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This beautiful collection of texts can bring something so deep to those who read them. 

You will see that they were taken from videos or live meetings that happened with Sarkhân. 

We try to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. If you pay attention, you can find many layers of wisdom and transformational suggestions that direct you to recognize, once and for all, your divine nature. 

I hope you find this helpful and insightful. The more open one is, the words that come from the deepest possible love will begin to grow within a pure heart and in no time the reality of the Self will reveal itself for enjoyment.

Humility, openness and the desire to remember one's true identity will be the fire that dissolves all limitations.

Break free from the jaws of time and space. 

Wake up and Roar!

Wake up to Roar


“In the Reality of the Self there is no perception, nor the one who perceives, nor what is perceived. That does not exist!
The Reality of Self is more in terms of Being / I am and not even that exists, but I tell you, it is more focused in terms of that and it is not like that either, but it is, for example: The Self is not the one who perceives the phenomenon of perception, It IS the phenomenon of perception, it is not that the phenomenon of perception "exists", but the experience is I AM the phenomenon of perception and I AM what is perceived, and these does not exist, it is a way of saying it. This does not exist!
In the Reality of the Being there is not even the I AM, that is why it is very complicated, it is more towards there than the other, that is why the invitation is always, whatever happens, let it happen, however it happens, if something is revealed, good, if nothing is revealed, good, you don't fight/you don't accept, you don't accept/you don't fight, you don't reject, you don't seek, nothing...
It Is What It Is, It Is What It Is and every time there is a totally wide openness of what Is, without preferences, without conclusions, without definitions or locations, suddenly there is something that is the only Real thing that has Ever existed that is self-evident, and it is very complicated to express it. Because whatever one expresses is a definition, an explanation of something that is not something.

Wake up to Roar

The Reality of the Being will never be a something, it will never be a something, if there is something, you open yourself, perfect, you do not fight, you do not reject or deny it or do anything, you remain silent, in Silence, simply Attentive.
But if perceptions exist, it is because there is someone who perceives, and the one who perceives at some point will have to be transcend, and it is very easy, you cannot be any phenomenon of any kind, any clarity of any kind, any action of any kind, no intention of any kind, no process, not even a happening, you cannot be in the happening.
Your true nature does not perceive a happening either, your true nature IS EVERYTHING.”
- Sarkhân

Without Filters or Identity. May 01, 2022.

Wake up to Roar


“What happens in front of you is irrelevant, it has nothing to contribute to you. Zero importance what happens in front of you.
The question is:
Who is that one to whom things are presented?
Obviously, one can say that I am presented with thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, ideas, notions, concepts, things that happen in front of oneself; experiences, senses of all kinds, things that happen in front of you.

And we have believed, and we have concluded in some area of this range of experiences, that some of this has to do with you or defines you. 

Some of what is presenting itself to you, at very subtle levels, defines who you are. Believe me when I say that you will never be able to be an object of perception. 

And that's what's interesting about this, is that, if one begins to mature or clear up, there is a point where there is something in you that says:
- ‘I cannot be something that happens in front of me that can say who I am really. An idea, a concept, a feeling, or any kind of notion.’

Wake up to Roar

Because if one pays attention, it remains something recognizing something deeper that passes in front of itself. Objects of perception.
And one can play with objects of perception for a long time and fall into the lie that some object of perception or some phenomenon of perception says something about me, and that is where the duality and the fantasy begin.
So, that's why my only interest here is you, not what happens in front of you."
- Sarkhan
Live Event – Something that recognizes Everything

Wake up to Roar


“We don't get the simplicity of this, do you understand me? Because that is not you, and you constantly validate it, name it, attribute it to yourself, and this is the filter for everything.
Who is this one that is constantly interpreting what Life is, what Life is not, what it looks like, what it feels like, how it should feel, what is important, what is not important, what is it all about?
In other words, there is someone who is constantly couching and narrating everything, filtering everything. About learned concepts, things or interpretations that are heard about me; he assigns them to himself, tries to learn them, apply them and replicate them, as if he knows where he is going, and what this is all about, and there he is constantly in conflict. Between what I lack, what I need, and I let go and grab and clear myself and whatever, no!
So, the Message is not really understood, the direction is not really understood. The ideas are understood probably, they help understand in some way or at some level, but the words that come out of my mouth and where they are pointing are misunderstood, and then the physical character who is speaking right now is also misunderstood, for example. So, you really lose the direction, the pointing.

Wake up to Roar

An example that clarifies it is that, if I point my finger at the moon, you stay on the finger. You analyze the finger, you apply the finger, you interpret the finger, instead of just taking it as pointer towards something majestic and beautiful. And that's where people get lost, they constantly analyze the finger, relate to the finger. What it points to, what is said, all of this is a constant filter.
There are people who believe that they are very clear about what the finger is and believe that this is already an Awakening. Is incredible! But they do it about the finger, no! Instead of where it is pointing to, what it is about, look closely at where it is actually pointing in reality.
And if one tries to understand, apply, replicate, do, not do from the self, from the understanding of the self, from the concepts from the ‘I’, from the accumulation of knowledge of the self, accumulation in terms of concepts, ideas, notions, interpretations, etc. It is impossible, it will never happen.
It is the absence of the false self, the ‘I’, that begins to clarify the game. Not the me understanding things, not the ‘I-me’ relating to things, not the me doing, not the ‘I’ trying to see how not to do, not the one that is going to arrive. That's a maze with no way out, it's never going to happen."
- Sarkhan
The Gate of Being / 1 - June – 22

