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Wake up to Roar



This beautiful compilation of texts can bring about something so profound for the one who reads them.

They were selected from videos and live meetings with Sarkhan and we offer them to you in the simplest way possible in the hope that they are useful and revealing.

If you pay attention you can find many layers of wisdom and transformational pointers that are directing you to recognise, once and for all, your divine nature.

The more open one is, the words that are coming from the most profound love possible will start to grow within a pure heart, and in no time, the reality of Self will reveal itself and thy kingdom will be yours to enjoy.

Humbleness, openness and the desire to remember one's true identity will be the fire that will dissolve all limitations.

Break free from the jaws of time and space. Wake up and Roar!

Wake up to Roar


“When we close our eyes. My only concern, the only thing we are aiming for is for you to explore your own self. Any technique, any mind games, is duality, is illusion and will reinforce the illusion and the ego, in subtler and subtler levels because it uses the mind. If you use the mind the result will be mind. 

You know whatever you use for the result will be that you’re using it for. If you wanna do let’s say you want to get healthier you go and run, you know and then you’re going to sweat and get tired. Everything you do physically the result is you’re going to get more muscles; it’s going to be physical. 

So whatever tool you use the result will be in regard of the tool. So if you use your mind, the result will be mind. Mind is ego, mind is illusion. Any technique, any method, anything that requires ‘I’, requires mind and that in itself is illusion, so the result would be illusion, more illusion. Fantastic, expansive illusion, but illusion nonetheless. 
The dream is going to keep on going. So that’s why my proposal is stop playing with those things and just explore who you are; your own sense of Self.

I was really curious to know where I have been in regards to spiritual experiences. I really was curious why I end up in so many paths that are based on lies. I was really curious… how? Why? I have been searching all my life and I end up in so many places and I needed to know. Of course, I wanted to discover all the traps that the illusion has in all realms; physical, emotional, spiritual, sensorial, even consciousness. 

Wake up to Roar

All these traps, I needed to know. To really, fully, break from the illusion, all the way. Because I needed these experiences for the people who wanted to wake up really. So that’s why I needed these experiences, not for myself, because it was never about me. But I needed to explore all the phenomena, all the possible outcomes, regardless of waking up or illusion or more illusion, I needed to know. 

So because I wanted to explore and get to the root of this I read some really ancient books. And I came across something fascinating. Some of those books mentioned meditation. And I was like ‘well, they mention it but it doesn’t mean it’s the same context that we use or apply today'. I needed to know their context, because those are people that I really respect fully. I bow to them, truly.

So I kept on reading and reading and reading and then I was like ‘whoooaa’ they’re not talking about the same thing, not even close to it. In the old days, in the ancient times, the true masters, when they use meditation they are talking about something totally different. So I really wanted to know, because nowadays everything is ‘meditation’ techniques, methods, projection of the mind, desires, imagination – oh Jesus Christ! So many things. But I was doing all those things, so I really needed to know. 

What did they mean about meditation?“ 

Then it got really clear. The only true meditation that is worth exploring (the rest will lead you to more suffering, confusion and duality that will never break, ever. Never!). The only meditation they are pointing to is what I’m saying today. Meditation is sustaining your own self as the Self. And be bold in that.

Wake up to Roar

Explore that; your own Self. Stay in yourself, as conscious presence let’s say. That will be the entrance. The rest; Illusion, fantasy. So when you close your eyes for example… My little baby (she’s really cute) sometimes she sees me close my eyes and she’s like ‘Daddy, Daddy’ with curiosity, what am I doing or where am I going? Because she knows I’m going somewhere. She even says ‘goodbye Daddy, goodbye’, you know? And my wife asks me ‘what do you do’? And I say ‘I don’t do anything at all, nothing at all’. 

I just experience the Self as the Self and however it wants to reveal itself. I don’t really care what happens. There’s no desire or intention, neither running away or pushing back, nothing at all. It’s just a figure of speech what I’m trying to explain, but if thoughts come, great! If attentions goes, great! If consciousness drifts, whatever. I’m really care less about everything. I don’t care about phenomena, finding, recognising, resting, none of those things. You know? Completely free of everything. And in that complete openness the Self (and everything else that is not the Self) starts to clear itself up (and burn everything that is not).

So like I said, I was really curious because all these Masters, true Sages (not pretending to be sages or masters, like real ones). If you pay attention and you read the lines, they always say ‘the Self resting in you’. It’s not about objects, meditations, techniques, mind games, mind Olympics. Of course, that is entertaining for the senses and the ego. The ego wants entertainment, because of course it cannot really function if you remove everything that allows its illusion to exist.

Wake up to Roar

If you start to remove everything that justifies its misunderstanding and misconception of things and the false identity. If you remove everything, it has to hold on to something to justify its existence. You’ll end up seeing clearly that it has never existed as an identity to you. So that’s why I really wanted to know ‘what is true meditation’? 

The rest is not meditation. It’s concentration, for sure. It’s projecting desires and an outcome. The mind is really powerful, it can create the illusion of things. The sensorial things of things; that’s what it’s for. But that’s still in the realm of duality. It’s always subject/object perspective. If you look at it, there’s always two things in the game of the illusion or any kind of game. Even consciousness is still an illusion and that one is one of the hardest one to break from.

