Las Vegas

Las Vegas 2017

Day 1: BLI to LAS

20 October 2017

Vegas, you sexy, inhibiting, lucid dream of a beast; it's been too long!

I didn't sleep last night, haven't all week for some reason so I'm used to it now. We left our place at 9am (after some last minute cleaning) to grab some friends. After we grabbed them it was off to Bellingham. Flying from the states is soooo much cheaper even once you take into consideration gas and parking. Plus security is less of a hassle so more time saved.

Once at the boarder the wait was 5 minutes and the guide just asked us why were going down. Our driver said "No reason, leisure" while the three of us said "buddy's 30th". The guard laughed, said that he assumed it wasn't very important to us clearly which makes us bad people and waived us through.

At the airport we were too early so we grabbed breakfast at the new Holiday Inn before heading back to the airport to board. 

Nothing exciting to report. Had a drink at the airport, got on the flight, it landed, pretty straight forward. Cabbie to the airport was rude which isn't even weird.

At the hotel we learned that the rest of our group were on the 27th floor so when we checked into the Planet Hollywood they had us on the 15th so we asked to change floor. They asked for our party's name (assuming to check we were actually with a group) and then was able to give us the last room on the floor - a double queen room with partial strip view - which we took to make meeting up easier. Our room was 2713 and the view was of the strip with a partial Bellagio fountain view. The bath is a soaker tub so I can't wait to use that. We have dinner in 30 min so we are changing quick and then heading out to Trevi.

Las Vegas 2017

20 October 2017

We were sat at the base of the fountain which was a calming spot even though between the sounds of the water and the murmur of all the conversation in the mall it was hard to carry on a conversation. The service was amazing but the food was overpriced, the calamari was salty, and the braised beef was chewy but it was all to celebrate a birthday so it was worth it.

Once dinner was done we headed back to the hotel. My feet were covered in blood and popped blisters I developed during our marathon hustle to get to dinner on time so I was glad to change into runners. As soon as I had changed my shoes it was off to New York, New York for drinks at the Nine fine Irishmen.

Drinks at the pub were great and they shut down the top floor for us. After exploring it, we discovered that there was a patio overlooking the Brooklyn street bridge and Las Vegas Blvd so we chilled out there until they closed our section out. Then they finished their beers while I took my partner out to show him the back part of the casino which is done like back alleys in SoHo, NY which is my favorite place in Vegas so far. My partner was impressed too and wanted to do the roller coaster on top of the hotel but it was closed.

We then reached out to a couple of friends who were gambling while "looking" for us until we found them at a slot machine. They then showed us this massive slot machine where we thought you could win burgers from (it was called the "Shake Shack" which is a burger bar next door and had pictures of burgers on it) but it turned out to just give our souvenir $1 silver coins. none of us know if we could actually buy things with them though....

First thing we needed was beer so we went to the closest bar and got one. A couple at the bar gave us their extra beer that they couldn't finish. Turns out that they are travelling across North America to visit all the hockey arena's so they are in town to check out Vegas's new arena and the team who are playing tomorrow night. We got our beer and headed back to the hotel since we have the club crawl tomorrow, it's going to be another late night. Originally we were going to stay up late with a few friends but they disappeared and didn't get back to us until after we were in bed, about 2am.

Las Vegas 2017

Day 2: Vegas

21 October 2017

Glad we didn't go back out since they were up till 5am gambling, that would have shot our whole day. The room we are in has a decorative table at the side of each bed of the bed that bent over the bed (for breakfast in bed?) and a bench seat at the foot of each bed so I pulled both over to the window and created a small breakfast area overlooking the strip. I'm not just sitting here, enjoying the view, and waiting for my partner to wake up. Last night we had grabbed food at the CVS on our way back to the hotel so once he was up, we ate our cheap breakfast with a view that would have cost a pretty price tag in Vegas.

After stuffing our faces, it was off to explore! We wandered up the strip from Planet Hollywood toe Bellagio, walked through the hotel and the conservatory. Then it was over to Caesars to explore the Forum more since we didn't have a chance yesterday. While there we caught the Atlantis show (couldn't hear it properly due to the echo and ambient noise) but we saw it and felt the heat.

Hoping to see the volcano at the Mirage, we found out it only goes off at night so we headed to the Venetian. I completely forgot how large this place is so we were stuck in there for a while. To make it worth our time, we grabbed drinks and sat for a moment to rest our feet before moving on to find some real food which we found at the back of the Canal shops, in a very quiet corner. Here we decided to try the restaurant which was a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian. The sashimi was not that great (we are in a dessert after all) so it was really not worth the cost.

Since we had refueled it was time to explore. We got caught up in a timeshare presentation that offered 2 free show tickets and a visa gift card. Since it was only supposed to be 2 hours and no pressure sales tactics we figured there was no harm, no foul. However, it was the complete opposite. At the 3 hour mark we kept saying no and rebutting their advances but they kept brining managers out and even the person who was to ask us a survey about our experience in order to provide better service was a high pressure sales person. Frustrating! You live.... you learn...