Wake up to Roar


“The relationship between the Self and the ego does not exist, that does not exist, the relationship between the Self and the ego does not exist.
The Self has no relationship with anyone, okay! I'm going to clear it up.
The purest truth is that only the Self exists, and the Self is not related to anyone or anything because two things do not exist, the Self does not exist exploring itself, that is a lie, that does not exist. Because if not, you are adding a phenomenon to something… you are already adding elements, phenomena, circumstances, connections, doings. If you bring any quality to the experience of any kind, you are already adding things and you cannot avoid that if you add something, it does not enter all the dance of trying, of distance, of going here, going there...
The moment you introduce something, the labyrinth dance is immediate. On a second the labyrinth manifests itself, the moment you bring something to the game or to the dance.
So, in the Purest Truth it is that there is no dance, the Self is not playing with itself, that is a way of saying something very beautiful to the mystery of what exists, but, as I have said several times, they are all references, points of view, angles that are trying to take you to the purest aspect, to the purest reality, which is YOU.

Wake up to Roar

After all, you are already That. You are the purest, the most beautiful, the most gorgeous, the most expanded, you are already That, you are already That, and nothing else exists.
That and something else does not exist, you and one more experience, you to discover something else, you discovering more, all that does not exist honestly, the Self is not discovering anything, the Self has nothing to do with it, the Self does not have to let go nothing, the Self is no longer complete, the Self is not having fun with itself, all these are notions that can only be explained within the panorama of the mind, only the mind can launch these things due to its misunderstanding or due to its total disconnection from reality. To put it one way.
So ultimately the only thing that exists is the Self and seriously there is nothing else, the game does not exist, the Self does not exist playing, there is nothing honestly, it is an eternal, absolute, an Infinite Void where there is nothing more than That.
Now, That's always the only thing that Is and it's always going to be That in anyway.

I always come to this, because it is important not to reach conclusions, to put it one way, really the only thing that exists is the Being, nothing else exists, then neither the ego, nor the discoveries, nor the levels, nor I'm here, I'm not there, I haven't let go, I haven't gone… all of that honestly doesn't exist, all of that remains within misunderstanding, within the aspect of duality, that duality doesn't honestly exist either, but you can't know that it doesn't it exists until you actually realize it doesn't exist.

Wake up to Roar

That's the funny thing about this mysterious dance, one supposes, one intuits that there is something more, but, what is this that says there is something more? Is that when your mind or your heart says that there is something more? Are you walking away or fleeing from something that is less? Something that is inferior? Something that is not complete? Anything that needs to be improved? And that is total ignorance, because we are adding or proposing or suggesting that the Infinite has shortcomings, it lacks something, or that It does not pay attention somewhere, It needs to improve in some aspect, and that is important to recognize because the Infinite really, if you see it in this way it has no lacks of any kind, and there is nothing that is wrong or that is less or there is something that is more, that does not exist. Only this exists within the perspective of the ignorant mind or the dualistic mind, only one divided mind can perceive division, only the ego can perceive the ego and the Self, the ego and the relationship with Being, the Self with the ego, only the mind can create that division and those distances and those forms.
And that is important to recognize because then, what happens?

This invites you, plants you, challenges you so that any filament, concept, idea, notion... collapses and you cannot allow something to block the purity of who you are, the purity of life, the purity of this moment.
That's the simplest way, honestly, if you drop any notion, any distance, any relationship of me to something, of that to me, if you drop any assumption that something exists, and I'm not even talking about two things, even that there is such a thing, if you really let go, ignore and ignore the notion that there is only one thing even, called the Self and you are left in Absolute Emptiness with no interpretation of anything. This really reveals what this is all about.”
- Sarkhan / Ego-Self meeting - January 01, 2021

Wake up to Roar


"That which cannot be described,
that which cannot be explained,
that which cannot be found,
that which cannot be felt,
experienced, located, definite…

That's what You are!
It has always been you! 
The point is that you realize that everything that happens in front of you never has anything to do with you, nothing to do with you!

If you pay attention to what I tell you, 
automatically all the lies begin to fall...
the suffering disappears, automatically,
because it requires an 'I' that suffers,
an experiencing 'I' is required,
it requires an 'I' that sees this,
an 'I' that goes to the future is required,
or does it require a 'I-me' that was in the past experiencing these things,
or there is even an 'I', which is in the present, 
experiencing the present as it is!

There is still an 'I'!

Wake up to Roar

And that 'I-me' is not you, you will never be able to be that 'I' that is conditioned to object-space-time-consciousness, with this juggling or this malleability of experimental or sensory subtleties.

That's why the game is very intimate here, something very, very intimate is invited, that challenges you, and that's good,
that's good because what’s been challenged are your limitations,
your beliefs, your ideas, your notion of who you think you are.

Automatically the moment a lie is presented, a lot of truth is revealed, 
the moment a false notion is revealed to you, a false conclusion, 
a lot of truth is automatically revealed and in that revelation of more truth or more light there is more lightness, 
more freedom, 
more expansion, 
more naturalness, 
more authenticity, 
because finally you do not pay attention to those lies that they claim that they apply to you. 

