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Wake up to Roar



This beautiful compilation of texts can bring about something so profound for the one who reads them.

They were selected from videos and live meetings with Sarkhan and we offer them to you in the simplest way possible in the hope that they are useful and revealing.

If you pay attention you can find many layers of wisdom and transformational pointers that are directing you to recognise, once and for all, your divine nature.

The more open one is, the words that are coming from the most profound love possible will start to grow within a pure heart, and in no time, the reality of Self will reveal itself and thy kingdom will be yours to enjoy.

Humbleness, openness and the desire to remember one's true identity will be the fire that will dissolve all limitations.

Break free from the jaws of time and space. Wake up and Roar!

Wake up to Roar


“There are several paths and ways to become empty so the Self can reveal itself to you. Some people need one approach and others, another one. Today I will talk about one of those paths which some of you might feel an attraction towards. This might not apply to all of you, but for some it will help things get clearer.
Every time we have a problem, every time there's stress, every time there's a fight, every time there's confusion and doubt, every time there's any of that, it's because we're making it about ourselves.
We are doing it about our life, about our desires, about what we missed, about what happened, about what should happen. Everything is about me, my perception of life, my desires in life, my longings, my goals, what I lack. In other words, it has the component of ‘I’, ‘mine’.
And one of the very easy ways to get out of yourself is to be of service. It's a very easy way to forget about yourself. But there is a different quality to the service that is commonly found out there.

Wake up to Roar

That, without realizing it, people seek to serve to obtain something, or use the service to get something they want; it could be recognition, a pat on the back or a ‘thank you’, something. I have to do in order to receive something, if I don't get something then I'm not going to give anything. In other words, it is a service that is conditional. So obviously that does not help you get out of yourself, rather you are acting to get more of yourself, get your desires, your feelings, not feel lost, something, you are doing something to make it about you.

And this conversation has a quality that keeps you or puts you on a platform of emptying yourself completely. Where you really consciously apply unconditionality without expecting anything in return. Then the service is amplified, the clarity and purity of what the service really is becomes much more obvious. And I am talking about a service where you are completely empty of yourself, where ‘I’ do not act in service to obtain something in particular, either to feel good about myself because I am doing something good for the world or my family, or trying to do something because it is my obligation and so I no longer feel bad about myself and I no longer judge myself so much.
That's not service, that's just emotions, internal conflicts not resolved, not yet healed, tarnished service or doing something for someone else. That is a way to help. But, by creating a space where you are encouraged to allow yourself to consciously explore, before any action, the unconditionality of giving without expecting anything in return, simply by emptying yourself completely of yourself, that generates a way to act, feel, live, very strongly, very fast and you grow very fast. Because prior to everything, there is the intention. It is to completely surrender everything that I am, everything that I can be, everything that I was and everything that will be, in this moment, to the circumstances, to people. That makes you grow, very, very, very fast.

Wake up to Roar

Why do you also grow very fast? By another connotation, another quality. Because really when you serve without expecting anything in return, and it's not to receive something, but you get more than you expect. The same peace, clarity, but at the same time nobody might not know what you are doing. It might not show on the outside that you are helping, serving or whatever is there for you to do. But your intention to be empty, to empty yourself in the act, in performing, in doing, makes you stay connected to the present, makes you stay connected with your essence, makes you stay connected and discovering the infinite energy that your creativity and that your Love has; all that can give itself to the game of Life. It is unstoppable, it is tireless, limitless. But it is accelerated and made more forceful by an unconditional service, where, and I put it in the questions and in the intentions, and in truth, if they are applied, another very different panorama will open up.

If you believe that you know an experience of limitless potential, if you explore this, you are going to discover that there really are no limits. Certain doors and windows of creative opportunities for Love, connections, dialogue, work, many things, open when you have decided not to create a life for yourself, but after and for others.
The Universe is very benevolent when you realize that you are part of the universe and do not use the universe to satisfy wishes and unfulfilled desires, or unfulfilled wishes or dreams. Because the Universe is going to keep trying to give you everything you want so badly, but when you play and participate with life itself, instead of getting and using things from life itself, life changes and opportunities obviously change.

Wake up to Roar

I remember that for me it was very strong one day when I realized how much time I spent asking the Universe, asking Life, asking and asking, be it more peace, money, health, ask, ask, ask, no. And one day the penny dropped and I said: why not, instead of asking, I give, but I give unconditionally, I always take the first step, I give before I am asked, I take care before the need arises, I attend someone before let them see their desire arise. In other words, in what way do I put myself in front of everything to give everything of myself.
And I remember where there was a time in my life where everything I did was dedicated to the service of the universe, to Truth.
This type of exploration is not for everyone, it is attractive to some. Others are more inclined to love, devotion, understanding, introspection, etc. There are several paths that bring you closer to the clarity of the next step in the game of awakening.
Of course, the greatest service one can do for everything is Full Awakening! Nothing compares to it.

Once one has matured in their own way, there comes a point where service is a further hindrance if you don't understand its purpose. Since you are not serving anyone but the Self. You are an instrument. And then comes the end of that dance, then the instrument, the action and the purpose disappear, and in one’s own experience all distinction is broken and the Self is revealed in all its glory.
The direct path is to discover right now who you are already!”
Sarkhân - Transcript of: In Service to All Beings

Wake up to Roar


Student: I have a question. In the last few years, let’s say, every time I would observe a duality of any kind, automatically this process of looking at the source of awareness would happen naturally, where everything dissolved and nothing is left, and from there everything would like come into place, naturally. But lately I noticed that this phenomenon is not happening anymore and umm, today for example, I had a situation where I could see some emotions coming and stuff like this, and in the past I would automatically go into this ‘where is the awareness coming from’? And very often the result of that would make like a dissociation between the situation and the emotion and myself and... but this time I didn’t do anything about it, actually, nothing was really happening and I just didn’t care about anything and umm I was very surprised about that and I want to know what’s happening?

Sarkhan: Well, as you mentioned in one of your sentences that that phenomena, or that phenomena was not happening again, because you just said it’s a phenomena, ok and, like I said, the consciousness game, awareness game is the trickiest one to transcend. Because it has one of the most beautiful phenomena there is, like absence of things, everything disappears and things like that, you know, which is a really refined... If you are, let’s say, in the beginning of everything that comes out of source the first few things would be nothingness, absence of things, you know, that would be the best kind of like... first perspective into the purity, into the whole, into everything, that’s the first things.

Wake up to Roar

The reality of being is not something that comes and goes; sometimes it happens, sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s not clear. That’s still games within the consciousness playing with itself, you know, with the senses, with the elements, with everything, with itself. If you pay attention to the two examples that you gave, your two experiences that you just shared, one of them is like, in the past you will be able to access or recognize something beyond awareness, you know? Let’s say absence of awareness, you know. That absence of awareness, when we play with it as an object, or perception, a phenomenon in front of us, immediately, the moment you make it about something, you’re going to reject everything, because everything is against ‘this thing that I just found or that I’m focusing on or that I’m playing with, you know? And that’s the trick with all of this.

