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Wake up to Roar



This beautiful collection of quotes were taken from videos or live meetings that happened with Sarkhân.

If you pay attention, with these pointers or directions, you can find many layers of wisdom and transformational suggestions to where they point at, see where they all lead you. You will be able to recognize, once and for all, your divine nature.

I hope you find this helpful and insightful. The more open one is, the words that come from the Source of all love and light will help you enormously. Then you will find the reality of the Self as the only truth.

Trace the Light towards the origin, then, by the grace of the crystalline, pure and healing waters of love & peace, you will go to the deepest place so that you can remember your place in Heaven.

All the love,

Wake up to Roar

Wake up to Roar


Positive Motivational Phrases

Having positive, motivating or inspiring quotes or phrases at hand that can give us direction in important moments or to detonate something in us to be able to see more than we can see, and draw internal strength to face life and its challenges. These are seeds that are sown in the heart so that you can realize your infinite capacities.

There is no one that is not looking for something to help elevate their mood or find things that motivate them or give them a deeper meaning of life and their experiences. That is why everywhere you see images with phrases from famous people, which can reach the depths of our being and illuminate incredible feelings.                                                  
That if the right one is turned on, it can enable someone to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Here you will find phrases of different types and for different situations. All of them have been expressed by Sarkhan at some point, be it in a meeting with students, some gathering or retreat or simply in one of his many participations with the public.

Wake up to Roar

We hope they help you and allow them to enter your heart and mind. You will see that they have the ability to give birth to previously unexplored corners, and that if you give them the opportunity, let the seed be planted and water it with your attention and care, your life can be transformed in incredible ways.

Inspirational Phrases

Inspiration is something that is vital for the enjoyment of life and for venturing into the discovery and the fascination for the unknown. That is where you can discover yourself more, the new will give you fresh water to your interior and you will be able to marvel therefore that your interior has to offer you.

"If you realize that you have never been lost, 
the search ends. If you realize that you have always been, 
the path and the effort disappear. "

"Stand on the edge of the cliff, 
and get ready to jump. If you don't know how, don't worry. 
Learn how to fly while flying. You will know that I am in each fluttering
in each intention, in the space itself that makes the wind possible. 
I will be your gliding escort."

Wake up to Roar

"If I could say one word which would set your heart aflame, 
and that fire would burn all illusions, it would simply be...

""Follow your heart
your desire will manifest everything for you."

"It is foolish to believe that you have limits, 
it is foolish to believe that you need something, 
it is foolish to believe that you depend on something."

"Trust your heart
trust your Being and your Existing
and do not listen or depend on anything Let it all go!!!"

"You're so important
that nothing exists if you don't exist."

Wake up to Roar

"Your true Self doesn't need anything, 
It is already Everything!"

"Wake up in this life, Notice that you do not need to heal, or purify. 
You don't need to expand yourself, grow or to become. 
You already are! 
And that which is, is the Self itself."

"Know yourself and the Universe will be yours."

“From now on your are in the hands of the Self, 
How open are you? 
Enjoy, walk, jump, trust ..."

Wake up to Roar

Positive quotations of love

Love is one of the most powerful and healing emotions. The unconditional love from the Self to the Self is the most powerful form of love. When the unique reality is revealed, a new love appears, a love that doesn't ask for anything, it doesn't demand, it doesn't control, and it receives everybody with open arms. The external love is not the purest, the internal as the basis of everything is what we need to aim for. The source of all love is YOU, stop searching for it outside.

"It is your Loving Light that is much stronger than fear, 
doubt and discomfort, 
Don't forget it!!!"

"Your heart is the King of your kingdom, trust."

“Who is willing to take the plunge
That one which is inviting you to transcend everything 
and to find yourself alone and absorbed by the Infinite ocean of Love."

Wake up to Roar

“Nobody is ever alone. The Self is always there, here and everywhere. 
In each step and in each circumstance. 
The Love of the Self, its Infinite presence and within Creation itself, 
are leading you by the hand towards your Home and Peace."

"If you only the Be, here is where Wisdom has to come 
and it starts cleaning the lenses from which you perceive Life. 
Thus the confusion, doubts and fears will not rule our heart."

"For gratitude, for honor, for the sacred for the divine. 
Stay grounded in yourself. 
This is staying at the feet of the Lord."

"To discover the Deepest Love, 
is when the you and me disappear. "

Wake up to Roar

"You are always accompanied. 
You are never alone."

"Follow your heart, each step is a lesson."

"What do you do for your thoughts to lose power? 
Make decisions that help you to experience what your heart is craving
despite what the mind says."

Wake up to Roar

Positive Sentences for Life

Life is a wonderful theatre event when we take distance from it and we observe it for what it is; a cosmic funny game with an infinite power. When we get involved in it, all the enjoyment ends up being conditioned by our feelings, our beliefs and how life presents itself. If you don't go inside the sea ​​of ​​illusion, you cannot be wallowed.

"Every interpretation of what's happening, 
is an illusion. Soon you will realize 
that nothing is really happening."

"If you don't interfere, don't position yourself at all, then
you can see the perfection that 
everything is created for you and by you."

"You just need a desire for MORE 
and never listen to a NO!!!"

Wake up to Roar

"If you stay completely alone with no thoughts, 
with none of your learnings, 
with no filters through emotions and feelings. 
The true Self, free and eternal, will be revealed to you. 
The mirage of the ego vanishes with it's illusion and dual fantasy."

"When you sleep, 
everything goes to the origin
the mind goes to the origin."

"How about a day with no desire? 
Of any kind! Not even a positive one. 
Just be empty!!! 
Explore that before the start. 
Before the desire, you've got it."

"Creation, Life is just playing 
and it is a show in front of you. 
Let it Be!"

Wake up to Roar

"Allow everything to be. 
Allow everything to express its own nature, 
in that, you will be Self-revealed. 
Allow everything to express itself, 
you only observe. In that, all will be Clear."