A rare one will break from the illusion of consciousness. I want you to be that rare one.”

- Sarkhan

From Satsang ‘The Self as All’ – 4th December 2021

Wake up to Roar


"Student: In my case I feel as if I’m very empty. For instance, half an hour’s meditation before this meeting and I didn’t know what to do. I did not know what to do. I’d finished washing the dishes and um so the assumption I’m making is if I was slightly full I would have had some activity to play with. Because I’m feeling rather unfocused and empty. It’s comfortable. It’s comfortable to be empty but is being empty being without challenges, or being without anything, without something? You know, it’s a big statement, be empty. I suspect what you’re saying is don’t clutter your mind up with irrelevant things.

Sarkhan: Ok, I’m going to say a bigger statement. You have always been emptiness, you can’t be emptiness. You are emptiness. Watching thoughts, watching movement, watching challenges. Your nature is more close to supreme emptiness than anything else. That’s who you are. So you can’t be empty or become empty, you’re already empty, of everything. 

Awareness in itself has to be complete emptiness to be able to witness everything as not ‘I’, as not it. You are just watching things happening which is awesome. You know you’re watching let’s say the mind movement, the dishes, colours, sensations, awesome, you know, beautiful. But that doesn’t mean that that defines you. What makes it clearer and simpler is when you are empty of mind, not acknowledging the “I’, the ‘I – ness’ as if it were you. 

Wake up to Roar

It’s so obvious and evident that you have always been empty of everything. You have always been empty, you are always empty. It’s just that everything you see has content, colours, movement etc and that’s just entertainment. But still, you are empty, in the middle of these things. When I point out to be quiet, to be empty, to not acknowledge the ‘I’, then the mind disappears and suddenly just pure presence, aware. It’s evident and simple. 

That presence, aware of everything let’s say, is natural, it doesn’t require any effort. Because that awareness is watching effort, let’s say, or energy. So nothing applies to you. But what makes it really easy and simple to recognise your nature is that everything that appears in front of you is not you. The body might still do things, you know, washing the dishes etc – that’s the body functioning, with the mind, with the senses, with the intellect and memory to recognise things otherwise you would, I don’t know, you put the hand on the fire, you will get burned everyday. 

There’s a knowingness that that can burn you, it serves its purpose. So the body, human experience is going to keep on going, you know, which is beautiful. Enjoy it. 

Play as you wish, play as you may. Just have fun. It’s all about that. It’s just when we go a little bit deeper; that, all that I just mentioned defines who we are. 

Nothing can define who you are. That is why it’s so simple."

- Sarkhan

From ‘The Self as All’ – 4th December 2021

Wake up to Roar


Sarkhan: You don’t have any lacks, none! You don’t need to improve anything. You don’t need to let go of anything. You don’t need to practice anything. You don’t have to be good at anything, to be better at something. Don’t listen to those things, they don’t apply to you. Truly, you are infinite and radiant. Unbounded and complete, no lacks. No positives neither negatives apply to you.

Student: Letting go of any kind of shortcomings or ideas that I’m not good enough, or that I should improve, that just seems a huge, huge thing to do. I guess that’s the fabric of this reality is that we are always trying. There are so many comparisons. For example, being a mother. Just before this session I had an argument with my two teenagers… I can’t help but be pushing myself inside in lots of different directions, trying to hold that space and to simultaneously understand that there’s nothing to change… In many ways I’m constantly comparing and gauging my experience with others.

Sarkhan: I’m a father too and of course I want to give everything to my daughter. I have projects so I can give a better life to my daughter, you know. I still learn a few things and for example I love taking motorcycle courses because it improves my ability to have more fun. Which is beautiful, it’s fine but it’s really important that all of these things doesn’t apply to YOU. You can’t become better. That’s still in the realm of identification with the humanness and its lacks, its misunderstanding. Life is beautiful, you can grow in life, you can increase your salary, you can have great food, travel. I mean, it’s a playground!

Wake up to Roar

The problem is that this game – we take it to ourselves. And that creates chaos, conflict, emotional stress. Because there is no discernment, there is no clarity. We are juggling with so many things inside, that we are lost. So, just don’t take anything to your ‘I-ness’, to your true Self and whatever you’re supposed to do you’ll do it beautifully, tranquil, clear, more precise, regardless of the situation. 

Then you flow, you are not constrained with how life is going, because it has nothing to do with YOU. It has to do with life and its game. You got to respect life, because you respect yourself as a true infinite being that’s watching a beautiful game unfold and that includes everyone. 

For example, with my daughter, of course, there’s an intention that I want to give everything to her but at the same time she has her own game and I respect that. There are moments when we participate with each other but that’s the game of life. It has nothing to do with the witness of life. When you can play and integrate both its marvellous because there’s no separation. There’s true love, true connection, openness, fluidity, naturally, without you even trying to implement those things. The moment that you create an ‘I’ there’s a ‘you, Mum’ and ‘sons’ and that creates chaos, because underneath there’s so many concepts, ideas of how it should be, how one should behave, how one should act. There’s a constant trying, an effort and it’s exhausting. When there is no ‘I’ it’s so easy to just be here and just interact with the moment as it shows, free of distinctions, free of roles (Mum and Daughter). We are two infinite beings playing, interacting, growing in the game of life, but not growing in the sense of Self. You will never grow, you’re already complete.