The Self will never be a ‘something’, it will never be a thing, you will never be able to experience it, you will never be able to play with it, you will never be able to touch it or find it or see it, ever, because like I said, the Self, the real Self will never be an object of contemplation, you know. Of course, in the line, in the thread, in the veil of duality, there’s still a witness witnessing something, you know, awareness aware of something or, even in the most subtle aspects of consciousness it would be there’s nothing, there’s still something or someone that is aware of nothing, absence of things, let’s say. There’s still really subtle happening. When you stop, for example in that experience you just mentioned, if you don’t give name, form, acknowledge the phenomena, you don’t have a clue what’s happening, you don’t care about what’s happening. You don’t even label that something is happening coz you don’t care if something is happening, it’s like you have erased or ignore completely that part that is always the beginning of ‘conscious of something’.

Wake up to Roar

Because if you are conscious of something, there has to be something there can actually acknowledge that ‘something’, that little thing. It can be awareness, nothingness, I don’t know, like it has to give a quality or see a quality, you know. And of course, when we play with that, let’s say, the end result is going happen, what will happen is that that experience is gonna change. Because it is still in the realm of the ‘happening’, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes there is nothingness, sometimes there’s everything-ness. It’s like there’s always something happening. So that’s why the less you pay attention to the impermanent, because everything you just described is impermanent, everything that you just said. Of course it’s a really subtle, really ‘thin air’ experience, abstract, hard to pin point as a concrete thing when you are experiencing nothingness lets’ say, it’s hard to pin point that it’s still a phenomenon that you can actually play with it, you know? Like, you can hold it in your hands.

So, it’s really important in that moment to not give it a name, don’t recognize anything, not acknowledge it. Because in the middle of everything there is someone there that is the real permanent experience; the self, the real Self. And the real Self is watching, it’s not true, but just for the example of it. The Self, let’s say, is watching a really thin phenomenon in the realm of awareness. The Self has never seen anything. The Self doesn’t see anything. Is not aware of anything, doesn’t watch anything, doesn’t witness anything. The Self IS everything, which is different. And in that experience of being everything he is not aware of everything at all. “

Satsang with Sarkhan - Do not be a Sheep or a Donkey – 7th February 2022

Wake up to Roar


Sarkhan: The people that are really honest, that want to find who they really are, will never settle for nothing less than truth, no matter what it is. I will never accept a falseness, pretending, fakeness, ever. Because, otherwise, you are still trying to justify the fakeness of the ego in you. You know... and you can’t. If you really want to know you got to not justify anything about you.
Student: Yeah, today I just… um, could see very clearly how after many years of very good training of dissociating a story from an emotion and seeing how this whole learning thing has been very much a false identification from the ego. A false, like ‘oh I did very well’, you know? I could see the whole lie! And it just doesn’t make any sense, and who cares! So, in a certain way it’s going back to the complete chaos and complete um... I don’t know... complete matrix, exactly how it is without interfering with it in any place, not having anything to do with it, I don’t know. Yeah it’s funny. Yeah like coming back to the full circle. I don’t know.

Sarkhan: Yeah, like coming back to the beginning of everything. That’s the beauty of this. You are coming back to where you have never left. The recognition that you have never left. Never! You have never lost anything. You are not ignorant, you have no lacks, there’s no limitations on you. Dreaming and sleeping and everything is just err... the board of the game from which you are witnessing everything happening. You have never left. You are already complete, you know?

Wake up to Roar

Student: And even everything that we used to call ‘consciousness’ or ‘unconsciousness’ and all of this, it’s just (laughs) it’s just a lie. It’s the same kind of lie between consciousness or unconsciousness, it’s exactly the same thing. And there is nothing better than the other.
Sarkhan: No. But that’s the question. Even consciousness and unconsciousness, you learned it from someone. You didn’t know those existed, so consciousness and unconsciousness are still in the past, to try to make sense out of things. Of course, the answer is a better answer than the chaotic answer if you drop everything right now. 

Because that’s what the ego and individuality wants to do, wants to makes sense out of things; my individual experience against the whole. Because the experience could be that you are so lost in the ocean without a GPS and without a saving donut, I don’t know how you call it in English, you know, for you to float. That’s what people feel like. If they really pay attention to everything they are so lost, they don’t understand anything at all, really. It can get you so humble that it’s like, you are lost in the ocean alone and there’s sharks in the ocean swimming around you. There’s no-one around you and you are lost. If you drop everything that’s what it feels like; abandonment. So lost in this.

Wake up to Roar

You’re a microscopic thing in this whole universe. And that’s why the ego wants to make sense out of things ‘of course, I’m part of everything’. Like, wants to bring concepts and ideas, because if you remove everything ‘ahhhahhhh’, you know? And not many people are ready, they don’t even want to be empty of everything because the platform where they are standing from; real awakening, you have to remove it. Otherwise, you will never be able to recognize yourself as everything. If you are a thing, you will never be able to recognize everything as you, you know, or you as everything. 

So, it’s amazing because in the spiritual game, of course, it can be a really advance game, I’m not really diminishing it. But I will diminish it because it’s creating hell for people. The misunderstanding of what truly spirituality is and what consciousness is. But the ego even uses the concepts of consciousness just to make things out of his sense of being in control of everything ‘consciousness, unconsciousness, I’m part of the whole’ like, all these concepts and ideas that you have to learn from someone in order to make sense out of things. Why would you want to make sense out of things? Why? And this is the understanding that we want to get into in this conversation: why do you want to make sense out of things? Why are you trying to protect? What do you want to hold onto? What will happen if you just drop everything, right now? Everything at once? Of course, there might be fear, of losing something. But yeah, you’re going to lose something that you’re not! You’re going to lose something that has never helped you with anything. It has only created chaos and confusion and hypnosis, it has nothing to do with you, you know?

Wake up to Roar

But that’s the thing, the moment you try to understand who you really are, you will not accept nothing at all who can define who you are, nothing, you can’t. Because it’s beautiful to say ‘I am consciousness’, it sounds great! Because you have to put a label on yourself, otherwise who are you gonna be if you left out all labels and ideas and identifications. Who are you gonna be? Because that’s what people have grown up playing with ‘ok I’m this, I am that, I am love, I am peace, I am happiness, I’m a happy being, I’m a human being, I am, I am, I am, I am this, I am this, I am this’ you know? And we have learned from everyone that the only way we can function in the world, is to define who you are and you have to act properly on all these definitions. For example, if you define yourself as ‘someone’ then you have to act it out. ‘I’m a good person’, then you gotta be a good person all the time! And when the emotion of intensity comes ‘no, no, no, no, no, no this is wrong’. Who said that is wrong? Who said that it’s impure? Who said that not worthy of your love and embrace, who said that?