"Recognize with distance, 
in essence... do not move, everything comes and goes. 
Life wouldn't exist without a Witness. "

Wake up to Roar

Positive sentences for kids

If we would learn how to perpetuate life qualities we had as kids, adult life would be more expanded, full of illusions, but with the maturity to clearly discern the path to be taken. When we decide to be the example, there is no better gift for our fellow human beings. Support, trust and awakening the potential of youth is important. The future is designed in the Present, your love and wisdom will accompany the innocence and wonder of your own Self. The following sentences are for the child inside of you, we are all playful kids. Playing with the cosmos and awakening our imagination and its power.

"Trust yourself, have fun
Stop identifying with the outside."

"The Witness never moves, it is forever present. 
Attentive to everything, with a neutral & unconditional sight, 
with no preferences. Innocent and attentive. 
Open and with no positions. 
No, It does not get involved. 
No, It doesn't reject. No, It doesn't desire. No, It doesn't try. 
No, It doesn't doubt. No, It doesn't need to know what or if it is. 
And in that, in this act it contains & IS EVERYTHING!"

Wake up to Roar

"Why attempting for love, peace or happiness? 
If you you are all and much more of this."

“Only the Self exists, only You exist. 
No difference.
Here at the innocence stand on the Present 
You will really find Yourself."

"If you break the definition, any identification... You are Free."

"You always Are, stay here, 
no effort is needed...
Everything is a revelation.
You were already at peace
before the 'I-mind-thought' said you weren't."

"If there are desires, it is because there are lacks."

Wake up to Roar

"Everything you are looking for is actually inside of you already."

"I will be with you hand-in-hand, all the time. 
It is impossible to be less than what you are, you are infinite, always."

"Your potential is immense AWAKEN IT!"

"You don't have any limitations. 
Refuse and ignore everything from the outside. 
The only thing you are here for is to remember your true nature."

“The more trust, openness and willingness, 
the work is already done. 
Everything is happening by itself
by The Self itself."

Wake up to Roar

Spiritual Sentences

When a new direction is revealed in the deepest part of our self an incredible process of awakening starts. We go from living in the darkness of the ego with its conflictive reality, into reverence, love, and sacred and mystical reality of our true nature. The uniqueness of the vision of the SELF is the completion of an awake soul. The birthright of everybody is to wake up into this reality, where the person disappear and only the Self exists.

“Everything you do has an impact on everything. 
Don't be a prisoner of concepts. 
Get out of the labyrinth. 
Do whatever is takes to get the direct experience. 
Give yourself fully to the task until the goal is reached. 
Your fire, passion and your power will achieve unimaginable things."

"To be in the Now without preferences or resistance
will dissolve all conflicts and Peace will reign in your heart."

"The ego needs something to sustain itself. 
If you remove that, it will disappear."

Wake up to Roar

"In the loneliness of the soul, 
by grace you will discover the only, 
eternal and indivisible Supreme Soul with nothing else."

"Awakening happens in an instant,
it happens in the instant I am willing to let go of my last defence, 
until the very last idea of ​​myself. 
The only thing that is preventing me from recognizing who I am, 
are the ideas, concepts and the 'I' barrier around me. 
Nothing is separating me from my own SELF."

“My passion is to help everyone, to live free and connected. 
Union is our birthright
I desire this for you. 
And I will do everything on my part for that to happen, 
and to happen soon."

"Recognize yourself as That which Is
That which already is One with God, with Life. 
You have always been the Totality."

Wake up to Roar

"When you don't pay attention to anything, 
something happens, everything that was outside goes inside. 
The illusion breaks."

"Emptiness, open, here... 
Everything else... 
Nothing exists... 
Everything is just happening in front of you."

"A small step backward... 
here you are."

"Even if I am not physically I am inside and present within all. 
Listen and rest in silence, in oneself, 
here we meet and here is where the teaching happens, 
for what Is is always happening."

"A fast way to reach the Emptiness, break free from the one that desires. "

Wake up to Roar

"When you go to Emptiness, you don't go anywhere, 
stay silent, attentive... empty from everything... 
Just Being, keep it simple. 
Only allow my words do the job, honestly, 
you don't have to do anything."

"Everything you have done so far has some use, 
is that all your past has brought you here
honour it and be grateful for it. 
Now let it all go and live in Freedom!"

“Put your attention beyond, behind you, 
recognize a presence always present. 
That which is always and has always been, 
you will see that you are already That and you have always been That
You have always been free, always, always ... 
This is Enlightenment, that which has always been awake. 
That which is beyond the beyond. 
In fact, you are the Beyond looking at everything 
through the lenses of consciousness. "

Wake up to Roar


Inspirational Phrases and Motivation

We bring quotes and inspirational phrases to help you remember the beauty of your own self.

It is sought that the flame of your heart ignites and sheds light to dark rooms of your inner reality. Allowing you to see the exit of the labyrinth of duality and how the unconscious traps can be shown.

This Light rays will come inside to clean the home you live in if you let them.

This compilation of quotes has been expressed by Sarkhan sometime.

I hope you explore them with all your attention, care and utmost importance. For they show a clear map back to the reality of the Self.

Hugs and enjoy the signs pointing back to your heart.

Wake up to Roar

Spiritual and Inspirational Phrases

The essence of life resides in the deepest, most sacred and sensitive inner vault of Love inside each one of us. Reaching the depths of oneself, and touching the fibers closest to our sense of existence. This is an invitation to the most divine and pure expression that one wishes to express, the Divine Encarnated.

“The ego will be rolled over by the sea, 
it tries to flee from the possibility of dying
You have never been and will never be an ego, 
you are the sea itself. 
What are you afraid of then?"

"If you remove the 'I' nothing exists. That's how easy it is."

“Watch and do not identify with the one that desires. 
You are already complete!"

"Everything comes and goes except You."

Wake up to Roar

"Do not postpone your awakening
How do you do it? 
Deny what you think you are, 
don't define yourself, 
do not believe that you are what is in front of you."

"Your nature is to Contemplate everything. 
Let everything be as it has to be. 
Then the game of games is shown."

“Who are you? 
Where are you really? 
Locate the Observer and you will discover its reality."

"If you watch without judgment, without taking sides with anything, 
without adding opinion, desire and intention. 
A horizon without limits would present itself 
and you would be in awe of love 
and joy that have always existed assimilating your nature."