And that is the beauty of all this! 

Discover the Witness behind the 'I'."

- Sarkhan

Spanish Meeting of June 15, 2022.

Wake up to Roar


“The ego will never be able to do something to rest in the Self, it is impossible.

The ego cannot decide to rest in the Self. You can practice and do whatever it takes so at some point you rest in observance, but it's not going to happen. 

And that's where a little confusion lies. 

True observance is when and because you exist, you are always already witnessing and observing. 

The fact is that you are always witnessing and observing, so it is impossible for this not to happen, but where does the game of duality and illusion begin? 

It is when the sensation or the notion of 'I am', 'I realize', 'I think', 'I identify myself' arises spontaneously, that is the first link, the primary filter that starts everything. 

That 'I am', that 'I am-ness'; That's where the game of the mind begins, the ego, everything, because there has to be someone who is, who is aware and who identifies with something. 

Only consciousness can be identified with something, total unconsciousness cannot be identified with anything at all, because there are no elements of perception, consciousness is asleep. So, consciousness is the only thing that can be identified with things. 

Wake up to Roar

Therefore, my game is to invite you to discover that you are not consciousness. 

Because I can assure you that at some point you will realize the following: 

You are the Self beyond all. 

In life you have never identified with anything, that does not exist. 

It is impossible for you to identify yourself with anything at all.”

- Sarkhan
Monthly meeting of the 15 in Spanish

Wake up to Roar


“We are going to do a small difference in our exploration:
One is the experience that most people can access to, (which is the experience of consciousness) it is much easier to access the experience of consciousness of:
I realize, challenges, let go, I expand, I become, it becomes easy, it becomes difficult, I leave, I return, I leave with many thoughts, I do not leave with thoughts...
In other words, all of these are qualities of consciousness! Because, well, you are becoming aware, you are recognizing that things are happening, and that playing field is like this, it does not end, it continues; this always has the possibility of expanding new experiences, new learning.
This can be explained very simply. If you don't know how to drive a car, go to some driving classes tomorrow and you'll be learning. And that's the game of consciousness, there's always the possibility of exploring new adventures, okay!

Here the important thing is that you realize the following:

Who you are doesn't need to see anything!

Wake up to Roar

Who you are does not become, or improve, or let’s go, or acknowledge anything!

That's another game that's a little deeper which is more transcendent than consciousness. 

Consciousness has its games and is playing alone, with its infinite forms. 

The witness of consciousness is not playing! 

It is just noticing a happening. And what about this? 

That, the one who Witness, is the True Seer! The True Seer never undergoes any change, reaction or modification... since nothing that happens to him in front of him happens to him. 

To put it one way!

So, the Self never expands, the Self is never clarified, the Self has nothing to do with it, or transcend, improve, or perpetuate, nothing... zero. 

That is consciousness playing, molding itself, transforming itself, do you understand me? 

It is consciousness! and it is important to generate both distinctions.

When the true distinction is generated that you do not suffer any modification or alteration in relation to anything, there is automatically freedom and then there is no difference between consciousness and you.

Wake up to Roar

But they are no longer external movements to you, or external phenomena to you, but everything is you. It's all you after all!
But you cannot realize that you are everything, because you do not even realize that you are, I tell you that they are only points of view or directions because the Self does not realize that it is everything.
Because realizing that it is everything means that it needs consciousness to realize something. Then we are implying that the Self has a limitation, a lack, that does not exist.
The Self does not need, IT IS.”

- Sarkhân 

Meeting in Spanish on August 01, 2022 - Laugh at the game

Wake up to Roar


The last meeting, I stayed with the spiritual ego.
And I would like to go a little deeper into this topic. Because sometimes I have been told that spiritual maturity is important, but somehow, I have also noticed that spiritual maturity is there, but I have also noticed that perhaps at the same level, what is this maturity is that ego, okay.
So that's where I stayed a bit, like: hum. Yes?
And then on the other hand; the act of acting, right? taking action. Sometimes it's hard for me to act on something, okay. And in other times not!
At moment I start to act and do something, and it’s amazing, that's brutal! What comes out of it this is incredible! But the opposite happens to me too, that I stop acting, and the same thing happens, incredibly, but in a not very pleasant state. Is this understood?
So, of course, I've been like this for a long time, and that's good! I let everything be how it has to be and if it has to go I let it go, and if not, no. I do it with a lot of patience within this game, but in reality, there comes a point where I say: hey!

Yes, a lot of patience, but something I will have to do! Because I can't go on like this! Nope?

Wake up to Roar

So, well; I do not know to what extent, perhaps, there is a spiritual ego in this of acting or not acting, in doing or not doing.


- Okay, let's go step by step, one is the spiritual ego in relation to spiritual maturity, right?

Within the game of consciousness, because after all, I can only talk about the game of consciousness, the spiritual, the non-spiritual, spiritual maturity, spiritual non-maturity, all of this is within the layer or the envelope of consciousness. Only consciousness goes through these phenomena, transformations and perspectives of all kinds.

Obviously, the spiritual only exists in consciousness, if there is no consciousness, how do you define what is spiritual and what is not spiritual? If there is no awareness, how can you define where you are in terms of your maturity or immaturity?