Ahh because I’m a good person. No! You don’t know who you are. You’re just putting a really beautiful label so you fit in! So you belong. So people accept you. So people love you. And then you have all these masks because otherwise how are you going to experience love and deep connection. So that’s what we did, just grew up defining ourselves so we can experience what we think we need; love, connection, closeness, intimacy and all these things. But that is the wrong notion because from the beginning, if you pay attention, everything that I just said is coming from lack. You lack something; lack of love, lack of connection. The question is ‘who is that one who believes they lack something’? And that’s who you are NOT! And that’s the one who has to dissolve in order for duality to disappear for good.

Wake up to Roar

That’s why this is the adventure, that is the beauty of this. That you start to, let’s say, grow, you notice that you put all these labels, because you wanted love, that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s wrong if you stay there and don’t move on. You know, in a journey, it’s a journey. You know it’s just little steps, little steps. No step is the final destination. The final destination is when you recognize that you have never left to no journey. That’s the final destination. When you recognize that you have always been seated in your throne, you have never left your home, ever. That’s the real destination. That’s clarity, that ‘whoooaa I was just dreaming, it was just a fantasy and everything was just for the sake of the game, it has nothing to do with me. I was just watching a beautiful cosmic movie and I was not part of it’.”

From Satsang with Sarkhan – Don’t be a Sheep or a Donkey

Wake up to Roar


“If I say the reality of the Self has no qualities, even that is a quality. A quality that says ‘no qualities’, you know? That’s why it’s impossible to talk about the reality of the Self. The only way is for you to be it. You will never be able to experience it, notice it, nothing. Because it’s not a thing. These are just pointers. But it’s a powerful pointer; no qualities, and, the witness, are really powerful qualities that can push, and take you out of the game completely. Duality can actually dissolve for good and forever, you know? You can play with identifying yourself as the ‘empty witness’. And then, be empty again and don’t identify with anything, don’t acknowledge anything, don’t take nothing as your own, and not even that can define you. That’s another pointer within the same pointer. And then the possibility of full awakening is right there; for the Self to reveal itself as the Self, as you. And only then, everything will be clear. “

From Satsang with Sarkhan – 7th Feb 2022 – Don’t be a Sheep or a Donkey

Wake up to Roar


“Imagine that we go to an amusement park and there is a house of mirrors. You enter the house of mirrors and the only thing there is pure mirrors, when you enter the house of mirrors it seems that you see many different little people; a chubby one, a skinny one, a tall one, etc. But if you pay attention you will see that it is you, you are seeing yourself, but each reflection and each container or each glass from which your reflection is bouncing, creates the appearance that there is distinction, that there is something, or different people but it has never been. So, everything is you.
The power of infinity is so strong that each mirror seems to have its own reality and perception, but it is not, it is the same. Mirrors bouncing to infinity, colors, notions, consciousness, mind, intellect, desires… It is very powerful because it is infinity playing with itself. The Infinite with the Infinite.
Therefore, there has never been an ‘I’ or a ‘you’, nor ‘those’, nor ‘I was’ nor a ‘I will be’, ‘I experienced’, ‘I was with’ and such and such; all of this does not exist. It is the light of infinity bouncing back on itself on all levels, but that generates the appearance that you have your own reality when it is the infinity itself simply looking at its infinite faces with its infinite possibilities, all at the same time.
It is complicated to describe, it is the best way I can put it on the table, when there is no distinction and when you stop referring to "my body/mind and my experiences", "your body/mind and its experiences" and separated things, each one having its own game. On one hand, that is also true, everyone has their game, but the question is: who? from where?

Wake up to Roar

The one who is having the dance is the body, you are not having any dance, you are contemplating a dance, and the one who contemplates is the same everywhere, he is everywhere at the same time, there has never been any separation, the one who contemplates the That which is, is All the same in All. So if we talk about it in that way, my experience is the same as yours, because there is no difference, we are the same, contemplating the possibility through a different lens bouncing with other lenses, it's the best way I can describe it but it's the same. It is the Self itself contemplating, noticing, being, without any difference, that is where the purity of the essence of the true One is actually somehow experienced, not in the appearance of multiplicity. When the reality of the Self is revealed, the appearance of the multiplicity is experienced as the Self itself, but not before, not before. 

That's why I said in one of the meetings, sometimes it is complicated to discern what is true and what is not true, what is real and what is not real, it is complicated, why? Because ultimately everything is you, everything, absolutely everything, everything. But to be able to have the experience without the confusion, or the distraction, or all those things that generate the appearance of illusion of multiplicity, is much more important in the game and on the road that everything that happens in front of you does not define who you are in its fullness. The mirror of life cannot say who you are in your entirety. Whatever you perceive is never going to be able to say who you are in your entirety.

Wake up to Roar

I can say that what is in front of you can tell only something partial about you, then yes, but you can't say the whole or the totality of you. You see your body and the finger cannot say the totality of the body, the finger cannot even speak but for example, the hand cannot reflect the totality of the body, everything you perceive cannot reflect the totality of the Being, nothing can. It is impossible, so if you treat everything as an invitation, as parts of, but not the whole of, it is a deeper invitation because then you no longer justify, or validate, or give so much importance to what happens in front of you, as if it has something to offer you. Nothing that is in front of you has something to offer you, in terms of who you are. It can offer you other things, of course, you can go to a pizzeria to eat a pizza, it is offering you food, experience, fun or indulgence if you eat too much, but it is only a bodily experience in terms of the reality game. The thing is that nothing that happens, nothing that the body does and is destined to do, do not take it to the field of where are you, do not take it to your place of being and where your I-ness is, do not take it to: “it is happening to me”, “I live this” “this is happening to me” and if you play like this then there is an enormous freedom and distance in relation to what is happening.

It is happening, of course it is happening, and also nothing is happening. The question is to whom is it happening, and here is where the enigma breaks, the mirage, because that false self or the false ‘I’ is only related in terms of anxiety, fear, achievements, possessions, conflict, longings, desires, unfulfilled desires, division; subject-object relationship after all. When you don't really listen to that ‘me’ who according to you is living life, who contemplates it, etc, suddenly there, you arrive at the starting point and challenge where all duality begins, the false identification of who you think you are, then when you go to the core, the beginning, to the seed, to the first link that generates duality and in its most incredible forms, you remain empty, you remain attentive and the true witness reveals himself as always free.

Wake up to Roar

And after it reveals itself as always free, then and now will be a ‘yes, ufffffffffff!’ It is everything, and nothing has ever touched it in life.” 