Wake up to Roar

“To be empty, quiet, still, without actions, 
without steps, without goals, without intention, 
in silence, still, without mind, without past, 
without present, without future... 
If you live like this, everything I talk about will make sense. 
Just Be without doing anything at all
Your only game is to contemplate it all 
and then dissolve the one that contemplates. 
You already Are, now discover the one that Is."

“If you are already Everything 
and you are already complete. 
Why do you seek, why do you meditate, why are you doing? 
If you listen to what I say, then everything is a joke."

"If the mind says it must be done, do not listen. 
Rest here, empty of everything... Let what has to happen happen
In all levels that you are conscious of apply what i'm saying. 
Make it all a game, not out of necessity, to get something, 
to experience something, to discover something... 
Without intentions, methods, techniques, concepts, feelings... 

Wake up to Roar

Deep Truth Phrases

Truth is the only thing that will set us free. Continuing to live in duality, illusion and lies only perpetuates suffering and freezes the soul.

If you want to remember the Divinity in you, a very strong desire has to come to life. And at the same time, humility, devotion, gratitude and the willingness to get out of the mental bars in which we have believed to be. You belong to Existence, be one with All. Do not belong to ideologies, dogmas, doctrines, ideas, concepts or anything that separates you from everything. You are more than you think you are. Believe me, believe in yourself.

True intelligence about emotions 
and thoughts will happen when you stop the control, 
labeling, naming and stop taking all of them as yours. 
So you can see that you are not a victim of them. 
Let everything be what it has to be. 
Do not run away or hide in pseudo-spiritual sensations
that only make you lose yourself even more. 
Face the possibility of emptiness
No parachute, no techniques, 
no help from anything. 
Do you dare?"

Wake up to Roar

Become the Observer of All
There it is the entrance to Infinity of infinities."

“Many say that there is no 'me' on the spiritual path. 
They find each other anesthetized by the sensations of the mind. 
They call this silence, stillness and awakening. 
To such a degree the ego has reached
He got into even the purest of the game of Being and Consciousness. 
Many are in the dual webs of this illusion, and this one, 
is the hardest to see and break from. 
But let me tell you,
can you deny your own existence?
Perhaps there is something that observes 
even the most subtle phenomena of emptiness, 
silence and conscious-awareness? 
So, who is that one?, who is the Witness-I-ness of all phenomena? 
Get out of the spiritual illusion of the subject-object
Discover the Self behind all affirmation. 
Break the false enlightenment perception trap. 
Incredible, creation is playing and it will eat the ones that ignore this. 
There is still time. 
Break from the spell!"

Wake up to Roar

"Abide in your own self firmly, 
to the degree that you forget about yourself. 
Let there be a firm and final decision, 
that you stop looking for yourself and define yourself. 
Then you will remember your immensity. 
There, where the Self and you are One. Truly One."

“I am talking about a reality that, 
when it touches you it does not go away. 
It is radical and there is no going back
Finally the wave realised itself that it had always been the whole Sea."

It was all due to a small identity error
A little misunderstanding of who we really are. 
Yes, Awakening is easy, not partial, not about levels... 
but the Totality without parts. 
Where the Supreme Void is the only reality 
and there is nothing more than that. 
And this is literal."

Wake up to Roar

“Your heart has been searching for itself. 
And it will be found when you recognize 
that you are that 'I' which is the Self 
asserting itself without any need. 
We have never discovered that authority... 
fears and more fears... 
You are everything. 
I don't understand why to be afraid."

“Without a Total surrender you will never know."

Seek to be exposed to the highest truth
Do not seek to be spoken to at the level you think you are at. 
Your belief of being somewhere has to collapse, 
and only the highest teaching can do it. 
Do not accept the small in you, the limited part... 
it does not matter if it confuses you, if it doesn't make sense... 
Listen with your heart, not with the mind and intellect. 
Only with the wisdom and knowledge of the Dance of Emptiness 
you will get out of the illusion of duality and its dire governance. "

Wake up to Roar

“It is better to explore that the Self does not need anything 
and it is the only thing that there is. 
There are no paths, there is no teaching, 
there is no student and the teacher. 
There is no up, levels, lineages, to become, 
to be more or less, levels to go up, remember, forget, 
return, leave, rest, noise, consciousness, silence, 
here, now, present, past, future, there, me, you, them, 
the world, the Universe... 
Pure gymnastics and puppets of the mental olympic games is all this is... 
The Self Transcends everything. 
Contemplate the possibility that you already are That without qualities
This is much more valuable than all the sensory proposals described above. This will give you clarity, simplicity, 
and a sense of Freedom that is not compared to anything. 
The Observer is Empty of everything. 
When you know that you are That, everything will disappear. 
All creation will dissolve before your gaze. "

Wake up to Roar

Shocking Love Phrases

When one shines with the Light of Consciousness to the real hiding place of the Ego, many things are detonated as its defenses, mechanisms that justify its unreality are triggered. It is not easy to find the abode of the ego. Many believe that it is in everything except oneself, which is the last place people look. That is why without help and with the right direction, getting out of the illusion is almost impossible. Only people with a real desire to remember their divinity will seek 'yes or yes' to be close to that which awakens and nurtures the most sensitive and loving and sacred thing inside one self.

“That in you that is pure Presence, 
that which Is-Being, it is the Self itself. 
Have you ever considered this? 
Believing that you are a thought clouds the simplicity of what I say. 
If there is a me, everything exists. If there is no me then nothing exists."

“If you start with the fact that you are already FREE, 
you will see the lie immediately."

"When you sleep, 
everything goes to the origin,
the mind goes to the origin."

Wake up to Roar

“Everything that you can watch has limitations and conditions. 
If you use attention, focus, awareness you are still in the ego. 
Only the reality of Being can clarify 
and rescue you from the networks of false spirituality. 
Just being That is the answer to everything
Be strong, be great, be magnanimous... 
Stop denying your greatness, your beauty, your Infinite nature."

"As long as you explore things that have to do 
with time and space you are still in duality. 
It doesn't matter what it is. 
You are beyond time. 
You are the Unspeakable. "

"If there is a goal, objective or something to achieve, 
there will be a try, an effort, a process... 
Mental strategies to sustain, perpetuate, defend, 
take care of, improve, do not let go... 
There is no goal, drop everything!"