Do you understand me?

If you remove the consciousness of ‘I am’, automatically none of that applies, none of that exists; Absolute Emptiness. Because there is no one who can define, interpret, position, improve, etc. Capisci?

Wake up to Roar

The other point of view that is sometimes is important to clarify is that, yes you are right, in terms of that phenomenal game of consciousness, there is the appearance of maturity and immaturity, for example, right?
And in that appearance of maturity and immaturity there is still an ego, as long as the individual exists with the interpretation that he exists, with the concept that he exists, there is an ego.
This individual is apparently dissolving his learnings, and that appearance of dissolving learnings or concepts generates the appearance of humility.
But the appearance of humility is still opposed to the opposite of humility, which is arrogance. Get it?
And this is where the game is important to clarify or address."

- Sarkhân

Spanish Satsang of September 1st – Maturity and Immaturity

Wake up to Roar


“You don't need to wake up, you don't need to get clarity on anything, nothing!

You are something that is already complete. 

Of course, until that happens, you honor whatever you are playing, honor it, enjoy it, this is valid. 

IT deserves to be recognized, It deserves to be loved, praised, cared for, respected, however you decide, -that's how it was for me- I had my reasons why I kept playing certain games that were already a little bit outdated, but there were things I had to see yet, and I was aware that there were things I needed to discover, not the highest Truth, because I was not ready to see the highest Truth yet. 

But then, I was ready for something very important that I had to discover in my experience, and for me it was seeing those traps, for me the last ones I needed to see were all those spiritual traps that exist in the spiritual game: consciousness, emptiness, the witness, witnessing, awareness, clarity, all those things I did not see that they were traps but I needed to see, I still needed to see for it to be my own experience and to be able to help others. 

Now I see who are in those traps simply because I went through those traps, the reason is that I was able to break through them, that's why I went through those experiences. For me there was a will of my own to continue in the illusion - look - there was the:

Wake up to Roar

‘I get into the illusion and I don’t get out of the illusion until it is really necessary to get out of the Illusion – and for me the last traps were the spiritual ones; all the ones I just commented on, and once I saw the last one I said: look! It is done! And it was like this: Now! Bye, bye! The spiritual veil was broken.
So, I can see in myself that there was a reason for how the process took place, to realize that there is no process, that it was all a laugh, a joke, but I had to realize it. That's how it was for me, maybe for you it will be different, I don't know, and that's the beauty of you guys going so deep inside, by exploring, discovering and honoring it.
That today I decided something that does not give me much? Perfect, you become aware and then comes a decision of something that gives you more or wiser decisions and the game begins to be clearer for you.

On the other hand, there comes a point where you do not make decisions and that is true, it is the Self that decides everything, you have never been there to decide anything, it has never been like that, it is the Self that decides everything at all levels. The Self is playing alone, alone without anyone or anything. The Self does not take into account the opinion of anyone, or the wishes of anyone, why? Because there is no one, it is only Him playing with Himself, all the roles, at all levels, all the appearances, all by Himself, then it is His own decision, without decision without intention, simply as He Is, and that is what makes everything is so magnificent, so beautiful, so sacred, so mysterious, but you realize that if you pay attention, on all levels you have never been anything. One believes that one has, and that belief generates a disaster.

Wake up to Roar

But notice the funny thing about this: even the one who believes that he has his own decision is the Self playing to pretend that He believes that He has his own decision and when apparently it is a disaster, it is the Self playing to discover and explore disasters. Incredible.

That makes you see again that everything you see that you think and decide is not you.

Where are you going and where do you believe and where did you go and where are you going, it is not you, it is always the Self, always, everything is the Self, and here comes the good news!

If this is true, it means that you are the Self.

The Self is infinite, loving, calm, he has no limits of any kind, he has no deficiencies of any kind, he does not need to convert, improve, clarify, It Is Everything.

Something already complete, unique, about itself, in itself, and that is You!

So that's good news!

Other good news, that I like that sometimes people do not understand them, for example, in today's meeting I have spoken from different eyes, points of view or perspectives, for example.

Many people in the spiritual game fight or get angry or uncomfortable that I speak from different perspectives because there is only one perspective, that of the Self, right?

Wake up to Roar

There is only the Self and there is neither you nor me, and that is true.

But there comes a point where a greater reality comes, which is revealed, and there are times when the ego cannot stand it or cannot access it because for that there must be an absence of self, and that is, for example, the whole meeting that I have spoken about today, all the points of view apply to you - look - absolutely all of them, the point of view that apparently thoughts exist, because you are everything, and you are everywhere, it applies to you.

The point of view where nothing and no one exists, what do you think? It applies to you too.

The experience that only the Self exists applies to you.

The experience that there is apparently no Self applies to you.

The appearance that according to you, you are stressed about something and the appearance that according to you became de-stressed and lived in fullness and in peace, all of these apply to you too.

All, everything.

Absolutely everything and all at the same time.


Because you are in all eyes, you are in all experiences, everything you see is a part of your infinity, EVERYTHING.

Wake up to Roar

So why reject a point of view? If each point of view is you, look:

‘The angry, the lazy, the arrogant, the materialistic, the humble, the wise, the teacher, the student, the absence of those things, the absence of everything, everything applies to you.’