From ‘Self as All’ - 4th Dec 2021

Wake up to Roar


"You have a car. And the car needs maintenance, it needs insurance, it needs petrol, it needs you to take care of it. It requires energy, work, money, so many things in order to function. So you have to spend a lot of energy, time, money and everything to make it work so that you can use it. That’s stressful, but that’s life. If you used mind for a goal all the principles that I just said about the car apply. 

If you explore consciousness it’s the same thing. You gotta spend effort, maintain, spend money. Like effort, perpetuate, concentrate, coming back, like, so many things; you need to use attention, you need to use concentration to stay there, to be here, like effort, effort. It’s not natural.

Do you need to learn, practice, spend money, to learn how to breathe? It’s so natural to breathe, you don’t need to. You’re just living. You’re not even aware you’re breathing. Sometimes you’re breathing and that’s awesome, but you don’t create a technique out of it, a purpose, a method, a goal. Why? Because it’s natural! You don’t need to learn it.

Being is even more natural than everything else. Being the Self is the most natural thing that you would even… you have never questioned it, because you don’t need to. Why would you need to question your/get to know your own Self because you’re already the Self, you know?

Wake up to Roar

So all this effort, trying.. is just confusing. It’s a labyrinth that no-one will ever break free from. I put it on a post one day in the group, but it’s true; ‘you will never know Self until you know nothing’. True Self, real Self, the reality of the Self. One has to let go of everything that one think it knows, about everything."

- Sarkhan

From ‘The Self as All’ – 4th December 2021

Wake up to Roar


“It’s really easy to break from mind. It’s really easy to break from ego. It’s really easy, it’s the simplest of things. Identification with the body is easy to break from. But then you end up in the game of consciousness as consciousness, with its phenomena and clarity and expansion and levels and all those things. A true awakened being has broken from the veil of consciousness, has gone beyond it.”

- Sarkhan
Transcript From ‘Self as All’

Wake up to Roar


Student: There’s a real subtle doing with awareness and I hadn’t noticed that so acutely before. In the past I think I felt like awareness was passive and neutral but just this morning I noticed the subtleness of the doing or the watching or the noticing; there’s an action to it. It became very distinct from the just ‘being’, where you can’t add anything. The moment you add something it’s not that anymore. 

Sarkhan: You are beyond awareness. You are not even awareness. You are beyond it. Awareness in itself is a quality that is a part of you, of course. But that doesn’t define you either and it’s important to have the clear understanding that everything that happens can’t define you. Nothing can define you. Not the most beautiful experiences, understandings, connections can define who you are. It’s impossible to talk about who you are. 

We can talk about who you are not or what you’re not. 

Then, when you have a clear understanding that everything that you are not (as the fullness of who you are), then it will be clear who you really are and then, you’ll be everything, only then. You’ll have a clear understanding what it means, everything, regardless of your true nature, regardless of the reality of the Self. But at the beginning it’s important to have discernment, humility, openness and at the same time it’s tricky because you can’t reject, you can’t push away, you can’t say ‘I’m not that’.

Wake up to Roar

It’s tricky because you are everything. But you can say ‘everything that is in front of me, can’t show the fullness of my Am-ness, the fullness of who I am, even awareness’. 

And it’s tricky because you suddenly start to notice something so natural in you, that you might call alertness, awareness, consciousness, or something. 

You might actually call it as a pointer, not as a definition. Because nothing can define you, not even consciousness, not even awareness. But, at the same time, it’s the discoveries are now, which I’m really happy about, are around the most beautiful, subtle resemblance or qualities that might point out the pureness of your own Self. Because it’s natural to be, let’s say, aware, because you are already aware, all the time. 

There’s no way you can’t be aware, because that’s your nature, in a way. 

The tricky things is what you’re aware of. If you, for example, are aware of movement (any kind of movement), you’re just aware of movement. You have never moved, you will never move, because you are beyond any notions, any forms, any qualities. 

Like I said, it’s all only pointers.

So, if you for example, notice a conscious phenomena called ‘I’m aware, I’m not aware’ you are beyond both, otherwise how can you know those phenomena are happening in front of you? 

Wake up to Roar

That’s the only thing. Just be as you are. Be who you are, just be, simple as it is, because you are already that. You are already free, you are already complete, you’re already that.

Now, anything that happens in front of you, don’t take it as if it were you, not even awareness. 

Just take it as a pointer of something natural in you which is ‘I’m aware. I’m already aware’. You might be aware of really subtle things in front of you which is great! Sometimes you are aware of big things in front of you, great! 

There’s gonna be a point where awareness will fall back or go in, or dissolve into where it comes from and then you will never be aware of anything. 