Wake up to Roar

“Explore the unknown, the unmanifest. 
There is more truth there than what you know, 
experience and know. 
Ultimately, everything will have to die if you want to remember."

"In the last gap, in the last step to break the bubble of illusion, 
the game is very different from everything you have ever experienced. 
The dance is different, the dynamics are different. 
It's more of a 'dying' on all levels. 
You will not be able to take anything with you
when you are reborn from the ashes towards Immortality. "

"Until you let go of everything,
absolutely everything you will not know the Self, 
its reality and its indivisible vision. 
The Absolute is before, beyond of everything, 
in the middle of everything, at the beginning, at the end, 
between, in, from, towards... 
It transcends everything and 
at the same it does not transcend anything 
because there is nothing to transcend. 
It is a no-thing, where no-thing exists. The ocean is the only thing there is."

Wake up to Roar

"Explore, have fun, laugh, rest, do nothing, 
do not use anything, unintentionally... 
Meditate on this... 
Close your eyes and let 'That Something' take care of everything. 
Without mind, without thought, without purpose, without intention,
without focus, without objects of perception... 
Nothing at all. Quiet, in silence. 
Marvel at the Self revealing itself in its infinite forms. 
Just witness it's dance."

“When the Witness of all the Universes and 
realities is realized you will see that everything will disappear. 
Since everything had been created by the ego and its fantasy of multiplicity. Then you will have discovered the only thing worth discovering. 
You will see that you only fell asleep in your bed. 
You've never traveled anywhere. 
So the way back home was also a fantasy. 
So immediate is Awakening."

Wake up to Roar

“You are the screen, the substratum of all that is. 
Only through understanding can you see that you have never been lost. Instead of spending and wasting time obtaining, 
recovering, acquiring, discover, learn, do, experience what is lacking... Better explore that which you have never lost, 
that has always been in you but that you had not seen. 
If you do not realize that in your neck has always 
been the necklace you thought lost... then all the fantasy of methods, 
teachings and learnings apply. 
But if I point you to look at your neck, 
then you see the necklace you thought lost, and then, 
in that instant everything becomes clear. 
The riddle is solved. 
And the labyrinth of the senses collapses. 
The Fantasy is destroyed right there.
Direct knowledge is the only way. 
The Key of keys."

Wake up to Roar


Spiritual Quotes for Self-discovery

The kingdom of Love is for those with a pure heart and mind. The willingness to open up to the unknown, to put aside beliefs, ideologies and experiences, this will result in the cleansing of everything that prevents you from seeing the infinite Light of the Self in everything.

Discover, pay close attention and care to what is been shared here. Don't throw it away or own it in any way, don't associate it with anything at all. From the innocence pristine see where the message is pointing at.

If you pay attention, you will see that there is something beautiful taking care of you on every level. Just let it in into your heart. Don't put up any more barriers.

This compilation of quotes has been expressed by Sarkhan at some point in a meeting or face-to-face activity.

With all the love,

Wake up to Roar

Spiritual Quotes for Self-discovery

Until you know who you really are, life will not make sense. The opportunity to embody divinity is an invitation rarely accepted.

Discover yourself, this is the challenge to your greatness, do not accept no as an option. It's all worth it. That is the simplest and most important step, to deny everything that is in front of you as you, then the truth of who you really are shows clearly as the sun on water.

"The spiritual awakening can happen following the heart's guide. 
But if there is a resistance on your part,
to remain in fear and therefore in the old, 
then your soul, your heart, your body, 
alerts you through different signals
These can be seen in various ways, 
as an emotion, nervousness, restlessness, etc…"

It can also be presented to you through of person or event in your life, 
as a call or an alert that it's time to wake up, 
to move forward, to break free from toxic relationships, 
the desire to a deep change, 
an alert of those things that stop your progress 
towards a leap into the path of love."

Wake up to Roar

"Believe me, go for the deepest desire of the heart, 
at the beginning it seems that it is not easy, since in truth, 
Being requires a real effort to be uprooted of everything 
that superimposes the lie on it and that does not serve in your evolution. 
But yes, it's worth it
And of course there are always people 
and guides that help us and accompany us in this process, 
but the effort and progress is largely up to you."

“With so many years within the realm of awakening, 
I want facilitate you your own self-discovery
And don't go through what I've been through."

The primary motive and reason for our existence. 
You are the key, the door and the entrance to EVERYTHING."

"You don't need anything to BE. 
YOU ARE. It's because you're already here, 
and if you're here, 
means your nature can't be found but SELF-REALIZED."

Wake up to Roar

How open can you be for something 
to finally take care of your whole life, of you? 
In every corner, in your speech, in your listening, 
in your understanding, in your creativity, 
in your experience, in your taste of life, 
how you interact with your environment..."

“When are you going to allow something else take over completely
I will take you,
I will devoured you, 
I will fill every pore of you, 
every vein and every cell of you will come imbued with Presence."

“May your true BEING BE!!! 
With all his Magnificence, Wisdom and Power...
Whatever you desire, 
the life you are destined to be lived can only happen if... 
on the level of Emptiness you wish to explore."

Wake up to Roar

"The more Emptiness, the more openness, 
nudity, more vulnerability.
You allow the entrance of something 
much more POWERFUL within you. 
Let it permeate and fill all those corners 
of limitation and may they be filled with 

“This is your SELF taking over everything, take me!!! 
Absolute Surrender… use all that I am, 
all of me, all I think I could be, 
everything I thought I was...
Here begins a very different dance.”

"There is something that does not take time, 
does not take a process, that you allow yourself in this moment, drop it all!!! allow yourself to be totally open, naked and vulnerable in your heart. 
A little courage, confidence... 
I'm going to throw myself into the void... 
only Being requires a moment..."

Wake up to Roar

"What if finally you let go... 
The control, the trying and the effort? 
What do you discover if... 
stop looking to go somewhere or get something?”

I was born to live and experience
the heart withered and suffered, 
only to realize that my ideals 
and attachments where those who suffered the most.”