Because it is Infinity playing with itself.”

- Sarkhan

Spanish Meeting of August 15, 2022 – 1st Part

Wake up to Roar


“That's why I'm also open to talk about everything.
Because you are the ant, because you are the sun, because you are space, because you are dirt, because you are smog, because you are the beautiful fragrances of flowers, you are EVERYTHING.
And everything deserves reverence, love, respect, and its place, that's why I'm open to talk about everything.
Because I know that you are everything, the difference is, even though you are everything, do not allow what is presented in front of you pretend to be everything, because this will deceive your Totality.
All that is presented are infinite parts of your infinity, but not the whole or the source of the Infinity, which are very different things. That's why you resonate, that's why you... that's why it's hard to get out of the Illusion because you can't separate the illusion from yourself. Because the illusion is you.
That's why it's difficult.
How do you separate the water and oil?
How do you separate salt from sugar?

Wake up to Roar

If you put them together is difficult, there is no reason to create separation, you just have to create the distinction between the totality of your Being and the infinite expression of your Being, which are two things in one.

Here is the game, here is the dance.

That's why everything deserves to be respected, loved, everything has its place, but don't let everything that has its place deceive you.

Because it's something I've told someone, I don't remember who it was; I told him: it's that you don't have to treat what happens in front of you as something less, if it's you!


Are you going to reject God manifested before you?

No, you can't, that's arrogance, but you can reject it on the following: that what happens in front of you can't reveal the whole of You. Only on that!

You go to the bathroom and you see yourself in front of the mirror, and the mirror cannot reveal the totality of who you are, it cannot!

The mirror does not show you your dreams, your talents, your experiences, your memories, your aspirations, it cannot reflect it, no mirror can reflect that.

So, any mirror, whatever you look at can only reveal something about you, but not the whole of you.

Wake up to Roar

In that sense it is the only way in which you take distance from life and from what is in front of you or what is presented in front of you. Only in terms of not revealing who You truly are.

Nothing that happens in front of you can reveal who you are, it is impossible - the totality of who You are -. Only in that, in everything else everything is you!

So, you deserve your respect, your love, your care, your serenity, everything! 

And it is very easy when you do not accept the ‘I-me-ness’ as you do. 

That ‘I’ is the first step, the filter of everything, that false self that pretends to be you, which is made up of a concept, an idea, notion, sensation and confirmation of being. 

You do not need confirmation that you are, you do not need it, you are and BECAUSE YOU ARE EVERYTHING IS. 

Consciousness is because you are, then, consciousness or its whole game depends on You, you do not depend on consciousness.

There are people who say:

It is that I have to realize that I exist, or I realized that I exist; and that is a dependency on consciousness so you can recognize yourself.

Why would you want to recognize yourself?

For what?

Wake up to Roar

About what?


To Whom?...

And there he is, the little ghost there playing and hiding in the least expected place, - in your selfhood, your I-ness - pretending to be you.

If you don't validate, you don't name, you don't conceptualize, nothing. If you don't even pay attention to the self-validation of existing and you really stay silent, quiet, attentive, it's much easier to understand what I'm talking about.

But if there is a self-filtering, understanding, analyzing, even sensing, you cannot reach the depth of what I am talking about. 

It is the absence of that "I" that understands, that analyzes, that intuits, it is the absence of this "I" that reveals deeper levels of true understanding, and that understanding is what makes this happen, if there is something that has to be revealed it is revealed, if there is something that has to be healed, it is healed… for the game of life, not for you. 

You don't need to heal yourself, or let go, or clarify yourself, none of that.

In the game of the expression of your infinity it is expressed in creation, in manifestation, yes, in this 'I' can go through learning experiences; very easy to explain: you want to learn to play an instrument, well, you go and take classes.

Your body-mind-expression has the ability to learn things, but what does that have to do with you?

Wake up to Roar

Who you are cannot… can never go through a process of more or less.

Your Being does not need nor is going to learn anything new, your true Being does not need to learn anything new or unlearn the old, that is nothing more than the small character-body-individual that has to interact with the world, and that one comes here to experience certain necessary things, you are the Witness of that experience, you are not that experience, you are not involved in that experience, you are not in the body, nor in the story, nor in the past, nor in the future, nor in what happens , you are the Witness of every event, and every event is not happening to you. It is happening in front of you and you are at every level.

You are that silent-free, complete and full Witness. It has always been like this. And from there have fun, have fun, because it's a pretty crazy show, which you have created. And then you complain! (laughs)

That's what's funny! - No, it's because I don't want this! –

- Well, why have you created? If all that exists is an impulse of internal desires of yours.

Now play, have fun, pay attention, break the mirage and all events become glorious. Every event, every circumstance is wonderful, everything!”

- Sarkhân

Extract from the spanish meeting of August 15 - Second part

Wake up to Roar


“Every event, every circumstance is wonderful!


Thought is beautiful!

The absence of thoughts is beautiful!

The appearance that thoughts exist is beautiful!

The existence or the reality that thoughts have never existed is beautiful!

Infinity playing with infinity! 

The appearance that a self exists! 

The appearance that there has never been a self! 

The reality that there has never been a self! 

The real perspective that according to reality there is only The Self! 

Can you see it? 