You will never see any phenomena. Then you’ll know that the reality of the Self has blossomed because nothing exists, no phenomena exists, no me/you, there/here, up and down, in and out, no anything. And, it’s so self-evident that you’re included in that reality, as the Self. “ 

- Sarkhan 

Transcript From Dissolution of the Ego – 3rd December 2021

Wake up to Roar


“When the perspective changes, everything changes; fearless, natural, tranquil. You don’t search for anything because you are That before the search starts. You don’t need to find love; you ARE love. Like I said, if you knew who you were you will never search for anything. Not even intention will appear in front of you, if you knew.
Intention is mind concepts and energy moving between, regardless of the game of time and space. Time and space is ego/mind/concepts also. If you knew, you will never intend anything. You’ll just be watchful, tranquil, natural. More natural than breathing. “
- Sarkhân
 Transcript of 4th Dec 2021 - Self as All

Wake up to Roar


“Now, don’t define. Like ‘I am this, I am that’, ‘I am conscious awareness’ – no, you’re not that. That’s a beautiful, expansive, crazy definition. But still, if you take it as a pointer, that’s great. If you take it as the only way you can share something that is beyond words, but you have to use something that can resemble what’s happening, let’s say in itself revealing, with that understanding, then it’s great; you can use any word. You can say whatever you want. If you have the understanding that anything you are saying doesn’t apply to you.

Then you can say anything. 

Any concept, it’s fine. ‘I’m consciousness’ – great! 

But you know that you’re not that. You’re just saying as an exploration, towards grounding the, how do you say that in English, the evidence, the realness… just the realness of you. 

That nothing that you say can actually be about you. You can never talk about yourself, it’s impossible. But from that place of knowing that anything you say, doesn’t apply to you, then you can say anything you want.

Wake up to Roar

So it’s a beautiful way to play, you know, because sometimes people talk about as if they ‘know’, they understand, they have figured it out in some way or another. And it’s tricky because the ego is so ingrained in that. But you can say, you can share things from the inner perspective, people, they don’t have to understand this. It’s not up to them, it’s up to you with the honesty of the inner game you’re playing.

You can be so honest that you can say ‘well I’m exploring being the Self’ and at the same time you know that you’re not exploring anything. 

It’s just a pointer that something so pure is revealing itself and you’re so naked, witnessing the Self reveal itself for you. But you can say anything, people might not get it, which is fine. 

The most important thing is your inner openness and humbleness and honesty. That’s what is more valuable than anything else. 

People might have a different opinion or perspective. It’s not up to you with them, it’s up to you with the Self, that’s the only game you have to be concerned about. You are in your own self. You are here to Self-realise, Self-discover truly in the deepest way.

That’s the only game you gotta care about. The rest, on the outside, might look differently for everyone, which is fine, even for you. Sometimes it’s tricky… how do you express this, how do you explain this? It’s like... ‘I don’t know’?! But you can. Just share your heart, open your heart. 

Wake up to Roar

But with the inner knowingness that even, anything that you’re saying, anything that is unfolding from the inside out, let’s say, doesn’t apply to you ever. Nothing has ever applied to you.” 

- Sarkhân

Transcript From Dissolution of the Ego – 3rd December

Wake up to Roar


“Nothing has ever applied to you. It’s just for the sake of the game, the beauty of the game, the dance of consciousness in all it’s magnificence. But you are the witness of consciousness, so even consciousness cannot define who you are. And that’s the beauty of this because you are so simple living. So simple.

You’re not trying anything. You’re not trying to discover anything. You don’t have to let go of anything, nothing at all. Empty, here, quiet, attentive, natural, simple, just flowing. But at the same time the inner game is profound, deep, really deep, grounded in it’s simplicity. 

It’s like you are touching the simplest of things, the most natural thing. But this natural thing; it’s roots go so deep, it’s roots are touching everything, because you are everything. That’s how profound you are. Your nature is touching everything. That’s why it’s tricky to separate yourself from everything that is happening. Because everything is you. 

But you have a clear understanding that everything that is happening in front of you can’t define you. And then, that’s freedom! 

You are free to enjoy everything, because finally, nothing, nothing at all, not one single little thing can say, or talk, or show who you are.” 

- Sarkhân 
Transcript From Dissolution of the Ego – 3rd Dec 2021

Wake up to Roar


“You’re always with yourself. It doesn’t require any effort. You don’t need concentration to be who you are. You already are all the time. You don’t need to recognise this or make it permanent. You’re already beyond time and space, why would you play in time and space? Time and space is a mental construct. You are that which is aware of time and space. If you play in time and space the result will be experiences bound to time, to happening and then if they are bound to that or the conclusions are within the game of time and space, there’s going to be effort, maintaining.”
- Sarkhân
Transcript Self As All – 4th Dec 2021

Wake up to Roar


"Student: Can I ask a question?
Sarkhân: Yes, of course, whatever you want.
Student: It is about the act of faith. In my experience almost all of what you share, or it is my experience, or has a lot a lot of meaning, but there are a thousand times I say ‘Oh!’ I do not see where it goes, however, I see that there is a ... I would not know how to say ... there is a magnetism or something that says ‘ok!’ And, an act of faith that says ‘Go! And let's see where we are going’. I do not know if you could talk more about that, as it's something very unknown.
Sarkhân: The faith? That's what you mean?
Student: yes, well ... what is behind the faith, or the act of trusting so much. The truth is that it is not even trusting because it is happening by itself, it is like something like that very ... of not knowing anything and seeing that it goes by itself, but ... I do not know. I’ll leave it there.
Sarkhân: When you start listening to this type of message, many things can happen, it depends where each of you are, how it is being presented, in what way it is being revealed, how it is blooming. Each one of you is presented in a unique, perfect, beautiful way and that is beautiful to notice and respect.