"How can I not continue doing whatever is needed? 
If I know the life that awaits you if you decide to fly!!!"

"That everything I've been through, 
that my whole life is an example that will help you see.
Everything has been there to help us remember...
To turn our eyes towards the light of TRUTH.”

Wake up to Roar

Quotes from a Radical Spirituality

The lie cannot be sustained for a long time. The Light of your own Being will reclaim his kingdom and his throne regardless of the consequences. We are heading for an absolute surrender at all levels.

The only way to break the spell of duality is with the direct understanding of who are you already. Break with the false 'I-me' that filters everything and discover yourself as That which is free from all limitations.

"DO NOT pay attention to the thought of... 
holding, get experience, feel and understand. 
All of this requires effort. 
and it's proposition is that you are lost.”

“You are always here and now, 
whatever your mind says or propose 
is the opposite, and it takes you away from the Truth of Who You Are, 
it doesn't get you close."

NOTHING can bring you closer or further away, 
since you have never stopped BEING."

Wake up to Roar

Relax into your true nature, 
and pay no attention 
to everything that hints you to do something 
in time or in the distance.”

"You do not need anything. 
You are NOTHING!!!

"We don't realize we don't want to be alone with ourselves
This would imply facing to our attachments, beliefs and fears. 
That is why we have given the entrance to the thoughts 
and we have made friends with them. 
What would happen if you let those guests outside of you?"

"DO NOT identify with anything that goes through your mind.
Let go of all thought and belief, and DO NOT hold anything as truth, 
then the dance of FREEDOM will begin.”

Wake up to Roar

“That's how easy and powerful it is our consciousness. 
In a second you can touch the sky with attention, 
and in a second believe all thought, 
and the prison and the pain become reality.”

“I know that, to reach out and expand our horizon, 
it takes the desire for more, commitment and accompaniment. 
So this does not remain as an idea or concept, 
so IT can become a reality.
You have the opportunity to be a FREE BEING 
This is worth more than GOLD or anything else.”

“A mind that has been trained to be still and observe, 
can see the thoughts as something distant from itself. 
For what one does not understand is that there is much more to discover
of oneself in what is behind of mind and consciousness.”

Wake up to Roar

“The observed emotions, 
from The Anchored Consciousness of mindfulness, 
It has other nuances. 
It can actually disappear positive 
and negative qualities that 
the unconscious mind constantly conditions.”

"If one does not take responsibility your emotional and mental state, 
and continues blaming others and society, 
then, the Tranquility and Freedom can't happen."

"Nothing matters, 
NOTHING is more important than WAKING UP 
and remember that you are ONE with the SOURCE OF LOVE 
This is the only thing that matters.”

“The keys are there for you to take, grab them tight!!! 
And do not let yourself be distracted by thought.”

Wake up to Roar

I would love for you to try a drop of the nectar of your soul, 
a breath of joy or a moment without thoughts.
You would know in an instant everything worth knowing. 
The search would end the trying would cease, and the effort would vanish.”

“Simplicity is the way,
no time is the way,
the non-ego is the entrance. 
Without the humility to seek and ask for help you won't be able to do it."

Wake up to Roar

Spiritual Love Quotes

The Love from Self to Self can achieve everything. Connect with the depths of your heart and do not be afraid to give yourself completely to others and Life itself. Let love cleanse and fill all those unexplored corners that have unwanted visitors.

"Discover that you are a free Being
and that your Peace and Love are not limited 
to what your mind says, nor to the amount 
of thoughts nor to the content of these.”

“Do you want to taste true Freedom
Discover what qualities your Consciousness has and it will be easy. 
Learn the way out of the incessant and unconscious 
current of thoughts and it will be obvious.”

"Do not wait anymore. 
Do not search the confirmation or validation of the world; 
Otherwise you will never dare to discover who you really are!!!”

Wake up to Roar

Dare to dream! 
I will NOT live a half life. 
Doubting my deepest desires, hesitating to follow my dreams 
or afraid of discovering my Greatness. 
I can have endless questions: 
I am worthy? Will I fail? Do I have what it takes? 
Will I be left alone and with nothing? 
The truth is that this can only happen, If I don't follow your dreams.
Better to find out than staying in the prison of fear!"

"What is more distressing?
What a dream that could have been? 
What causes more repentance? 
What about the pity of never having risked? 
And what could be more solitary than living someone else's life?

I was born to advance bravely towards my highest dreams, 
making my fondest wishes come true.”

Wake up to Roar

"There's a quiet voice inside of me which proclaims: 
I'm here! 
To remember who I really am! 
I am here to love and be loved! 
I'm here to be fully live! 
I am here to make a difference in this world!”

"Do not wait anymore! 
I know that my deepest desires arise from a Source 
within me who knows how to fulfill them. 
Remembering this, I bravely leap into the unknown with faith, 
making my dreams come true and inspiring others to do the same. "

“You are deep, you are eternal. 
And still you think you can't, that's the misery of loneliness.
This is eating your heart. 
But I want to tell you that I have NEVER abandoned you. 
I have NEVER been separated from you, 
that I am You and that You are ME, you are My I Am."

Wake up to Roar

"You are Infinite, 
you're divine,
you are the whole of Me. 
All that I am you are.
All that i was you are.
You are all that I will be."

“My true essence awaits your return. 
Your reign is my heart, don't let thought keep ruling over you."

"The glasses from which you look
 do not allow you to see everything
I do and have done for you. 
I wish you wake up and start opening your eyes
and see the innumerable gifts that have been created for you."

"Because I am everything, You are All, 
because I love myself, it's because I love you. 
And still, in That mystery I keep transforming. 
I wish to be a clear mirror where you can see yourself."

Wake up to Roar

"Your sensitivity, 
your love will look for a way 
to turn you in what you wish to be."

I understand that confusion 
and doubt are constantly screaming 
and shaking your soul. 
Pain and suffering reach us to the bone. 
It hurts the impotence of wanting and not knowing. 
I tell you there is so much love in you
that the only thing missing is that 
you remove the barriers to it and have the humility to learn from me. "

"You have the same creative power than mine, 
you are not a victim of what you are creating, 
so what is the reason you keep creating a reality in which I am not?"