Notice this! The Infinite playing with itself. What beauty!

Wake up to Roar

Just don't give so much absolutism to any perspective, just laugh, play, open up, flow, whatever, just don't lose sight of the real game.
The real game is that you remain the Self, without knowing that you are the Self, nor validating that you are the Self.
Free, something already free!
And the rest is aligned, arranged, clarified and that is Peace, that is tranquility, that is serenity, when you are simply in the naturalness of existing.
Without pretending to be something nor try to achieve something, nor confuse with something, nor reject thoughts, nor accept, neither stay present, nor stay attentive.
What for?

That's for the little ghost, you are not the little ghost, this is good news:
You are never going to be ego, you have never been ego, in terms of who you are, there will come a point and you will see that you are also the ego, you are everything! Absolutely everything!

But when it is revealed that you are absolutely everything, nothing rules you, nothing tames you, controls or binds you.

Wake up to Roar

For example, imagine; we all have fingers, hands and feet, they are tools to experience the world, right? I am aware that I can use my hand to use the spoon, it is a tool that I can use at will, the ego is a tool to explore, to simplify some aspects and some sensory mental processes of decision in terms of practicality, it is one more tool, non-existent, but it is a tool.
When you recognize that the ego does not exist as your identity, and it is a concept that only reveals mental, psychological, sensory processes for interaction with the world, and that is attributed to mind, ego, etc. Then it no longer controls you, it no longer makes you fall into pain, into stress, into confusion, no more!
But that is because you think you are 'that' (ego), but you have never been 'that', it is one more tool that the body and life have.
Just like intuition is part of life and it has nothing to do with you.
Attention is part of life, you need attention to drive a car, but what does it have to do with you?
What does attention have to do with your identity?

Consciousness, the notion of space and time have their place in the game of life, to arrive early to a meeting, so that I can be here with you, but what does that have to do with oneself?

That is where all confusion and hypnotism need to be completely separated.

It has absolutely nothing to do with you! Anything at all! - in terms of who you are - in other terms, everything has its place where everything is, no more than that.

Wake up to Roar

That is why here the invitation is only to discover who you are, the rest is accommodated, clarified, and your action or no action or happening is much more natural, more obvious, less stressful, less conflictive, perfect, healthy, sacred, beautiful.
And that is the opportunity here, that you finally live from who you are DESTINED TO LIVE,
which is the Self walking,
the Self listening,
the Self seeing,
the Self speaking,
the Self playing,
the Self dancing,
Not 'that' little individual who believes that he is part of the whole, that does not exist, the Self is everything and that is the total-complete experience and That Is You. The rest is a fantasy, an instant of confusion and that's it, but that's how powerful an instant of fantasy is, because it is the Infinite playing with itself and in an instant, it can generate galaxies -in an instant- galaxies of experiences, that is why it is very important to always come back to you.
Who am I? In every instant.

Who is that one? 

From where do ‘I’ perceive? 

Who is that one that, to whom...?

Wake up to Roar

And that starts to push you and take you deeper into something very natural, authentic and real.
The only real thing is the Self, the rest is fantasy, there is nothing more than the Self alone… you are That, you have always been That. Something complete.

When you don't know or ignore what I say, then comes the stress, the confusion, the fight, the anger. Simply because you fell into the trap that: ‘I am that individual’ with perspectives, opinions, desires; as if it were you.
Everything has its place, opinions have their place too, points of view have their place, but there is a point where they no longer have their place and that is when they interrupt the flow of Being, and that’s where is no longer acceptable.
No more.
And now it's your turn to play explore, and have fun!
See where you fell into a trap and…. do you understand me?

-Oh look! Here I did not fall into the little trap because it was clear to me- well, good!

Wake up to Roar

And that begins to be done naturally and clearly….

I reiterate…

You are here to live your own experience of the REALITY OF YOU.

And when that begins to become more and more obvious and more powerful, there is no superhuman power that can alter or modify it or make you doubt it.

It is impossible!"

- Sarkhan
Excerpt from the Spanish Meeting of August 15 - Third part

Wake up to Roar


“A little while ago I told one of my friends - and just to finish -
I told him:
If you knew that you are a Lion, literal, a Lion or Lioness, as you want to see it, and suddenly a little mouse arrives to make you angry (looking for trouble), you laugh!
And you say:
- Mmm… OK!
And the little mouse can be there saying, yelling… only than if the little mouse makes you angry, he is going to urinate on himself, because you know who you are. So, if you see it like this, then don't listen to the ego.
Treat thoughts like little mice, treat the 'I' like a little mouse. You have never been a little mouse, you let them screech or do: fsfsfsfsfs (or how they do it, I don't know how little mice do it, I know that cat’s meow, but the little mice God knows how they say they do), but it is that, if you knew who you really are, and believe me YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you would not pay attention to the 'I', nor to the thoughts, nor to the emotions, never you would be in conflict. In fact, you would be calm, royal, like a lion, a lioness, so calm, powerful, serene… let the thoughts say what they say:

Wake up to Roar

It's okay!

That emotions:

It's okay!


It's okay!

What and why do you worry?

You are Untouchable. 

That's the truth! 

You have always been something untouchable. 

But not believing this, then total disaster! 

Even believing so is also a total disaster. 