Wake up to Roar

I also say for you to apply it in your own experience; how it is presented to you, do not fight, do not deny, not pretend and simply accept what IS with openness and humility and that brings a very different clarity.
In relation to the journey of each one of you, depending on the intuition and discernment of what is really happening, those who are here, there is a reason why you are here, it is not by chance and it is not some random event.
There is something here that lights, or that shows, or that gives meaning. Something very deep, that you have already known for a long time, but you might not have had the vocabulary, the clarity or firmness of what you are already. Because you already ARE.
These types of dynamics or situations are presented to clarify that somehow. That is already clear in you, because all this you already know; you already know who you are.
It is only a game of appearance, of remembering, nothing more. It is not very complicated.
One of those ways it is naturally unfolding on its own; what you comment about it, you will discover something purer within you if you stop doing that.

There are times where you think you have to take a leap of faith into the abyss, to the unknown, it seems that Life tells you ‘The answer is no longer in the known, the answer is in the unknown, in that fertile field of possibilities that still you have not explored or that you do not know’.

Wake up to Roar

And in this game of the reality of the Being, at some point it serves some people to have a faith ... and I do not speak of a blind faith, I do not speak of a faith to believe things, I do not speak of a faith of simply doing things because someone says so. Nor do I speak either of a faith to believe at all, me or someone else. No, I speak of that faith that shows, clarifies something in you and you have to discover it for yourself if it is true or not.
Not blindly, this is not a place to hear things blindly. Here what interests me is that you go deep with inquiries, dialogue, where you ask yourself. That, the answers; you will find them inside of you and not take anything as if it were a fact. Or do not validate, without proper inner search, anything I say. What interests me is that you validate yourself as the Self and that you stop validating things in front of you as if they were you, because everything that is in front of you is not the Self. 

The Self doesn’t need to express himself as Being and yet it is, but that is a different quality of being. But here, what interests me is the immediate, the absolute, the clear evidence that you are the Self in all its magnificence, not something less than that. Stand your ground, be bold in that.

Then there are moments where it is important to have the disposition, humility, trust and faith in something that is directing all of this, because it is obvious that there is something superior to everything that is the Director of all. In this understanding is where the mind collapses, the understanding collapses, all things cannot enter that field of possibilities where nothing is evident and yet there is the possibility of everything that can happen, and yet nothing happens.

Wake up to Roar

And that is the field that we are exploring here. That, where nothing has happened and there is the appearance of what can happen or could happen.

That is what we are playing with here. 

And that is the reality that cannot be expressed or explained in any way, and it is very obvious if you turn to see the source of life. 

For example, with all its branches, experiences, labyrinths, everything. If you turn to see everything, there is still something obvious and evident that ‘is’, there is a clear feeling that there is a perfection behind everything.

There is something so powerful that makes you recognize that there is that mystery within everything. That which gives the qualities of life, the meaning of the moon, the meaning to the sea, the perfection of the Planets, all that game of appearances. Despite that, there is something that tells you that there is something pure, much bigger than the human understanding can have access to, or that the understanding that one has and the experiences that one has are beyond our comprehension, etc.

And here we are to discover that something, to explore that something, to investigate that something, to decipher the enigmas of that something, so that you realize that you are that something, that there has never been any separation of any kind. But there is a moment in the dance of each one of us that that faith (for some it is devotion, for some it is surrender, for some it is inquiry, for some it is openness, for some it is humility) that they had never discovered, is required. For each one, it can be seen in a different way although it is pointing at the same thing.

Wake up to Roar

And that is in some way, somehow, the dance that is required and is necessary. It is as if it were a necessary filter for the next step in the game.
It is something the same that I shared with the English students, there are several filters and tasks that are required before the next step and one of them is the hardest thing. It is an incredible filter.
Imagine that we are going to Disneyland and to enter Disneyland you have to pay for your ticket. It is a very obvious filter, you have to pay, if you do not pay, you do not enter. Here, a very strong filter to start entering, taking more internal steps towards the reality of the Self is humility. 

That in itself is an invitation that will make many remain outside and this will stop them from entering. This is the price of entry: humility. 

The following are for others, another type of entry. They are: faith, openness, realizing that the next step cannot be walked without the help of that which is guiding your steps or that which brought you to the entrance and there is an obvious recognition that that One has to help you recognize that there is something more wise, more powerful, clearer than any aspect or belief of individual. This surrendering helps at some level, but it is another step, and then another step, another filter and if we put the following filters that I have mentioned: devotion, care, respect, surrender, all those filters are at the entrance of the game of the Self.

Because of this, many stay outside obviously, because they do not want to pay, they do not want to give something. Because the dance of all others is to obtain, acquire, to control, to manipulate, to direct their life according to their desires and beliefs and cravings and feelings and experiences.

Wake up to Roar

But they do not want to pay the small fee that is:
Surrender all, open yourself, do not try to understand. Because you will not understand it, that's a fact.
It is a very little price that one has to pay to enter the game of games. It is very little. Be willing.
How many are there that are really willing to be open?
I'm not even saying that they have to be really open, huh?