"You project onto others and to life the confusion 
and the violence of the fire of pain that you 
have not been able to accomplished to extinguish."

Wake up to Roar

“Do not continue to perpetuate 
or manifest things that are not going to give you 
what you are looking for. 
Remember, you are looking for ME, for yourself, for the I AM."

"The fire of my love is always alive and present in you. 
That fire will cleanse and heal all the barriers that separate you from me."

"Turn your eyes inside and let me in, trust!
Do not be afraid 
I've only come here to help you WAKE UP. "

Wake up to Roar


Spiritual Thoughts to explore

The invitation to enlightenment is a very powerful thing. When someone wants to find the deepest answers to questions related to existence, one finds paths and messages that try to address these concerns.

Although, not many have this kind of curiosity, but there are others who wish with all their hearts to awaken to a deeper truth of life than what their senses show.

Along the way, as one evolves, a much purer and more loving panorama is presented, as well as the lies and traps of everything that has happened before as well. The kingdom that Non-duality points is indescribable, absolute and complete. To that place, to that kingdom superior to everything, the kingdom of the Self, to the Supreme Being is what everyone aspires to but few dare.

Thanks to the Supreme Master for his grace, love and guidance. That without him, none of this could be.

This compilation of quotes has been expressed by Sarkhan at some point in a meeting or face-to-face activity.

May the grace of Love fill and transform your perception,

Wake up to Roar

Spiritual Seeds of Light and Kindness

Allow the words to enter your heart, without filters, without pretensions, without comparisons... you will see that something very beautiful is present if you get out of the way.

“Every moment is a date with oneself."

"How do I open myself for Life? 
To take me to that world that I do not know, 
and I don't know how to access? 
Life, how can I learn to dance with you?, 
how can I learn to flow with you?, 
to surrender fully? 
Teach me, show me... 
I am your student forever...
And there, if it really is so, and if you are really willing to listen 
and act accordingly, you're going to have to drop everything, 
absolutely everything... control, every expectation, every idea, 
experience, perception, point of view, intention, understanding…
Thus, the Universe it will force you to be present and above all EMPTY."

Wake up to Roar

"One's Life does not go with your thoughts, beliefs and desires. 
If you look honestly and closely, this falls 'you' apart."

“When you really let yourself go in every aspect of Life, 
for each given moment with all its angles, 
emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 
When you take distance from that false entity, 
and you connect with each moment as it is, 
and you flow as every moment wants you to flow... 
You connect, You Awaken!"

“A lot of things move when you are in the Presence of Consciousness.
But there is something that has never moved, 
do you know to whom am I asking this question?
The only thing worth discovering is that which is permanent and real, 
the impermanent has no value. 
Do you know who you really are?
YOU are the only thing aways alive and present, the rest is just
passing phenomena"

Wake up to Roar

"If you empty yourself, the Universe fills you with everything!"

"Silence is when one... 
is empty of ideas interpretations, 
absence of I-esss and you-ess, 
of mind, of perceptions, of notions, 
of desires, of doings, of intellect, of intentions... 
In Absolute Silence reality cannot be perceived."

"An alert mind is not required, don't even pay attention. 
Rather it is to discover THAT which is behind the attention."

Jump, don't be afraid! You will see that in the midst of each moment, 
as you fall… you are being held through the air, through Life, 
through Love. Put fear aside and jump! 
Empty yourself completely. 
If not, you won't be able to enjoy of what happens in the middle of the jump. And if you don't, and you're lucky, Life will push you
So that later you discover that it was not a big deal, nothing happens."

Wake up to Roar

"There is nothing else more important thing that 
you recognize why you are here. 
The reason the body was born is so you 
discover that you were never born, 
therefore you will never die. 
Only realize that you are and what you are. 
This is the most important point of all!"

"Nothing can define you, nor time, nor space, nor form, 
nor the no-form, nor the senses, NOTHING AT ALL… 
YOU ARE the imperishable and unreachable indescribable Witness… 
You will never be a thing or something that apparently relates to you. 
Forget memory, time, form, phenomena, of sensations, 
ideas, concepts and perceptions... 
You can NEVER and can never be defined, 
conceptualized, objectified, touched, experienced, 
encountered, neither seen, nor recognized, nor revealed… 
The Self will never be an object, this is blasphemy. 
You are more than everything
break the spell recognizing that there never was anything at all.
Just the Unspeakable exists, the rest is imagination."

Wake up to Roar

"DO NOT define who you are. 
Don't listen to who you are 
and who according to the believe should you be. 
Do not listen to who you were and who will you be. 
DON'T listen to anything, don't even pay attention to anything at all.
Don't even give reality to anything that has to do with something.”

In you there is nothing
You are pure emptiness, a vast void, 
eternal,, infinite untouchable, unreachable, 
full, complete and always present."

"There is nothing more powerful that you simply Be.”

“Dive into yourself, sit down into yourself, recognize yourself.”

"You do not have fear nothing at all, there is no fear in you.
This is because absolutely Everything is You.”

Wake up to Roar

Signals to the Supreme

Blessed are we, the light of being enters even the darkest corners full of unconsciousness. When one is asleep, the Real does not seem to be the only thing without two, and the unreal seems so real that it seems that it is the only thing that exists.

Consciousness and its phenomenal games, full of unlimited expressions, superimpose themselves on the reality of the Being. One that has no qualities or attributes. That is the Unique Reality, one that is by itself, without dependencies on anything or anyone. On the other hand, everything depends on it, otherwise nothing would exist. Until that Supreme reality comes to show itself as the only true thing, discernment, humility and continuous exploration to and from the Self of a vital for joy and love.

"You are That, from which everything arises and is contained.”

“Recognize and rest in that expansion 
beyond freedom serene and calm. 
Everything is embraced 
and penetrated by the Supreme Consciousness. 
You are That to which all bow down."

Wake up to Roar

"DO NOT allow, DO NOT be fooled
Don't let thought govern you. 
Don't let the idea of 'I' cloud you. 
That the desire does not shield you. 
Don't let any notion cast a spell on you. 
Let no concept or idea get in the way. 
Pay no attention to anything, ignore everything.”