Do not believe anything at all and that's It. 


Liberating, liberating, liberating.
So, have fun, they are all little gifts, just go within.

Wake up to Roar


Discover that one.

Who is this one behind all the layers of experience? The mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the perspective… who is the One behind everything?

Your true gaze, your true eyes, and That One will never fall for a deception, he has never fallen for any deception. That One knows that he Is without knowing that he Is, without the need to know, he simply Is. 

That's how powerful It Is. 

You Are That Which Is, not the one who pretends to be that he is. 

And this one who pretends to be the one he is, is the craziest ghost of all, this is the good thing that you are not that one, this is why is so easy. 

That's why this is to easy… don't follow any intention, no desire, no objective, don't deal with anything, don't claim anything, don't hold onto anything... just empty, attentive, Absolute Silence, like that, and that's where it happens, all is clear. 

In Absolute Surrender, in Absolute Silence, the Absolute Void, is what makes it easy, the rest makes it very complex.

What the mind says:
‘I already asked the question.’

Wake up to Roar

Then do it again, ignore it.
‘There is no ego.’
‘If there is no ego why do I ask the question?’
Pay no attention.
You explore how it comes to you, do not listen to the mental coach who is telling you:
- I already did
- Should not
- But you said
- You did not say
Don't listen to this one, listen to YOU.

You are here to master or listen to yourself or wake up BEFORE YOU AS YOU.

Wake up to Roar

Don't listen to his ego and his opinions, and suddenly it loses strength, or something becomes clear, and sometimes it's like that… sometimes it's like that, everything has its place, everything has its place. 

That seems impossible, that's good. 

That seems difficult, that's good. 

That seems easy, that's good. 

That seems simple, that's good. 

Who does the comparisons? 

Who says what is good, what is bad, what is better? 

Who? Who? Who? Who is the filter of everything?

The one who compares, the one who says, the one who listens, the one who challenges. 

Who is that one? 

And suddenly the little ghost and freedom is revealed! 

That's how simple it is, that's how simple it has always been and will be."

- Sarkhan
Spanish Satsang of August 15, 2022 - 4th part.

Wake up to Roar


“Why would you want to be present? What is the need?
Why would you want to control your thoughts? What is the need?
Why tame the Ego? What is the need?
Why be attentive and aware? What is the need?
You have to get clear because then you discover hidden things that have hidden intentions.
What is the need?
Where is the why?
What is the hidden desire behind it all?
… Get it?
And this clears things up a lot.

Get clarity of understanding that there is something that gets clarified, and that thing that is clarified is not You.
You don't need to clarify yourself, YOU are already whole, in terms of your identity, in terms of the highest, the brightest, the purest, the deepest game.

Wake up to Roar

In other terms, you can clarify things for sure. You can clarify that tomorrow you want to go to the beach, or to the forest, you can clarify that, no problem, or eat anchovies or salad. You can clarify this understanding without a problem, but in the simplest game and the deeper you go, there you cannot clarify yourself.
Because if you imply this, it comes from the suggestion that there is a part of you that is not clear. So, we are talking about the false self. The false self has parts that are not clear, do you follow?
Some parts that you want to clarify, ok.
But you are not the false self.
Here is the bad news for those who believe that they are going to discover who the Self is, because the Self, the true Self, is not to be discovered, it is not an object, it is not something that is missing, it is not something that according to your needs or something that is requires or something that at some point requires fixing, healing, purifying… no! That is the false self looking from other faces.
Resting, discovering, emptying… even emptying is the false self.
The one who is preparing to discover the reality of the Self is also false, the one who is discovering the reality of the Self is also false, the one who is about to discover the reality of the Self is also false, all of that is within the Great Illusion, because as there is me and something else, me in relation to something else, me with something in terms of: I recognize, I see, I witness, I discover, I experience… me and something, me and something.

Wake up to Roar

The true ‘I’, is ‘I’ without anything else. There is no ‘I-me-ness’ and something, there is no ‘me’ and the absence of a ‘me or an I’, because if it were, there would not be something that recognizes to the absence of an ‘ego’ or a ‘I’ or a ‘me’. See, there is still something that is lost in confusion. 

That is why it is impossible to talk about what the Self is, because anything that is said is wrong, it is wrong, anything that is experienced is not, anything that apparently is, is not, even if its presence is strong and apparent, neither is ‘It’. Because it will never be a phenomenon, nor does it lie in the experience of Being and Nonbeing. But it is a very strong indicator in relation to your true existence, or your true Being. 

Your true nature has no qualities, no attributes, no forms, it is not related to anything else, and that is why it cannot be discovered, because if it has never been related to anything. How do you compare it? How do you find it? How do you have the clear discernment of what is and what is not? 

That is why every invitation is that, everything that happens, you treat it as something that it is not. 

Because honestly everything that happens in front of you is a 'is not'. 

You do not have the experience of what is in front of you as ‘It is’.

In terms of being, of existing.
You only have the experience of your own existence.

And that's where the invitation is, because you don't have the experience of other beings. You have the experience that the other bodies exist, yes, and their appearances, and their apparent history, and future and present, yes, but you cannot access their existence, from where those eyes look...

Wake up to Roar

Why would this be?