I am not saying that they have to be fully open, I am not saying that they have to be totally surrendered, nor am I saying that they have a total faith in the Self at all, I am saying that it is the willingness, to begin with, of not knowing.
The willingness to let go of everything you know, the willingness to be open, each time a little more.
Imagine how much this can reveal; the disposition and willingness. It is very rare to find a person like that, the majority are always defending what they know.
But it is something interesting, what you are asking about faith, because obviously on the more internal steps (for putting it in some way), in the purest aspects, faith does not exist, the surrender does not exist, the devotion does not exist, nothing at all exists. The Self does not need those things, you do not need those things to prostrate and finally recognize what has created you.

Wake up to Roar

And when there is enough surrender, sufficient opening and sufficient emptiness, then a very different game begins. Not into partial dissolution, I tell you there are many who are partial and do not want to pay the fee. 

Remember that what I say are signs, stories are signs, stories are examples that are pointing. All that, one can come to say are signs, strategies to see things more clearly but it is impossible to talk about the highest truth, there is no way. 

The result is only that you are, you cannot experience it or see it, nor do it. If at some point you think you already experienced it, reject it completely, because the truth, the reality of being cannot be experienced, cannot be seen, cannot be witnessed or be contemplated, it cannot be filtered or recognized by the sensations, the senses, the intellect or consciousness. This is something much deeper. 

The only result is that you are That and obviously it is revealed when you just Are. When the Self is revealed to itself is when you can see That which Is.

Before that it is better not to fall into any conclusion, not to appropriate anything and stay as empty as possible. Be open to this game and see that the mind will not be able to decipher nor is the individual going to be able to decipher this.

And yet there is something inside of you that says ‘yeaaahh!!! Finally! I'm finally seeing myself as I actually am. Finally, without filters, without ideas, nor pretensions or masks, no identities, there is finally something that is revealing itself to more’...

Wake up to Roar

Don’t add any words, there is no way to describe it but there is something internal that finally begins to recognize his Self-liberation, to put it in some way. But, on the steps prior to this pure, immediate, internal revelation; faith in what one is listening to (for example at this moment, about what this body is saying) is not to be taken as truth. But the faith that we are talking about is lighting something that requires some light, where before there was none, if you understand me?
That is just what the Self is presenting, to bring out into your own light something that was hidden inside, in the shadows, so you can see it before your eyes. So, because there were no clean eyes, for the innocent look, what has been hidden internally now is coming out. It’s revealing and cleansing because of love. And all of this is happening in a sacred way.

There is also another interesting thing that comes:
Many times, I tell you that you have nothing to do, some of you interpret that as "I already know that it is to do nothing" and start filtering these concepts of doing nothing and all the time you are doing something, right? Because it is still a concept, the individual is trying to filter it, the individual believes that he already knows "how to do nothing" and is in a loop of suffering that does not end.
And that's what is happening, with the mask of ‘not to do’. They do not understand this not doing and that is normal, the mind is used to appropriating everything to use for its benefit... then there are two ways to listen to this talk.

Wake up to Roar

One is with the filters of the mind: comparing, knowing, relating to what I have experienced, with what I have read, ‘I understand it’. That is, that constant filter that is not going to take you anywhere, just more confusion, and at some point you will see it. 

And many people listen from there, even if they are very aware or are very present. The filter to the teaching of the Self is constantly about dissecting, comparing, understanding, relating, ‘I do not agree’, ‘I understand’, ‘I do not understand’, ‘that’s it’… it is constantly there although we do not want to recognize it. 

It’s impossible to know in your heart that Nothing happens until you remember fully and all of what I say does not say anything about you, nor does it influence, nor has it anything to do with your nature, but it is important to recognize this dance. 

Then there is the other way that is to listen from your deepest Self, from love, from the heart, from being open, from humility, from sincerity, from honesty, from no pretence, from neutral attention, and I am not talking about belief eh. I am not interested in that. No, I am interested in at least an open heart. There is a big difference you see in these two options, and it is a big, big difference. 

One is open and another is constantly filtering as if knows: ‘I think-I do not think’, ‘I'm Okay-I do not agree’, ‘I understand- I do not understand you’, ‘it happens to me-it does not happen to me’, ‘but this has not happened-but I think this should happen’.

Constantly filtering ideas, goals that do not help at all. Another easier way is not to hear your mind, do not listen to it, ignore it and you place yourself in that open heart of being and that's it, no more is needed.

Wake up to Roar

If there is really enough humility at this moment of time, open without filters, and somehow the faith within you, without words to describe all of this, you know it has opened you a little bit more into that which is beyond your perception and your way of understanding things. If you open a little, and you keep that little faith or hope, instead of the struggle that people have constantly manufactured within themselves; vulnerability will start to blossom (many people do not want to be vulnerable). If you let a little bit of that light enter, the words enter and go into the deepest part of you, they will enter and clean up everything that is no longer serving you. Trust me, you do not have to do anything at all.
The only thing is how open you are to not intervene in the transmission or the reception, because here is something fascinating; the one who speaks and the one who receives is the same, there is no difference. The one who listens and the speaker are the same, there is no difference. But it is more shocking when one speaks about the Self without filters. It impacts more than anyone who speaks from the mind, from the intellect, from sensations, from consciousness… this will never have the impact to break people’s veil of ignorance... It has the impact for touching an aspect of the ego and its sensations but not for the dissolution of the ego and its dual reality. In terms of clarity; it is the Self manifesting itself without filters, for love of the one with pure heart.