- Sarkhan

Satsang in Spanish “In Search of the Beloved” - February 01, 2022

Wake up to Roar


Sarkhan: There is a lot of confusion about what meditation really is… I have been in many meditations, some I know what they are for and others I discovered that they pretend to be what they are not. This is what happens when you are on the search and end up on many paths. Then I started looking at very old books, ancient books, and I started reading teachers who, from my side I would take my ‘hat off’. Because I needed to see what their point of view was about meditation in ancient times but on “Awakening terms”, NOT in “relaxation terms”. Because for me, I did not come here to relax, I did not come to life to relax, I came here to wake up. I’ve never been looking answers or activities for me to relax. Of course, there are times when I needed relaxation and I looked for relaxation. I'm not saying no to that or that is wrong, but there was something inside of me so strong that called me to more. 

So, these teachers and these ancient books, the only meditation that they considered meditation, and that is real meditation, is "Hold yourself as the Self, in the sense of Being".

"Hold on to Being!" This is the only thing, the rest is not meditation, its mentalism, it is pure fantasy. And I looked for it in the books, eh! Don't think I only read one! Let's see, let's see, let's discover... why I’ve lived confused for so long. Because I’ve read many books that talked about meditation and I, of course! Think, breathe, imagine, think this or that… all about things. And I had to pay close attention to see and understand what the real Teachers meant by meditation?

Wake up to Roar

Because for me they are the example. What I aspire to is what they are teaching and pointing out to, so I had to pay close attention. What do they mean by meditation? Because I want what they have, not what others see. And they all say the same thing, when you pay attention to the signs, the only worthwhile meditation is to Be the Self or hold on to Being. Acknowledge your energetic experience of Being and break the identification to everything that is not the Self. Because there is nothing in your Universe that can say: "I am". In your universe nothing can say "I am", only you can say it.
Student: Is it a feeling?

Sarkhan: Acknowledging the energetic sensory essence of who you are, for example; and be the Witness of that.
Because you are not that either!
But that is the true spiritual path. When you sustain yourself or recognize yourself as Being or as the Self, that will automatically begin to mature by itself and will invalidate everything that is in front of it as if it were you. Nothing in front of you can be you.

You are not this (points to a glass), automatically you reject it. If you stay in Being and that is the only meditation that is worthwhile, everything else is not worthwhile, because they all generate mental fantasies, because they involve the ‘I’, “I do this or that” “I introduce a technique” “I think something” “I am something” and that ‘I-me’ is not you. Your sense of being is before that ‘I’, because you always are, you always exist.

Wake up to Roar

You go to sleep and you are, and in sleep there is no sense of self, for example, nor is there an "I think" "I introduce", nothing, there is no-thing at all. “I think of a technique” or something, nothing! and yet you are, then the only meditation that is worthwhile, that can bring you closer or can ensure that you fully awaken is to Hold on to Your own Self. To recognize yourself as that Being always present. And in that, automatically you cannot be “I am this”, “I am that”, because then there is no longer the pure ‘I am-ness of Being’. Other than this there will be a self-definition: “I am my mind”, “I am my thoughts”, “I am consciousness” “I am the self” “I am the essence”. No! Do not define yourself, and if you do not define yourself, something natural and automatic will come forward. And that is that you always are, there is nothing more natural than Being, you have always been. Easier than breathing easier than everything, but people don't try to find out or discover what it means this intimacy.

It's what I was telling you at the beginning, many people go through a confusion of how the wave is going or how the game is going, because I have these conflicts and I have to go to this and that, to solve them, hey! came back to that place "Before all that starts."
- Who has the conflict?

- Student: Me
- Sarkhan: Hmm, exactly!
- And who is that ‘me’?

And that ‘me’ is never permanent, it is never always there. Who is that ‘me-self’ that says: I have a conflict, I believe this, I believe that, I think, I know, I don’t know… ‘me or I’ with something…

Wake up to Roar

You are that which Is before "I" appears. Because you always are. That "I" is not always there, so these masters said: true spirituality is to remain in the Self as the Self, or be that which is Being, and from there don’t allow anything to obscure it with self-definitions towards your own self. Do nothing. Stay silent, attentive, just Be. Simple, you already Are, you already Are!
In that, when it finishes its self-definition, that's going to go back to the source of everything and that's where you already and really Are. You are beyond the dream and the experience of Being. Your true identity is beyond that, but that is always the entrance, your sense of existence is the entrance to the self-recognition of who is That who has always contemplated everything? Even the sense of being. If you pay attention, the ‘I-me-ness’ is contemplated by someone or something, a subtle recognition, who is that something? But the entry is or the simplest way is: Being, Self.

If you stay in Being and do not validate what happens in front of you as if it had reality, you can never feel bad again, because to feel bad there has to be an "I", "I feel bad", "I feel sad" , “I feel confused”, “me and something”, you don't pay attention to that ‘me’ and you stay in the Self-ness or your being, because you can see that the real Self is always before the ‘I-ness’ ‘Me-ness’. I tell you, when you go to sleep you continue to exist and the sense of self is not even there. For example, neither the mental self, nor the self with its memories. You go to sleep and everything disappears; everything. Your problems, everything! Your memories, everything disappears, but you don't disappear, you are still there, the thing is, who is that who is already free of all identification? That is why it is so easy to wake up, because the one who already Is, is already free of everything.

Wake up to Roar

Student: What happens, is that when you are in the Being-ness, can you distract yourself?
Sarkhan: No.
Student: No?
Sarkhan: No, because there you go: what you're noticing is a distraction, hey! If you don't own it, look huh? You continue Being, and this is the game: Consciousness passes, because it is the game of consciousness not yours, you are beyond consciousness. Consciousness is playing with itself generating a mess, but consciousness generates a phenomenon called: I get lost, I forget, I remember, I clear, I’m not clear; that's its game, that's its... magic… its...

Student: A spell…
Sarkhan: It’s a spell, exactly! But, who observes the spell? The one who observes the spell has never been lost or bewitched. Imagine that we go to a theater and there is a magician doing a show, the magician's show is bunnies appearing, and no, despite the show with its ups and downs you are not being affected by the show, you are there, noticing the show. You go to a movie for example; of war, and there are bullets, forgive me but no bullet is entering you, it is happening in the show, do you understand me? If the movie or the event or the magician is crying or there is drama for example. On a movie it's very obvious, I don't know, for example: an uncle gets sick in the movie, well your uncle is fine, but in the movie the uncle got sick, you don't suffer for the uncle. That's how strong the illusion is, when you begin to know the Self you realize that nothing that passes in front of you applies to you. Nothing! And that is freedom, because then the joke is that you do not appropriate anything.