“DO NOT let your consciousness rest in nowhere. 
Set her free, let everything be as it should be. 
You will see that you will live in total freedom.”

“Recognize that in the simplicity of Being and Existing, 
your nature resembles more to an already free consciousness.”

"DO NOT put any interest to what happens in front of you. 
Don't recognize it and do NOT name it. 
Just stay here Being, silent and quiet.”

Wake up to Roar

IT transcends Nothingness, emptiness and the absence of things. 
Absolute Surrender and Perfect Enlightenment is near. 
In recognition that all that prevented you 
from really seeing yourself as the Self. 
Then you will be able to recognize that you are that Absolute Void. 
That which permeates and encompasses everything. 
Totally free, no notions, no ideas no concepts of any kind.”

"DO NOT search. 
Do not go.
Do not come back. 
Do not try. 
DO NOT achieve. 
Don't understand. 
Do not claim. 
NO effort at all.”

"Recognize everything that exists. 
Recognize that all there is, is within you.”

Wake up to Roar

"Stay in you and let everything reveal itself. 
DO NOT get involved.
Do not ask, don't wish. 
Open up, undress! 
Let it all go. 
Silence, emptiness, nothing... 
Forget the manifest and the unmanifest…”

“Do NOT pay attention to what non-freedom insinuates, 
to that which proposes the opposite of Reality
Reject it completely. 
From here everything is witnessed, 
from a distance, the witness also disappears.”

"You have no end, you are That without limits
you are already That... 
Beyond any beginning and end. 
You are before, during and at the end of everything.”

Wake up to Roar

“You encompass everything, 
you are that Supreme Self with no preference... 
quiet, in silence, naked… 
Without going anywhere without staying anywhere. 
Without belonging to anything... whatever you notice, it's not you."

"True surrender is when you discover that 
there is no one there who has to surrender to anything or anyone. 
This will be clear as water when there is not a grain of ego left. 
True enlightenment is when you discover 
that you have always been beyond of the veil of ignorance 
and that this had never applied to you. 
Awakening is when you recognize that you have always been free 
and that the illusion will never applied to you. 
Only the Self exists, the rest is pure fantasy. 
For whom is the reality of Being and for whom is the fantasy? 
Who notices something or something else? 
Who says it's one thing and not the other? 
Supreme Soul, impossible to express the inexpressible. 
Only love without two is the only evidence.”

Wake up to Roar

"Feel Being experience Being. 
You have no limits, you are beyond the body, 
beyond space, beyond time, beyond all, beyond everything.”

Let go! 
Realize all the love there is, 
all the love that you are.
You don't need anything at all!"

Wake up to Roar

Beyond the Spiritual You Are

The adventure becomes more and more beautiful, deep and challenging. The mystery of the Infinite Love of the Being is something that continually tears and invites you to kneel before the Presence and Expression of it. Mysterious is his game, a radical and transformative dance that penetrates every atom with his Infinite Compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I feel happy to be danced by you, without knowing where, without knowing from where... here enjoying the celebration.

“You are self-existent. 
An Absolute and luminous Emptiness. 
Let everything be, you will see that all is revealed 
by Self to itself, for and from the Self as THE SELF.”

"Time does not exist. 
There is no tomorrow, 
there is no yesterday, 
there is no now. 
There is no I was, I will be... Nothing, empty…”

Wake up to Roar

"Every desire is an impediment, 
it is because it comes from an angle of lack. 
Being is so full that it doesn't need anything."

"Break the desire, with the one that desires
There will a clarity of Peace that overflows, that elevates.”

"When you do not ask, it will be given to you.”

"The most important thing is that you discover Your light. 
The most important thing is that you discover that You are the Source.”

“What we are playing does not require time, 
stay empty. That you have no platform to step on! 
Empty, let go, let go.... "

Wake up to Roar

"DO NOT ask for nothing, do not demand, do not seek, don't try, don't wish, don't try, don't rest, don't be, don't be still, don't explore, don't follow, don't fall, no peace, no love, no conscience, no time, no joy, no expansion, neither silence, nor stillness, nor emptiness, neither nothing nor nobody, neither here, nor now, neither clear, nor not clear, nor return, nor not leave, nor unconsciousness, nor silent, neither active, nor inside, nor outside, nor perception, nor student, nor teacher, neither path, nor goal, nor trajectory, nor to arrive, neither to go nor to come, nor permanence, neither sensed, nor not sensed, neither this yes, nor this no, I neither know nor do I know, neither to be, nor not to be, neither reject nor renounce, nor discernment, nor discrimination, nor let go, nor grab, neither enlightenment nor ignorance, neither beyond, nor deep, nor superficial, neither dark nor light, without comparison, without filters, without references, or witness, or perception...
Any traps? Clues? Methods? Techniques? Lineages? Enlightened? Paths? Healing? Practice? Where? 
For What? When? Why? Who? Who? Who? ha ha ha! 
What joy or anything, nothing at all, not even that... ha ha ha ha!
No, no and no… Tell me, can you crack the riddle of riddles? 
The 'I' will never achieve it, it is the dissolution of duality that clarifies everything. 
It is the awakening that reveals the mystery of mysteries, 
before this everything is a lie. 
There is only the Self, glory!"

Wake up to Roar

"Who wishes? Who wants?
Explore this and the veil is torn! 
With no intentions and in emptiness everything is incinerated."

"One's innocence when meditating is the key to everything
you will always be open, there will always be humility. 
The past will not cloud you, nor the projection of the future
because you will be discovering every moment as it is. 
You will enter an Absolute Peace, an Absolute Openness. 
Consciousness free from everything!"

"One's innocence means, be open to everything as it is presented, without judgments, without thoughts or concepts, without preferences or actions, without ideas or formulas. Especially without a self. 
Without an 'I' there can be nothing. 
And when the nothingness appears, when the 'there is nobody' happens, that's when much more kneeling is required, as this it is also a dirty mirror. 
Dust in the eyes, the last test. 
If there were true innocence, this would help get the ego out of the way, the preconditioning. Innocence takes away everything! 
And it pushes and challenges you to be truly Empty. The chance that the abyss opens up and absorbs the camouflaged ghost back into the Self is in your hands.”

