How To Build A Cash Cow Landing Page

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How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

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What is a High Converting Landing Page?

Too many marketers put all their efforts into creating aesthetically beautiful landing pages, and prioritize copywriting (where the conversion happens) as an afterthought. This is a mistake, as it isn’t enough to simply get visitors to your site – you’ve also got to give them a compelling reason to stick around and engage with your business.

But don’t let me be the one to convince you of the importance of properly-designed landing pages. Instead, consider the following statistics from Jessica Maher, writing for Hubspot Blog: “Surprisingly, studies show that the average conversion rate for a website is between 1% and 3%, which means it’s only converting a teeny tiny portion of site traffic. A landing page is a crucial must-have for any website because it provides a targeted platform for converting higher percentages of visitors into leads. In fact, landing pages have a 5-15% conversion rate on average.

Yet they are often overshadowed by a homepage or other product pages.”

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

How to Build a Perfect Landing Page

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page


Landing Page Categories When you embark on designing your perfect landing page, you can intuitively choose between two types of landing page depending on your objectives and your business model. Both types are important and widely used by online businesses. 1. The “Click-Through” Landing Page “Click-through” landing pages are pages designed specifically to serve as “intermediaries” before a decisive step such as adding a product to your shopping cart, subscribing to a something, or selling a service.

Very useful, they are used to “warm up” visitors to the page to qualify them as much as possible before converting them into a customer.

They can be used in e-commerce to qualify visitors before suggesting adding a product to their cart to reduce the abandon rate. 2. The “Lead Generation” Landing Page

A lead generation landing page serves to gather information from potential customers, called “leads” or “prospects”.

Naturally, it contains a form (e-mail, name, telephone number are the typical fields) preceded by a sales pitch or a striking value proposition.

Another essential aspect of this landing page, the consideration is a service or a product that you offer to your visitors in exchange for their information.

 4 How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

The first thing you’ll want to consider is what specific information to include on your page. A landing page isn’t the place to tell your visitors about everything you’ve ever done with your business or to introduce them to your top content, social networking site profiles and other resources. Instead, a landing page should be composed of one single call to action and very little else.

To create the perfect landing page, start by asking yourself the following questions:
 ● Where did my visitor come from? Social media visitors should have different landing pages than PPC visitors, and so on. Also take into consideration the text you use to refer visitors from these sources to your site, as it’s important to meet visitors’ expectations when they land on your pages.
 ● What types of visitors do I receive from this traffic source? Do you know anything about their demographics based on where they came from? Do these visitors have some familiarity with your brand based on the originating source, or will your landing page be their first exposure to you and your business? Understanding more about who your visitors are and what they know about you will help you decide what pieces of content to include? 
● What do I want these visitors to do? Whether you want the visitors who arrive on your landing pages to opt-in to your email list, download a free report, buy a product or take some other action, it’s important to understand what one thing you expect your visitors to do. Structure your landing page around this one action and eliminate distractions that will pull your readers away from achieving this goal.

Once you have a general idea of who your visitors are and what type of landing page environment will be best for them, it’s time to build your page!

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

What are the characteristics of a perfect Cash Cow landing page?

A perfect landing page has several well-defined specific characteristics that set it apart from a simple web page or a blog post, for example. 1. A Value Proposition 2. Straight to the Point 3. Limited Navigation 4. Sharing Options 5. Social Proof 6. Forms 7. Continuous Optimization 8. A Relevant Call-to-Action

A relevant call-to-action is one of the most important elements in a landing page, it could make or break your landing page… which is why I’ll be elaborating on CTAs on the next page.

How you tell your customer or audience to take action, is one of the most important things in constructing your Cash Cow landing page.  In the next page you get step by step guide on how to instruct your audience like a Pro

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

Your call to action should feature the following five elements only: 
1 – One headline, either touting the benefit of your landing page’s objective (for example, “Download this free white paper now and discover how to save money on your next industry purchase”) or demonstrating how pain will be avoided by following the landing page’s advice (as in, “Don’t miss out on valuable advice – click now to download your free report!”). 
2 – A brief description that expands on the benefits of your product or service and gives readers additional information on why following through is so important. 
3 – Supporting images or video files that visually demonstrate the benefits of your landing page’s offering and subconsciously structures the page towards conversions. One particularly powerful technique is to use images of faces whose lines of sight are pointed at your conversion form or opt-in button, as readers’ attention naturally follows these images’ eyes. 
4 – Testimonials, security badges or other graphics that provide proof and support for the claims made in your call to action. 5 – An opt-in form, download button or other “clickable” feature that allows users to follow through on your request.

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

As you begin drafting your landing page according to these criteria, it’s also important to integrate good copywriting and sales practices into your text and graphics choices. Consider the following recommendations on how to ensure that the content of your landing page is as compelling as its structure: 
● A powerful headline is a must. Remember that you have a limited amount of time to capture your visitors’ attention, so your headline must be intriguing enough to encourage them to explore your landing page further. Use split tests to find the most effective headline possible for your landing page. 
“Free” always sells. So if you’re offering something for free on your landing page, be sure to make that clean and prominent. Other lists of powerful words to integrate into your copy can be found by searching

How to Build a Cash Cow Landing Page

Google for “powerful sales words”. 
● Use correct spelling and grammar. Think of your landing page as your first impression to a visitor. If you stumbled onto a site that was chock full of language errors, would you trust the company enough to follow through on its call to action? Take the time to proofread your landing pages for errors before releasing them to the world.

If it sounds like a lot of work to set up these specific landing pages for every type of visitor that comes across your site, that’s because it is. However, when used correctly, landing pages can be tremendously powerful in boosting your conversions and – consequently – your profits. So give landing pages a try – chances are you’ll find them to be an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business.

If you do all of these things, chances are excellent that you will begin seeing a boost in the performance of your landing pages.   
● Improve and maintain trust 
● Be absolutely clear and consistent 
● Deliver on what you promised 
● Make it easy to Cash In