Las Vegas 2017

121 October 2017

The bus dropped us off at the Venetian since they wouldn't drop us off at PH and it was already 5pm. Our club crawl starts at 9pm and 4 hours flies by in Vegas so as have to hurry.

Along the way during the walk back from the Venetian we found a place just outside Caesars that did $10 burger with beer. After the cost of lunch, it was a very welcome meal. Everyone else went to the Rainforest Café but I'm glad we saved the cash doing this.

Once back at the hotel, he napped while I sat at my table and watched the strip at night along with the Bellagio fountains silvery spray. Time to get ready and go on the crawl!

Las Vegas 2017

Day 3: Vegas

22 October 2017

I feel like I've been hit by a bus. My feet are bloodier from the popped blisters, my blisters have blisters, a couple broken toe nails, a few very odd bruises, and my entire shoulder is extremely tender but no bruise on it yet. Guess I had fun last night....

We started out a PBR bar in PH where one of our group members did the free bull riding while we enjoyed our free drink. Then it was off to the party buses. One was a double decker and the other was a stretch city bus that was painted black. More free drinks on board. We found out that there was a bachelor party that was being pretty lame so we got them up, drinking, and having a good time. I got a hold of the bull horn and started a stripper pole dance challenge between the front end of the bus and the back end of the bus. It was a good way to kill time as we were stuck in traffic as the hockey game had just gotten out. A 10 minute walk turned into a 30 minute bus ride.

Our first stop was Jewel in Aria which used to be Haze and was the first club I ever went to in Vegas years ago. The crappy thing is that the drink prices have jumped - $11/beer and $20/vodka cran. My partner and I split a beer while a few girls complained that they were told they get free drinks at every bar as per what they purchased. Wanting free drinks I went up to our club hosts who were hiding at the stage and told them what the girls were saying. The guy handed me the drink in his had and said it would be the only free drink at the club. I took it back to these girls and the four of them split it. It was a low ball glass with what looked to be vodka cranberry, that was half drunk, no way they got more than a sip each. Gotta love alcohol and then just like that it was off to Omnia at Caesars.

Almost at Caesars. The guys just got the emergency hatch in the bus roof open and started climbing on the roof just as we were ushered into Omnia. That club sucked. You aren't allowed to take photos, the place was so full that you couldn't move in the hallway to get to the bathroom let alone onto the dance floor. There is supposed to by multiple floors but I have no idea how you get to them, guess you need to come early and stake out your spot. Since we could barely move, after going to the bathroom, everyone left the club. Some of us just left the club crawl completely to go elsewhere, some went back to the hotel, and some of us just waited for the club crawl to continue to the next club.

Las Vegas 2017

22 October 2017

Now this is where I remember nothing. Chateau was the last stop of the night and while I've been here 3 times over the years I only remember 1 visit so that says a lot.... Everyone wished that Chateau was the first stop as it was the nicest of all three stops and had a view. After everyone saw it we walked across the street to our hotel and was in bed about 4am we estimate....

After some very heavy puking on my part, I went to crawl into bed. Well since we had two beds I decided to be nice and sleep in the second one not to wake my partner only someone was already in it. I started backing away from the bed, repeatedly saying "What the fuck?" while he laughed and then turned on a light. Guess I was trying to comprehend the situation in my hammered state. He then put me to bed before going back to sleep.

Now, back to the pain. It's about noon as I surveyed the damage and determined that a soak in the bath would be a good move, at least for my feet. I filled the soaker tub and was just about to crawl in when part of our group called and wanted to meet up. We told them that we'd be thirty minutes and I lowered myself into the tub, feeling all the hot water on the raw wounds.

They were at New York, New York and they wanted to do the roller coaster, being that I was barley moving let alone not puking I was against this. After my bath, I puked, ate half a stay English muffin, and then we were off to the hotel.

Once at NY, NY wee grabbed some cold, greasy pizza from one of the vendors and that gave me enough life that I could walk without feeling sick. We couldn't find either of our friends so we wandered while we waited. After learning one was pooping and the reason we couldn't find them, we met up at Nine Fine Irishmen as our starting point. The guys went off to find beers (2 for $5 including a shot) and we headed up to the arcade to play some games. My partner hated the taste of the crappy beer and ended up puking in his mouth on the way up. It was still beer however so he slowly finished it over the next hour.

Then it was roller coaster time.

Las Vegas 2017

22 October 2017

We all went on it and I figured that if I did the fighter pilot experience hungover and on an empty stomach then this should be a cake walk. Turns out I get crazy paranoid when hung over so I was panicking and second guessing my decision as the coaster climbed. Too late now. The only thing that ended up stopping my mind from running away was how my headache head was constantly smacking against the head rest which caused a whole new pain as it was not a slow ride.

