled her wheel barrow, Through the streets broad and narrow, Singing cockles and mussels alive alive oh!

She was a fish monger, And sure was no wonder, So were her mother and father before, And they wheeled their wheel barrow, Through the streets broad and narrow, Singing cockles and mussels alive alive oh!

She died of a fever, And so one could save her, And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone, Now her ghost wheels her barrow through the streets broad and narrow, Singing cockles and mussels alive alive oh!
–Molly Malone / In Dublin's Fair City / Cockles and Mussels