Wake up to Roar

‘I’ is that one that says: ‘I forget’ Who forgets? You are noticing the phenomenon of forgetting, because if you recognize forgetting, it means that there is someone who recognizes: forgetting. And he who recognizes forgetting cannot forget, do you understand me? And it's that fascinating and it's always been this simple. Nothing applies to you, nothing at all! In terms of identity. In practical terms things apply, of course, the other day I cut myself, and well I cut myself, and that's it. But that has nothing to do with my identity, with my way of perceiving and experiencing life in terms of being the observer of everything. 

Playing without defining myself begins to solve the enigma of who you really are, and that everything that happens in front of you It doesn't apply to you, nothing. You don't have to see anything or let go of anything, or purify anything, none of that applies to you, nothing. It's always been like that, you just don't fall into the trap that what happens in front of you is happening to you, is happening in front of you. This is a big difference, and that is the question that you will discover here, who is that One to whom things happen before him, and in that inner exploration you will see that you are untouchable. 

And when the veil of who you thought you were is broken, and who you really are is revealed, this is where it begins to become clear that everything you have ever felt was everything at the same time. There has never been any separation, the entire humanity is within you, everything. That's why the love you have is first and foremost, because there has never been something separate from you. But of course, many people see humanity as a projection of the individual. Of course, I am the body and project my limitations before others, because you think you are what you see, one projection upon another. The other possibility, the real one; its nature is projection-less and all-inclusive and loving and really sensitive.

Wake up to Roar

But it is that simple, true meditation? Just Be and don't define that self, that Being, don't say I'm this, I'm that, and automatically all the veils begin to break, alone, without doing anything, if you just stay as the Self: pluff, pluff, pluff!
That will bring in spiritual growth, that will make you fly!
Student: I find it difficult to keep being the self constantly.
Sarkhan: Great! It's awesome that you share it! Those are the pitfalls of the consciousness game. Permanence means time, obviously, permanence means the space time continuum. But if you notice that time and space exist, what is there to perpetuate? You are beyond time and space, the Self is beyond time and space, the Self always has to be before any notion, if there is an ‘I’... for the rest to exist you need that ‘I’. If there is not an ‘I am’ or an ‘I’, there can be no thoughts or colors, there can be nothing at all because there is no one there. For everything to happen there must be someone there in the first place so that everything can be recognized. If time exists it is because there is someone who recognizes it, time does not exist by itself, if there is no one there to observe it, it does not exist, and this is where discernment comes in again. You resting as the Self-being-ness, you will discover that it is always previous and before everything, so if you stay in Being another time wouldn't even happen. So, for you the idea of permanence, reject it, you don't need it.

If any idea of permanence comes to you, reject it completely, it does not apply to you.
Seriously, in a moment you will realize that nothing ever applies to you. But people always think that, they all think that their Self is in the future, and the future can be: tomorrow, or here. Remember at all the times that you are, you always Are.

Wake up to Roar

Every day people live and breathe and never question breathing. And they don't say: how do I sustain myself and perpetuate it? Breathing doesn’t need it, it is so natural that there is no requirement.

Easier than breathing is Being, that is why you have never questioned it, no one has ever questioned it because it is more natural than breathing, because you always Are, it is impossible for you not to Be. You will never be able not to be, you will never be able to deny your Self. That's why no one has ever questioned that question. And those who question it is because they are ready to wake up, because that is the question; who is that one who will never be able to deny himself? Who is that one who will never be able to say ‘I am not’, Aha! Who is that one? 

Well ‘I’. Truly! There is always an ‘I’, there is always an ‘I’. It is impossible for there not to be an ‘I’, the question is: Who is that I? And the false ‘I’ is a small crystal that is hiding the true Self behind it. The true Self is, is the Self itself. And as I’ve said a while ago, there is no division, Your-Own-Being-Self, the Real You it’s already complete. This, which is beyond ‘I-ness’ is the same in all, but it goes through the practical mental filter of the ‘I-me-self-ness’, and that is what we believe defines us, but when you pay attention and you realize that there has always been a ‘me’ in the middle of everything, always. ‘I live’, ‘I eat’, ‘I discover’, ‘I understand myself and something’, there is always ‘me’ and ‘something’. Duality at its finest. 

Well, that ‘self’ is the false one that you think you are. That is the false identity.”

Satsang in Spanish - The 'I Am' is the Entrance - 29-January-2022.

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“The deepest sleep is still within the game of consciousness. Although it is indicating your true nature more closely, although it is indicating the possibility of something, if you pay attention to it and investigate it, it reveals more than what sleep and wakefulness can say about you. Even deep sleep is within the game of duality or the dream. Deep sleep, dreams and wakefulness are all within the same game.
Imagine a triangle with 3 faces, for example: on one side is deep sleep, the absence of everything, on another side are dreams, which are sometimes very bizarre, and then there is the normal, typical wakeful state where people live. All of that is within that great game. So, imagine a diamond, well, a three-sided crystal, floating in the ether of infinite space of Self-consciousness, and all of that is being witnessed at the same time by the true witness. 

And from there the game changes radically, the words no longer help what follows. All this is already a minuscule thing from the non-dual perspective of the Self and within the True Consciousness or the mind of the Supreme.”

- Sarkhân 

Meeting February 1, 2022 - In Search of the Beloved

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“All desire comes from a lack if you pay attention. All desire comes from the need that something is missing otherwise the desire would not exist. The other side of the coin of desire is: “something is missing”, but why does a desire exist? And the individual mind will justify everything that is necessary to validate the desires: “for this”, “I deserve”, “I lacked”. It will always try to validate desires.

Instead, it is better to use the desires to unmask them with the following curiosity: if you pay attention and understanding, clarity and investigation, courage, love, intuition, sensitivity into: 

- First, why do I wish? 

If you look closely you will find the answer! 

You will see that it comes from a lack, every desire comes from a lack or don’t agree with what is. And I'm talking about the most deeply rooted desires. I'm not talking about the natural desires that it is important to make the distinction.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to go to eat somewhere, enjoy the sun or the moon, whatever, that's fine, that's healthy, it does not generate new impressions or continues to highlight or continues to tattoo the sense of individuality at very strong levels that are so deep that are hard for them to come out or to be recognized. There are clean, pure and natural desires that the body and life want and seek to express. But there are others that make the dream perpetuate and some that will never break the link of duality. So, discernment and discrimination are very important.

Wake up to Roar

So, it is very easy to understand, when you begin to notice what is lacking behind everything, you will find "a desire" and suddenly a light bulb turns on: pak! Mmmm. And then is like: "Who is that who sees lack?" Then the next question: "What is that that sees lack?", not even "why does he see lack?", that is secondary, it is zero important, it is not: "why do I see lack?", no! is: "who is that one who sees lack?".
Because the one who sees lack is the fake, the impostor, the ghost. There has never been a lack, there is no lack anywhere, there has never been a lack in any form, ever.”