And that is where the invitation is, this type of game or perspective pushes and challenges that which maintains doubt, imbalance, fragmentation, multiplicity, or oneness as well. 

The experience of oneness only exists in the game of consciousness also. In the game of the phenomena, in the game of what happens. 

But what is there? What is beyond that does not happen, where nothing can exist? There, in the unmanifest, of the unseen, of the unwitnessed, and the unrecognized? 

And behind all of that is You. 

Even the unrecognized is a phenomenon of absence of consciousness, how can you be that? If there is still something there that can notice the absence of things. 

It is a very powerful phenomenon, and I am talking about something a little deeper than the absence of everything. 

That is why this dance is so unique, so sharp, with a quite unique and specific flavor.

All the other games encompass things, all the other have proposals, well, they propose something, and that's what I was telling you a little while ago, any proposal is destined to fail in this game that we are exploring here, because any proposal implies that there is something.
And in the reality of the Being there is absolutely nothing.
Not even nothingness...

Wake up to Roar

Absolute Nothingness with nothing at all!
There are no notions of limits/no limits, expansion-no expansion, inside-outside, up-down, you-me, left-right, happens-doesn't happen, no notion of anything, no names, shapes, attributes, colors nor the consciousness of being either.
And that is the Highest Truth.
The Only Truth.
The Only thing Real.”

- Sarkhân
Extract from the Spanish Meeting of September 15, 2022.

Wake up to Roar


“Only the Self exists.
And it is so, literally.
Believe it or not, only the Self exists.
There is nothing more than That.
The void does not exist, silence does not exist, nothing exists, nor does ‘nothingness’ exist. So, it is impossible to speak of It and yet It Is.
This game is so amazing.
So, only to give you a perspective, everything that I am going to talk about does not exist but it is important to clarify it.
There is only one Witness of everything that exists, there is only one Witness, there are not two witnesses, there is only one Being, there are not two beings. Then there cannot be a self that is going to discover the Self, there cannot be a self that contemplates another me, an observer cannot contemplate another observer, because you are talking about two phenomena: someone who observes the observer and the witness of the phenomena of the observance, for example. There is only one Self, and there is never going to be a sense of two selves, nor the notion of two beings, or two things, there are not two things.

Wake up to Roar

So, imagine that there is only one Seer, something that contemplates, something that looks, okay?

So, we are going to bring that example a little bit to the most elemental aspect of life, to your body. To the body that is sitting there listening to me, right? That little face that is looking at the camera and that is here listening.

Who do you think is contemplating the life of that character? 

You think it's you, you with your beliefs, with your past, with your future, with your desires, with your dreams… you think it's you. 

And yet that ‘you’ that you think you are does not exist, has never existed, only the Self exists. 

So, it is the Self contemplating the life of Danya, Martha, Tere, for example, IT IS THE SELF, Tere has never existed, no one has ever existed but the Self contemplating himself through his infinite creation, imagination... his own infinite imagination about himself. 

Others don't exist. 

So, if you really love, long for, honor the gift of existing, you wouldn't get in the way of the Seers’ gaze. 

How do I get out of the way?

Imagine, that we go to the cinema, and we are all seated, and the One who is seated watching the film is the Self. Okay?
And suddenly, Loli gets up and stands in front of the Self and gets in the way, and the Self can't see the movie that is going on.

Wake up to Roar

Loli gets up, and stands in front of the Self, and the Self is watching an incredible cosmic movie or -whoever gets up- and stands in front of the Viewer's gaze, and gets in the way.

So, the Self cannot see and watch the movie that he was watching freely.

You can do that at the movies and they're going to throw popcorn at you, they're going to yell at you, they're going to boo you, or they're going to push you away because you're getting in the way. Get it? 

The ‘I’ is the hindrance, the belief that one exists is the hindrance, then, if you really yearn for love, desire the most beautiful of existence, you are concerned about your family, you are concerned about nature, you love life, love the most beautiful poems in the world, the most wonderful songs, all that is for the delight of the Self, it is not for you. 

Get out of the way, don't get in the way! 

If you really love existence, nature, money, health, you love everything, get out of the way. And that will show all the Love that you are and that you have. 

Do not stand in the way of the one who looks. Move away!

How do you step out of the view?
How do you make sure you're not going to get in the way of the Witness of his own creation?
Do not accept the self as You.
Do not validate the me as You.

Wake up to Roar

Do not justify the self as You.

Do not get in the way and tell the… -imagine that we are in the cinema- and there is the Self - to give an example- the Self is sitting there in the cinema, and you stand in front of him and say:

Wait! What is more important than what I am seeing!

Because my wishes are more important than what You are seeing! 

Then wait a little while, and you stand in front of the Self, and the Self is behind like this: What a kid! 

But such is the arrogance of the ego, he stands and says: 

Wait, it's more important what I see! It is more important to manifest my desires! It is more important that I be given unity, that I be given expansion, that I be given -this or that-... everything that this movie is pretending to give, I have to experience. 

Do not pay attention to that, and automatically the vision clears up, the curtain is removed, lifted, the mist goes away of that false self, and t automatically reveals that you have always been the One who contemplates. And the one that got in the way was a thought of name, form and notion that you believed had to do with you.”

- Sarkhan
Spanish Satsang of October 01, 2022.

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Wake up to Roar


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- Sarkân - 

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