Afterwards we gambled a bit at the slots before heading over to the MGM. Here they opened a table just for us so we could play $5 blackjack. Everyone quickly lost everything so we decided to head to old Vegas.

Our cabbie dropped us off at the Golden Nugget and we went in to look for the actual nugget, our reason for coming. We were mesmerized by the pool and how awesome it looked with the water slide going through a tank of fish and sharks. Very tempted to stay down here next time. After being given wrong and poor directions that led us around the hotel we found the nugget in a really hidden corner. We took photo's with the nugget and then offered to take some for a couple of woman who were also there. The last photo the guys took were of one of them doing an MJ posed crotch grab. The woman said that they weren't going to do that and we all had a good laugh.

Next was to find the million dollar bill. We walked out onto Freemont and realized that Binon's was right across from the GN so we headed straight in. We were all starving so we grabbed some food there too which was crazy cheap compared to the strip. After our fill we popped into the cigar shop that was hidden in the back and grabbed a cigar for my partner to enjoy on our walk (it lasted 2 hours). Now we had filled up we were back on track to find the money. It turned out that I was misinformed however and it was a million dollars worth of $100 bills. While a single bill would have been cool, the stack was neat and the fact that they took free photos of you with it was nice.

Las Vegas 2017

22 October 2017

Since we had an hour to kill while the photo was developed we decided to do slotzilla. Yeah, we didn't do slotzilla as it was crazy expensive so we grabbed booze and started wandering the street before coming to the D. After a few inappropriate jokes we went in gambled a bit, and then headed off to find the onsite Blarney stone. We found it after lots of questions and hunting; it's shoved into the corner on the top floor and was really easy to miss. After kissing and rubbing it we read the plaque and turns out it was a chunk from Blarney castle not the actual stone.

With that crossed off our list, we got booze, and then found the only slot machine in Vegas (we were told...) that took coins - quarters to be exact. That was exciting but we had no idea what we were doing so we would just put the coins in, press the buttons, watch the mini jockeyed horses run the loop, and then find out if we won or lost. It got boring pretty quick. around this time our photo's were going to be ready for pick up so we headed back to Binion's before going back to PH.

At PH we got ready for our perspective shows. Some of the group was going to Blueman, some to Beatles Cirq, and we were using our hard earned timeshare tickets for Absinthe. Turns out that even though the time share "guaranteed" tickets to tonight's show they actually have no connection to see what availability for the show is, just another gimmick to get you in the door. We got lucky though and got the last two tickets for tonight's late show.

The first show ran late so they tried to get everyone into the circus tent at Caesars as quickly as possible. The venue had no bad seats as it was round with the main stage and every folding patio chair was slightly higher than the one before it. Booze wasn't cheap but for $20 I got a full solo cup of wine that we split. Once the show started we knew we were in for something special and it did not disappoint. It was a hilarious, no holds bared, adult show that had mind-blowing acrobatics like strongmen and tightrope walkers but more extreme.

After the show we headed back to the hotel where everyone met in our room as they wanted to see our view. We all swapped stories about our shows and everyone had a really great time. Now that we are all together and it's out last night we decided to head to the Flamingo since none of us have been and wanted to see the animals.

Las Vegas 2017

22 October 2017

The first stop was taking pictures with a huge, fuzzy pink X before following the signs outside where we found the pool and the wedding chapel. We all had fun pretending to get married before we focused on our goal - find the animals. We wandered for a bit and then found them. They were all asleep and people were just smoking while watching them sleep. It was a bit weird.

Now that our goal was completed, I grabbed some really good pizza before heading back to PH. Along the way we lost a couple of our group so I went back to find them. Turns out they talked the hotel into opening up a $5 blackjack table for them so they were playing. Again, once they went through all their cash we walked into the PH and found the rest of the group standing around the first slot machine inside the door. A few bucks were spent (nothing won) before the group decided to hit the hay. My partner decided to stay behind with a couple people and play poker.

Not even an hour later he was back at the hotel room, unable to figure out how to open the door (he was drunk) and turns out he lost $100. Once I let him in the room, we were both out cold a short time after.

Las Vegas 2017


23 October 2017

Leaving day.

I packed the night before so it was easy to just grab and go. The couple traveling with us were slower than we were but eventually they showed up in time for the cab.

Once at the airport and through security, we grabbed a really crappy breakfast before getting on the flight.

The flight was uneventful except that it took 30 minutes before the luggage started arriving in at the baggage carousel at BLI. As soon as we got the baggage it was straight to the car and off towards the boarder. We stopped at the duty free and flew through the boarder.

Home free!


“Vegas is everything that’s right with America. You can do whatever you want, 24 hours a day. They’ve effectively legalized everything there."

–Drew Carey