Las Vegas

Las Vegas 2015

Day 1: YVR to LAS

10 July 2015

Took the skytrain to the airport for the first time today. Lots of men asking where I'm going and a few asked if I was going to a funeral which was off. Now I'm sitting at the airport grabbing breakfast, catching up on emails, all while waiting for departure.

Dear god. I'm stuck on a plane with a cult.

The issue with a well known travel agency that is from Australia is that they all cheer together and brag about how amazing their agency is. If this is the foundation for the weekend then I am going to die. I'm glad that I don't work for this company but I'm here because our agency is partnered with them and made enough money to qualify for me to go.

Both of my co-workers that are on this trip with me are out looking for booze while I'm sitting in our room at the Venetian, it's a huge and has a great view of the airport. When my colleagues did show up, one of them was stuck in the bathroom as White Castle wasn't sitting well with her. After some pepto, we played cards against humanity with a few drinks before heading over to Tao's Beach Club which was fully rented out for our group.

It turned out to be gross. About 10,000 people smushed together into a pool club and the only drinks they had were melted freezy/slushy things. My colleague ended up throwing in a bush while we were headed back to the hotel. She was the only one to drink the melted slushy so that makes sense. Now we are going to drink at the casino for free instead.

Las Vegas 2015

Day 2: Vegas

11 July 2015

Worst way to wake up; 7:10am via the phone ringing with a prerecorded wake up call. Guess it's time to go get breakfast before heading to the cult meeting.

Yup, cult meeting. All 3000 of us were herded into a massive air plane hanger inside the Venetian where people cheered and chanted "(travel agent) rules the world!" before having Thunder Down Under, Carrot Top, and a few other Vegas headliners performed then they brought out Gwyneth Paltrow to do a Q & A. Why? No idea as she has nothing to do with travel. After the meeting we headed to the pool to kill sometime before dinner.

Gala night. All dressed up in our ball gowns just to find out we were supposed to be dressed in red and white. At least I dressed in black and red. This coloured theme was not communicated to us so we felt out of place and the main agency wasn't happy but we popped into the buffet room quickly for dinner, leaving just as cirque du soleil finished and One Republic started to hit up Chateau where a supplier had a bottle with table service waiting for us. I like One Republic so I'm said I missed that but we are here for work not pleasure.

The girls are passed out right now while I write this. We at gotten a table at the base of the Eiffel tower that over look the Bellagio Fountains. It was a great night with 2 comped bottles. I stopped drinking at midnight since I have a fighter pilot experience to do tomorrow but I think the cranberry juice was even spiked as I was not feeling sober. Our night at the club ended up with a guy getting one punched and us rushed out the back via the VIP escape exit/entrance and into a waiting cab that took us to our hotel. It was an interesting end to an interesting day.

Las Vegas 2015

Day 3: Vegas

12 July 2015

Fighter pilot day! Up early packed everything and now off to Casers Palace. Good bye Venetian.

The fighter pilot was crazy. Once in a life time experience. I hated the part where I got to fly the plane. It was interesting to be in control of a plane while doing barrel rolls and flips; if they had given me the run down of how to fly before handing it over to me. the pilot tried to knock me out by pulling us straight up. We hit 7 G's before leveling out again. At that point I saw stars and started getting close to passing out. If he didn't level out when he did then I would have. The scariest part was when water started pouring out of the dials. It was then that my hang over kicked in and I thought I was going to hurl. There is nothing like putting your hands in an unknown liquid just to sniff it to find out what it is. I really had a "so this is how I die" moment. Back at the shop my pilot was bragging about how insane I was. Then I told them I was hung over and hadn't eaten yet. The pilot and my contact tried to get me to eat some chips in case I pass out. I was fine and turned down the offer as I didn't want chips for breakfast we went back to the hotel, our room wasn't ready yet so we hit up the pool.

Las Vegas 2015

12 July 2015

I hid in the shade in the centre of the pool at Caesars. It was nice to find a cool place (not in AC) and have some alone time. Once I was sick of that I followed up and out room was ready. It's a lot smaller than the one at the Venetian but the Octavius tower has the most modern rooms of the resort.

This evening we had out best dinner ever. We went to the Cromwell for Italian at Giada's with the head sales person of Caesars and her country singer boyfriend. It was easily a U$ 1200 meal so we got spoiled. That evening we were supposed to go for drinks but we were too tired and hung over to keep up. After walking the strip earlier we had a bit too much sun.

Las Vegas 2015

Day 4: Vegas

13 July 2015

Race day with guns and helicopter.

This morning we headed to Dream racing where a colleague got to race. The Ferrari shot off like a bat our of hell, it was cool to watch.

Afterwards we went to thee gun range and shot a glock (hated it) as well as an MK (loved it).

Next we went to the mall and the girls did some shopping before chilling back at the hotel to go on a helicopter ride of the strip. That night was the helicopter flight. The strip was amazing to see lit up at night fro that height and we flew really close to the Stratosphere - so close that it reaffirmed that I don't want to go on any of the rides. The ride felt like it was about 5 minutes and the time spent in the air was. So glad it was free.

Las Vegas 2015

13 July 2015

After we went back to the hotel where we got ready and took my colleagues out for their first really Vegas club experience - find a promoter that can get you into a club for free, preferably with drinks. We found one for XS that has 2 free drinks so we went for it. Upon arriving there it looks like everyone else got the same promotion as the line was longer than the regular line. Two of us were not surprised at this but the newbie was pissed. Luckily the line moved quick. We used the two free drinks quickly and then we decided to have a cashless night so we all ended up getting drunk that night but didn't pay for a thing. Welcome to Vegas...

Las Vegas 2015

Day 5: LAS to YVR

14 July 2015

The girls are gone and my flight isn't until 11pm whereas theirs was at 10am. Slight difference...

I lounged around the room, did some work, filled the Jacuzzi with shower gel and had an epic bubble bath before heading to the airport.

At the airport, with only 12 hours to kill. Decided to go early since the airport has free Wi-Fi and I had to work. This is also when I learned that you cannot check your bags in for a flight more than 4 hours before boarding. Not much I can do so I just found a corner with a plug beside a little food kiosk and started to work.

Soooo tired, can't wait to get home.... Just got on the plane and I'll get home at 2am when i need to be at work for 7am. What a trip though, lots done in such a short amount of time - felt like a dream.


“Las Vegas: all the amenities of modern society in a habitat unfit to grow a tomato"

–Jason Love