- Sarkhân

Spanish Satsang of February 1, 2022 - In search of the Beloved

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“The Self does not have to validate himself, he does not need it, nor does he need to demonstrate his reality, because he only IS. He doesn't need to talk about it, or share about it, or to present himself to know about self. He doesn't need to.
And if it happens that one is endeavouring to validate self, it is because he, like many, believes that the Self is not real, that it does not exist. Then the Self with all its love, patience and devotion reveals itself in different ways so that you realize that you are also the Self itself.
Because you don't understand it, because you get confused, because you believe the things that happen in front of you as if they had a degree of reality when they don't have it as much as one believes, because of all of this, the experience of separation continues. This is happening due to deep desires of those who ignore that the separation has never existed.
People get lost in the signs, pointers and directions and take them as the ultimate reality or try to integrate it into their lives as the ultimate reality. 

To discover the ultimate reality, you have to be IT. There is no other way. 

When choosing to discover ultimate reality, we face confusion, doubt and labyrinths. That is why discernment, discrimination and clarifying what is real and what is not real is of greatest importance. 

Wake up to Roar

Everyone is in different places in their own self-discovery and that for me is beautiful to see.”

- Sarkhân 
Transcription from Spanish Meeting of March 1, 2022.

Wake up to Roar


"This dance, which in the end is your creation; the dance of awakening, and is the narrative, the movie, the events, and the circumstances, and what you read and what you don't read, what is and what it is not, the mystery, the plot, the outcome, the difficulty, the ease... 

All of that is telling the nuances of a narrative created by you, in a slightly more powerful aspect than the individual mind. 

That is why your immediate Universe has nuances, qualities and colors that only you can perceive, an immediate reality that only you can immediately experience and is related to the dance that you have wanted to play. 

All this is a script at extremely deep levels, directed, created, aligned and drawn by the depths of your heart. 

But the strongest invitation is that you have created the circumstances for yourself. I see it all the time, that you are constantly drawing, you are designing the events, the situations, that continuously push you in a crescendo towards the outcome: 'The Recognition of Who You Really Are'.

Other people are playing other games. But actually, those games played by other people are only there to justify your own game; not because they have their own individual game. 

Wake up to Roar

Ultimately you will realize that no one is playing their own game, there is only one game and it is yours.  

All of the other games are only validating your own game. The depth and the challenge and the importance is in your game, not theirs, because they don't exist. 

They have never existed. 

There has never been me and them, only the Self exists.”

- Sarkhân

Spanish Meeting of April 01, 2022. Hypnosis of the Self / Time to Awaken

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“How do you make sure you're going deep?
When the one who looks is resting beyond the deepest.
Not when the one who sees, sees deep.
Someone who sees deep is not going deep.
Going deep means that you are in the deep, noticing the deep happening. That's deep.
It is a big difference.
Some are on the surface of the ocean and they put on goggles and look at the depth of the ocean and say: “I'm going deep”.
This is not truth.

You're not going deep. 

Going deep is:

Wake up to Roar

Take off your goggles, take off your life preserver and start sinking. And begin to see from each level that you go down you are looking upwards, you are seeing from the depths of your own Being upwards, how the superficiality in your gaze is disappearing.

That's going deep.
Do not look down to the deep.
That's not going deep.
Many people explore depth in terms of what they look at, where they look at, where they notice, where they put their attention. You can’t be on the surface of the ocean and see as deep as possible, that's not going deep.
You are still floating, you are still on the surface, of course, but the appearance of seeing deep can make you feel that you are going deep and you feel good about yourself, but you are still superficial, with floaters, depending on things, resisting, but of course, “I am looking at the depth of the ocean,” that's not going deep.
Going deep is removing lifeguards, ignoring the ego, the intellect, the desire, the intention, not going here or there, or using concepts or ideas of any kind, not validating yourself as that self that you think you are. Then you start to sink. Going deep is when you start to look up and say: “see the superficiality is over there and I go inside, I am sinking”.

Wake up to Roar

The deepest is when you see the deepest in front of you.
Not as something that happens to you.
And then you recognize yourself as that which has no limits in terms of depth and that is difficult to explain.
Going deep is letting go of everything right now, absolute emptiness, goodbye to everything. Absolute surrender is not validating your ego, the me, the here, the now, nothing; do not use any concept do not try to make sense of anything, do not depend on anything, do not want to understand anything or want to see anything.
Do not experience anything, do not give a name to what is happening, forget about the experiencer, the one who notices, the one who witnesses, forget everything, do not look for any point of reference, do not go to the intellect, to the memory, to the intention, to energy, to feeling, to nothing, to validate where you are, who you are, you don't need it.
Forget: deep, light, shallow, inside, outside, to be, not to be, forget everything.

Absolute Emptiness, Absolute Silence, Absolute Surrender. And this is a real game. 

It's the real game!

There is nothing more amazing than this.

Wake up to Roar

Do not allow any thought to arise, do not pay attention, no intention, no doubt, no certainty, no clarity, no unclarity, it does not apply to you, nothing applies to you.
There is something that is and is not you - in terms of the individual -, there is something that Is and is not you either - in terms of I-amness - there is something that Is and that does not involve something or someone and yet Is.

And for that which Is, words are only pointers. 

Don't depend on anything. Not even anything to know that you are. You don't need to know that you are, and yet you are. Be as You Are. 

That is what it means to be Free.

That is the indicator of what is called Enlightenment, but it does not apply to you either, you are beyond that.
Enlightenment is a cosmic joke simply to cast hooks, for those who think they have to wake up, because they think they don't know who they are.
The one who thinks who he is, that can't be you. The one who according to needs something you are not either…. And therein lies the key!”

- Sarkhan
Meeting of April 1, 2022. "The Hypnosis of the Self"

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“When you have to go left, forgive me! life forced you to go left, it's not because you decided to go left.
When you had to go to the right, it is not because you decided to go to the right, it is because you were forced to go to the right; with “the mirage of choice”, no one ever has a choice of anything.
But that is the game of the Infinite playing with itself, with appearances, with everything.
If you notice your life, everything has been a:
a wave, a trip, a cloud…by itself, alone. Everything has been happening by itself; in your question, you say: well, I have nothing to do or it will reveal itself, but if you pay close attention you will see that: your life is a revelation of the Self.
At what point has it been yours? Everything since you were born has been spontaneous, it has been happening, to you! you were 9 months in the belly or 7 I don't know, 8 months in your mother's belly, it doesn't matter! what did you do there? Nothing. It happened on its own accord, you were born alone, everything has been happening from different depth of aspects of life. You have had nothing to do with it, everything has been like that, but the mind enters and wants to take over, “I’ve decided” Ah, ah, no! You’ve been forced.