Faith dissolves when there is the Self. There is only faith when there is a ‘me’, there is only surrender when there is a ‘me’. But there are things that can help you to start to clarify or dissolve or dilute all that fantasy, density of duality and of illusion. 

- Sarkhân. Satsang September 1, 2021

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Student: About emotions… I found something really fascinating about the freedom of just allowing any kind of emotion to come and go, and the honesty with it. It’s very liberating and yeah, I just love it!
Sarkhan: Yeah, I’m gonna share something unique about letting be everything as it is, no matter what happens, like I mean, whatever. If there’s a beautiful sense of peace, great, awesome. If there’s none, great, awesome. Like, when you stop desiring, chasing, sustaining, practising, concentrating, when you stop all of that; there’s tremendous freedom. Because finally, you don’t have to do anything other than enjoy the event. When you allow yourself to enjoy the event, no matter what it is, without any intentions, without any preconditioning, none whatsoever, there’s a big gap between you and everything that is happening. It’s clear that you are not involved and you’re not part of whatever is happening in front of you. You are that which is aware of everything and that’s fascinating…

The problem is that when you don’t know who you are, all this fantasy of trying, or healing, or nurturing comes into place because you don’t know. And you don’t know. And within that there’s this mislabelling, rejecting, choosing the right thing which is peace, rejecting the wrong things which is anger, let’s say.

Wake up to Roar

So there’s always this accept and rejection inner game happening because you don’t know. You don’t know. Of course, because people, they don’t know who they are they always - they’re craving for something good, you know? Peace, happiness, love, connection, that’s great, because they don’t know. If they knew, they wouldn’t be chasing anything. It would be all natural and clear and evident; the beauty of love and peace which is beyond any feelings or anything around it, you know? …
So for example when talking about the emotions and things. I remember I was chasing good emotions, silent feelings, peaceful perspectives, you know? But it was always in the opposite of something else that I didn’t want. For example; I didn’t want these emotions or these bad thoughts, bad emotions because these are the correct emotions and feelings. These are the good ones, the correct ones, the ones that I have to be focusing on, the ones that I have to be always there; peace, love and joy. But they always come from the judgment, or the label that they are the opposite of something else.

The moment you do it about something, you can’t fool yourself that you’re not doing it about the opposite of that something. The moment you do it about something, you’re doing it about the opposite of that something. So you’re living in duality, you’re living the opposites. And, underneath there’s all these subtle games and fantasies and desires and beliefs that are running your life. And of course they are projected into the superficiality of what you can see, which is desires, beliefs or whatever, you know? And there’s nothing wrong with it, but the problem comes when your true self is hidden. The reality of your true nature is hidden behind the curtain of fantasy, suffering and all this painful game, you know, because it’s a painful game? …

Wake up to Roar

So a lot of places and a lot of people are being trained to play with the good stuff; choose for happiness instead of sadness, let’s say. There’s always this hiding, rejecting, projecting, pushing back, you know? ‘I’m supposed to be this way, I’m not supposed to be that way’, even in the spiritual game, you know? And it’s so easy to just watch and don’t do anything, don’t make it about anything. Don’t reject any emotion, don’t accept any emotion, just be, regardless of whatever is happening. And fascinating; the emotions take a different quality because you are not here to accept them, as if they were the correct ones, or reject the ones that are not supposed to be here. The moment you are just here, without any intentions, without any trying to be here or there or over there. Just stop it. The moment you stop everything a different kind of freedom presents, because only the individual will play with something. Only the ego mind will play with some-thing.

If you’re gonna bring the game into the equation, when you play, let’s say as the Self, you are playing with everything and with nothing, all at once. No parts, no things, no separation, no division, no multiplicity. Everything at once is your own game. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. But the experience has to be that one which has no divisions and embraces everything, because everything is the Self, in itself, for itself. So only the mind will play with things, because it recognises things, only the ego will play with something, because it can only see some things.

The question is; what is that thing that can see things? What is that thing that can actually divide, make opposites, qualities? What is that thing? Who is that thing which is the false identity that all the time sees things? And that’s when you see the trickster. That’s when you start to really see where the illusion and duality, and a sense of me, actually presents itself. So when you let’s say, that emotions emerge, let them be, awesome!

Wake up to Roar

If the experience is with a million thoughts, awesome! Awesome! If the attention, let’s say, gets distracted by a million times per second, awesome! Who told you that it has to be the other way around?

Why did you believe it was that way, or the other way, or the correct way? No matter what happens, nothing can touch you, either a million thoughts, no thoughts, a tsunami of emotions, no emotions, you have never been touched. Nothing at all can actually blur who you are, nothing.”

Satsang with Sarkhan– The Sun and the Cloud – 21st September

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"Student: When you see the map of the game and see it! - you keep seeing it from the observer, but, if you take another step inward, there is a point where you don't even see. And then it's like you see... That is all, but you don't see it, you can't see it.
Sarkhân: If you see an “it”…
Student: No, you can't see anything!
Sarkhân: There is still a phenomenon of nothingness; the absence of everything, the one who is experiencing the absence of everything is not the highest truth.
Student: I'm not saying it is! - I try to say… the step behind the one you are seeing, that nothing can be said.
Sarkhân: Correct.
Student: Not even seeing. Nothing!
Sarkhân: Correct.
Student: But I say nothing, because it is what it looks like, but it is not.