Wake up to Roar

A very basic and silly example. When you go to the bathroom you are forced to go to the bathroom, and if you try to go against that order, you urinate in your pants; you cannot go against something that is a yes or yes, and everything is like that. Everything is like this! You breathe because you breathe, and if you're going to stop breathing, you're going to stop breathing whether you want to or not.
It has never been a personal decision, but that is what generates the fantasy, the fantasy of the individual, but everything is the Self playing. The thing is, the faster you accept that it is only the game of the Being, that is how fast the awakening and freedom are. Because you realize there's something much much much deeper than actually playing the game, the perspective of the ocean, the perspective of gold, that's the One that's playing with itself, and from that perspective it's super light, unbelievable, mysterious, exciting, from the other perspective, alas! OMG! it can be hell, it can become hell because of a mistake in identity or understanding.

It has always been like that, but in the fantasy, one appropriates it. The ego appropriates it and says: it's not that I chose this, I can't do anything, but the Self does everything and that's where it tries because it's locating itself, it's trying to locate itself in a fantasy that has never had anything to do with you, nor its voice, neither your vote or opinion has anything to do with it, never, nor your desires and hopes. This is pure imagination.

But it is difficult for the ego to accept that, for the last 30, 40, 50 years of life, never has your opinion been even considered, and then it says: but how do you think if I…,"I decided to work in such" sure! … Pay attention, investigate, inquire, deepen and you will realize what: Uuuuuy! I had to see because I’ve never had a choice, my decisions where because I had no choice, always.

Wake up to Roar

If you go inside and deep, the intellect and the apparent decisions, you had no choice but to choose what you had to do in that moment, then you say: well, who chooses? If I am being forced (from that perspective) if I am being forced to go to the right, then there is no choice, since there never has been! But not many people dig and go deep. Because it challenges their beliefs, their desires, and their individual role.
Sure! it is that I read this, it is that I have read this, I have achieved this, wow!

And there is hypnosis, but if you pay attention, and you are humble and you are honest, you will see that everything has happened without you. 

When the ego is involved, you can generate a fantasy with pain where there has never been pain. All because of that something that generates that fantasy, then creates anxiety when there is no anxiety. 

And it is so! the faster you accept, open up, investigate and clarify, the only thing that remains is lightness, freedom, non-involvement, not owning anything, not naming anything, not justifying anything, and automatically there is more and more and more freedom and clarity of what this game is really all about and what it has always been about. 

Do you have clarity that you know You Are and don’t believe it? Of course you do, and you do not access it because is given. The clarity or the non-clarity of what you are not, what do you think it is? It is not yours either, it is given. Everything is the Self playing in all levels when you experience yourself as the Self. It is because the Self the it is itself that decides to experience the reality of Being, it is not you that can do anything at all, you cannot decide that.

Wake up to Roar

The moments of absence of the experience of Being, what do you think? They also have nothing to do with you. It is the Self playing an watching the appearance of ‘I am not’, but who is he who knows that He is, as to say ‘I am not’?
All that game is still the Self itself, it's never you, it's amazing!
It's incredible, but you own it.
Student: ‘I notice’, ‘I see’…
Sarkhan: DON’T! You don't notice anything, you don't see anything,
Student: Do not! Yes! Yes, I notice!
Sarkhan: Okay.
Dig a little deeper, dig a little deeper, but that's the look now you don't believe it, and the moment you don't believe it, what do you believe? That is the Being deciding that it is not going to believe it, it is not you, it is never you, it is always the Self, THE INFINITE.
Honestly, the ego, as an identity, as a notion, that depending on what you are, it has never existed, so if it has never existed, never, for anyone! who is that who appropriates everything? That's the fantasy! That's the fantasy! And that fantasy is irrelevant to the Witness of the fantasy.

Wake up to Roar

That is why I bring these examples; if you grab an actor and I have used this example several times, but, imagine a boy who is acting to believe that he is a woman, he is acting. Or to a woman who thinks she is a chicken, she is acting; below, although the woman or the boy is acting to be chicken, below that mask! the knowledge of being a man or a woman is irrefutable, there is no sky, sea and land that can go against that knowledge underlying the appearance of that activity. Well, if you go a little deeper, it's the same in terms of the Self. The Self knows that he is Infinity itself. And there is no doubt about it, because there is no certainty either, but it is the best way I can explain.
Well, it's just not staying in the game of appearances, one of the most powerful masks is: "I am consciousness" and that is part of the dance, of the cosmic game, it is the beginning of the cosmic game, because there has to be consciousness that is aware of something. But if you remove the consciousness nothing exists, and that is where the real game begins. That is the only game that can ensure you that you break with the mirage, the illusion of another. "The me and another just keeps perpetuating it."

- Sarkhan

Face-to-face on February 24, 2022. Push to the most intimate.

Wake up to Roar


“Everything that one can share, or express or experience, has a point of truth, of certainty or reality. However, it's all from where you want to see it, do you understand me? It all depends on what glass or from what angle you look or see.
An example that I had brought to a meeting one day. Imagine that we are walking up the mountain and suddenly you see a rope and you think it is a snake. At that moment, that belief, that perception, that point of view has a degree of reality. Because you really don't know whether there is a snake or not, but your body, your mind, the intellect, the image, the form, the idea, at that moment apparently there is a snake. And in that moment, that point of view, that point of perception has a degree of reality.
The more one continues exploring, emptying oneself, eh... it seems that other types of truths, other types of perceptions become clearer and have a degree of truth. The key is that whatever is perceived, including the clarity of the perceiver, is never concluded as the Truth. Because in this example, the moment you see a snake and if one concludes that is the only truth, you won’t know it's a rope. But if you believe it's a snake and you don't open yourself up to their being a higher truth, or an understanding, or greater clarity of what is being presented, that will be a problem. Because you are shot down from more when one concludes something as if it were already That, or that is what this is all about, or it has already been revealed or something like that.

Wake up to Roar

Why am I bringing this? Because whatever kind of understanding comes your way, whatever experience comes your way, wow! Incredible, welcome, do you understand me? That is, it does not mean that it is the maximum truth or it does not mean that it is a lie. Just don’t add any adjective, no quality, no name.

And what does this do? Not concluding or make an absolute. That any limit, or any little thing that is there disturbing more, does not have the capacity to interrupt a purer truth. And for this reason, I am very happy with everything that you experience. You have no idea how happy it makes me. Obviously only in terms of whatever happens, because at the end of the day, everything is welcome, everything is welcome, nothing is accepted or rejected. 