Sarkhân: Correct. 

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Student: And then, it's as if everything was that. 

Sarkhân: Yes, I understand it, but there is still, on a more subtle level, a subject-object relationship, I understand it, but there is still subject-object, something and something… 

Student: Something with what?

Sarkhân: Something with something, something and nothing, something and that, something and everything, something and something.
Student: But there is nothing there either!
Sarkhân: That's why! There is still something that recognizes even nothingness, the absence of everything, at a very, very, very fine level.
Student: Can't be recognized either!
Sarkhân: Exactly!
Student: You can neither recognize, nor see, nor feel, nor hear. That is all that can be said here.
Sarkhân: I understand but there is still a subject-object relationship, and if there is a subject-object relationship, there is still the veil of something and something else.
When that last little veil, no matter how pure and fine and sacred and sensitive it may be, when it breaks! It will be different.

Wake up to Roar

Student: But where are you seeing it, that veil?
Sarkhân: In your experience, in what you share, in what you say and how it is perceived.
Student: No! But to try...
Sarkhân: Therefore, there is still something that notices or contemplates or recognizes or intuits or sees something. Something and something; two things. When that breaks, it's drastic, it's not something that, ‘alas! I notice it, I see it, it is perceived’. It is not something that comes...
It's like a tsunami comes and destroys an entire city, it's radical! It is as if a volcano comes and destroys an entire island, it is not something like…. It is not an everyday thing, it is not something like sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't! It's not something like sometimes I perceive it, sometimes I don't! Or is it something that I perceive is always there but not totally, that is, it is not like that. It means that there is still a subject-object relationship.
Student: It's like there's no need to explain it.
Sarkhân: That is right.
Student: Something like that.
Sarkhân: Correct.

Wake up to Roar

What makes it easier is that there is no subject-object relationship, and for that you have to plant yourself in the subject. Without validating the subject, nor the object. And stay there, stay there, endure, not validate yourself so that there is no longer a subject-object relationship.
Until there is a total dissolution of everything forever, eradicated forever. Discernment is very important! Very, very important!"
Spanish Satsang with Sarkhân - 27th November 2021

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“I try to give you clues, because enlightenment, freedom it’s so (sorry) freaking easy! It’s the easiest thing ever. But that’s the funny thing; if it’s the easiest thing ever it means that it’s only a misunderstanding. That’s it. If it REALLY is the easiest thing ever, and it’s really your divine nature, the most natural thing that you can just forget about because it’s so natural, then why all this nonsense of doing, practising, purifying, coming back, Jesus Christ, if it’s only a misunderstanding? 

Truly, it’s only a misunderstanding. What is that misunderstanding? That you don’t know who you are, that’s it. That’s it! The problem is that when you don’t know who you are all this fantasy of trying, or healing, or nurturing comes into place because you don’t know….

If we resolve that riddle, everything will be resolved, everything, in a microsecond. It’s fascinating. Everything is just (clicks) gone, done, because finally you know who you are. You stand in your divinity, in your true self. The rest is just mind games really, fantasy games, egotistic games.“ 

Transcription Satsang with Sarkhân – The Sun and the Cloud – 21st September

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“When you believe you are separated or you feel distance between you and source. No matter how people can disguise it, the moment the individual exists, you are split or separated from source. Look at it from the point of view of a baby. The moment the baby gets distanced from his Mum or his Dad, there’s suffering, abandonment, you know? That’s only in the physical, emotional games or realms, but still, that’s what happens; abandonment. 

So imagine, in the bigger scheme of things, that the apparent, individual exists, in that moment you can’t deny that there is a split, separation between That and something else. And that distance is like ‘we are not connected, because I am here, you are there. I feel lost because we are not close again, we are not close to each other’. And that’s what separation does. We can’t fool ourselves believing that we are connected when in truth there is no connection, because the moment the individual exists there is no connection, there is distance. No matter what you think or believe there is still distance, there is still separation. There has never been separation, of course, but even the belief that there is can create turmoil, and we can see the consequences of that... just watch the news. 

That belief that we are creates all this chaotic world, and it’s just a belief, it doesn’t mean it’s true. But it’s just a belief.” 

Transcription Satsang with Sarkhân – The Sun and the Cloud – 21st September

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“Here we are exploring something different, which is that which is before any manifestation. Here, we are exploring that which is behind, more in the realm of the unknown and the unseen. Because the rest is just seen and manifested and created; has a name, has form, has qualities. Here, we are here to explore that, where everything comes from. So it’s more into the realm of you don’t really know anything. Because how can you have a concept of that which is before any concept or notions or ideas? 

That is, that’s why it’s really rare, because everywhere is exploring things, concepts, sensations, emotions, states, levels, insights, outsight, big, small, expanded, non-expanded. All of those things are qualities, presented, manifested, witnessed. Here we are more about something prior to everything else; more intimate, more natural, which is you. At the end of the day it’s you.”

Transcript Satsang with Sarkhan – The Sun and the Cloud – 21st September 2021

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Wake up to Roar

"I wish that everything shared can help you awaken to the reality of the Self, the Supreme, the Absolute. That its light goes to the depths of your heart for you to remember your oneness with Truth. There has never been any separation or illusion. You have always been the Light of Lights. Wake up!”

- Sarkân - 

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