The problem comes is that when something happens, there is a part that we cannot see that concludes, blocks, defines, this is about… and without realizing it, this tricks that if you have humility and enough Love for the Self, for Awakening or this kind of things, everything becomes an adventure and that's it. But if it is not intense the desire for Freedom, if the game is not clear, there are traps that are very difficult to break if there is no disposition, openness and a full-hearted devotion towards your own true Self.”

- Sarkhân
Meeting on May 1, 2022 - Without Filters and Identity

Wake up to Roar


"There are times, when deeper truths begin to reveal themselves, or more accurate clarities to a truth truer than the fantasy of the truth, it is very difficult to express or give examples that more or less explain something that you cannot explain and yet you are living it and that's super nice, do you understand me?
But at some point, that's why I tell you that depending on where you explore it from or how it is revealed, it has a degree of validity.
In the purest aspect, (it is complicated) there is only one point of view that many apparently have, and that is more accurate to the experience that you are being given.
In terms of the Absolute Truth there are no points of view, there are no different ways of expressing it. It is that this is still trying to explain within the dream and for the people who have not come out of the dream.
When the dream is broken it is not that there are points of view. There are no things, perspectives, there are no those, these, there is no me in relation to something. Literally nothing exists.

But of course, now how is that revealed? how is that being expressed in terms of its divine potentiality of expression? That is already a very very very intimate game that it's up to you to discover. And that is the invitation of this.

Wake up to Roar

There is a point where dance is so intimate and alone, something that you have to discover, something that touches you only in the depths of yourself. And nothing has access more than you in terms of being, and in terms of being that which Is, with the actual experience that one has always been That. It is already a mystery, it is impossible to explain and put it on the table. Very complicated!
But there is a point where you can realize that all that you seemingly perceive are manifested and projected aspects of the infinite empty space of potentiality. And what appears to exist are only representations of what can become, which has never been. And that is what you get to glimpse when your consciousness awakens, not in terms of Awakening but in terms of the recognition that what exists, exists! and the clarity and the understanding and the understanding that you know existence exists, for example!
I am no longer even talking about the importance of all that, but I am talking about what everyone is aware of. But that where the consciousness of something begins, that consciousness is the quality or the first impulse of the manifestation of everything possible within something where it never leaves that everything is apparently projected.”

- Sarkhan
May 1, 2022 meeting - No Filter and Identity

Wake up to Roar


“Ramana Maharishi said something that is very correct, he said:
'Only real awakening or salvation will happen when all vasanas or all tendencies disappear.'
Vasanas or tendencies as it is the same; concepts, notions, ideas, desires, ways of acting, identifications with this and with the other, past, future, unhealed things… these are vasanas, tendencies, all that. It is quite a lot.
Until they all disappear! You can't wake up, you can't get past an awakening, that's for sure.
But of course, I bring another proposal! Because that can the impression that is a hard job, (remember that these are examples) but that makes you humble, after all, it makes you:
Oh well, I don't know! come on! if I thought I was here and I'm not there yet, then come on!, more humility, more humility, that after all sometimes I think that these things are just for that, to lower your head and say: Self you rule and that's it is.

After all, it seems that it is for that.

Wake up to Roar

But, this is the beauty of this space, or this invitation or this opportunity that we have, where vasanas and tendencies have to disappear, sure, that's for sure.

But that can generate the appearance that it will take a long time, 700 lives, I am a wet log and how dry I am, all that: effort, effort, effort…. 

And here comes the Grace of the opportunity to be here. How do you make sure that all the vasanas are gone forever? 

Discovering who has the tendencies, who is that one that has the vasanas? Who is that one who identifies with things? Who is that self that “supposes have”? and automatically you ignore that self, and all the vasanas and all the tendencies, instantly bye-bye! 

That is Grace, that is the gift we have, the opportunity here. That you don't have to go through all that. This is so powerful! Direct, direct. 

On one hand Ramana, he is absolutely right! but the direct, immediate way is: not to identify yourself with the one who according to you has tendencies. You have no tendencies, your true Self has no tendencies, your true Self has no vasanas, never has, never will.

For the Self there are no conditioning, no identifications, no ignorance, no oblivion, no destiny, nothing exists, only the Self exists by itself, and that IS YOU. This is how you ensure that the entire forest of conditioning and illusion is instantly incinerated.

Let's pour gasoline on the whole forest of ignorance, let's set it on fire, goodbye! Why lose time.

Wake up to Roar

In an instant, if you pay attention everything disappears in an instant! With sufficient humility, sufficient openness, you do not pay attention to that self “according to” that has conditioning, to that self “that according to” has limits, to that self that “is missing something”, to that self “that according to you, you are”, if you do not pay attention to him at that moment; all the vasanas, all the past, all your past and future lives and everything, bye-bye. Everything, bye-bye!

Because on the other hand it's true, if you have, in this powerful cosmic game, if you have problems with your ancestors or you have to clean up your family lineage, that has to happen. Hey! You have to clean all the vasanas. If you already have enough with this one, why worry about the others, but everything involves. 

But it is very easy, you do not pay attention to any of that, you know that you are not that, you know that this does not apply to you and you automatically remain empty and attentive. 

And you let the dance be, and you don't get involved, and you're not that me, you're not that body, you're not the one that had family and ancestors, you're not that one, you don't have family or ancestors, you're the other! Everything disappears instantly.

The same as Ramana said, but from another place. From another perception.

The moment you do not accept that you are that self, you are neither wet coal, nor coal, nor anything, nothing applies to you.

Wake up to Roar

You are not a body, you are not a mind, you have no history, you have no future, you have no tendencies, you do not have to do anything, or do, or practice, or inquire, or be here, nothing, that does not apply to you, that one is not you!
And if, suddenly (which is fine) for love, for joy, for the game, suddenly, it appears that according to what you think you are a me, perfect, who is that me? you come back.
And suddenly there will come a point where that individual will completely disappear with all his fantasy, and then the SELF will remain, with HIS worldview of him, without separation, or distance, and that is another game. And that is already very difficult to talk about, "yes, by itself, it is already difficult to talk about all this" the other is already, mother of God! very complicated.

Don't be that “me” and if that “me” shows up, where does it come from? If everything, the appearance of me, of not you or not me, of all those things, you are still there, and that is the question: 

Who is that one? that, in spite of everything, there is the ego, there is no ego, consciousness, non-consciousness, all that, there is something that is, that is always present, THAT IS YOU! 

Already free, already complete!”

- Sarkhan 

Meeting April 01, 2022. Self Hypnosis.

Wake up to Roar


Wake up to Roar


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Wake up to Roar

Wake up to Roar

"I wish that everything shared can help you awaken to the reality of the Self, the Supreme, the Absolute. That its light goes to the depths of your heart for you to remember your oneness with Truth. There has never been any separation or illusion. You have always been the Light of Lights. Wake up!”

- Sarkân - 

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