Wake up to Roar

A true teaching has no past, 
it leaves no trace, 
it cannot be replicated, 
it cannot be transmitted… 
It does not come from anywhere, 
it does not arrive anywhere. 
No one who receives it, 
no one who gives it. 
It does not last even an instant. 
From the Absolute he is born and instantly dies. 
Only from the Absolute to the Absolute does the sacred explode!"

Wake up to Roar

Signs towards the Spiritual Light

Step by step, with curiosity, with willingness, with desire, with passion... the doors of the Infinite open and appear non-existent. There has never been any impediment, there has never been an entrance; without walls, without anything that delimits it, you have always been inside, outside, in the middle... everywhere. That is your abode.

"Surrender, why do you distrust? I'm your best friend
I will give you more than you imagine. Surrender, dissolve. 
Stop defending, stop fighting. My present to you is that you will be ME. 
My present to you, when you dissolve, 
I'm going to give myself to you completely, my I is in you. 
All my potential, all my nature will be delivered in my entirety. 
Open up, give up, don't defend, do not run away, 
don't use your tools, your concepts, your perceptions, 
your experiences, your intellect... 
Don't use anything. 
Trust, open up, listen. 
I am not your enemy
I AM your friend."

Wake up to Roar

“Imagine that you have spent a long time… you got lost in the desert, 
in the desert storms. You lost your cell phone, your GPS, 
the signal doesn't work, the battery is dead. You haven't eaten for a long time, without water, tired... and by a miracle… the desert storm was removed… 
the landscape cleared up and there is a cabin. 
You knocked and you were allowed to enter. 
Now don't do nothing, do not do anything, you already did the job. 
All that many, thousands of people could not do, you did it, you already arrived, you already arrived at the cabin, you have arrived at the destination, you have already arrived!!! 
There's nothing else to do, just stay here rest, let go… relaxed, attentive, calm. Let yourself be cared for, let yourself be loved. 
Now stop, seriously stop!!! A full stop. Do not do anything. 
Be quiet, attentive, empty, silent. Imagine if it were really like this... 
you have thousands... a few thousand, a few million years... 
Searching, searching, searching, searching and searching. 
You're here, you're here, seriously you're here!!! 
It is no longer necessary to search… you are already tired. Let me give you a bath, let me give you a massage, let me treat you well, let me feed you. 
Yeah, stop it!!! Stop looking, stop wishing. 
Leave all that anxious inertia, of wanting to obtain, to get, to know. 
Already!!! still, still, still, truly still. Stop, seriously, the search, 
the search is over!!! Now, nothing more, let go, let go, there is no more to do. 
Don't do anything at all, seriously, trust, trust your heart. 

Wake up to Roar

The Void of which we speak it is very intimate. 
You are being consumed by Love and Presence.”

You can never be what happens in front of you. 
If you pay attention, you will see what I say. 
There is something natural in you that 
does not require no effort; it is simple, authentic and real.”

“Use everything as an invitation. 
To value the gift you have been given, 
not the gifts that pass in front of you. 
That has never been the gift, believe me!!! 
Gifts will never be the things that are in front of you. 
The gift has always been YOU, but it is time that you open it, 
discover it and feel it.”

“Every object in front of you is not compared to The Subject
Stop using objects, throw them away. Do not listen to them, 
no object in front of you is worth it. Discover the Subject, 
value the Subject, love the Subject, respect the Subject, 
kneel before the Subject.”

Wake up to Roar

“How do you value the gift of gifts? 
Stop validating, paying attention, 
don't use every object in front of you. 
Better stay in yourself, in the Self, beyond the sense of Being. 
Being deep in IT, is what makes you really BE. 
Discover yourself in Being, the entrance in the stateless state. 
Here you will see that everything will be revealed.”

“Any search, intention… 
If you pay attention, anything you see is about something, 
and it is supposing that you lack something, 
it proposes a lack. 
You don't lack anything, nothing at all. 
You are ALREADY Complete!"

“When you stop treating everything as your identity
without wanting to know your identity
because you have no identity, 
then you will discover your true identity."

Wake up to Roar

"What I'm interested in is that You discover who YOU really are. 
Nothing compares to it, nothing compares to it. 
That is my wish for you! 
May you live from your Being and forget about the rest!”

"There is something below much more powerful, 
directing orchestrating, living, designing.”

“Every particle of the Universe is obeying the command of the Self. 
Every atom, event, everything!!! 
There is nothing that is not! 
After all, everything IS THAT! 
Then I stay silent and quiet and I pay attention…
and that's it… there's no other way.”

"If you bow to the Self, to your own BEING, to your own consciousness, 
to intuition. If you treat That as the greatest, with reverence, with love, 
careful, with listening, with mystery, with... 'look I don't know'... 
with total surrender. Everything clears up, everything becomes alive... 
It continues to reveal itself to Itself.”

Wake up to Roar

“The discomfort of the ego appears, resistance appears in front of you. 
While that's happening, it's out of your control, 
It's happening, it's just happening... 
A thought, whatever... 
There is an event, something happening… 
That's pulling you in... 
There is something inside that is saying COME. 
Nothing is in your control. 
And below this is the Witness of those phenomena happening.”

“The more you explore, honestly, do nothing, at any level. 
Now we are talking seriously, you'll see! 
There is an incomparable freedom in doing nothing!!! 
In not getting involved, in not wanting, in not interpreting anything.
Something is taking the reins and THAT is in charge... 
divine, wise, infinite, powerful, complete... 
And he knows all of this on all levels!"

“You are not here to make decisions, you are here to enjoy
the unfolding of your true nature. 
Seriously, it's literal!!!”

Wake up to Roar

“It is a beautiful thing, and it matters 
that you let yourself go, let be taken hand in hand with the Self. 
And do not say to the Self what he has to do, 
how or when it has to do it. 
That is what the mind does; asking, demanding, craving, all the time.”

"Total humility is
don't ask anything for yourself, and take nothing for yourself. 
Do not demand or ask anything for anyone... 
At any level!!! 
That is to be a student of life... 
That's where your true Master will revealed."

“In those moments of total humility
to kneel, not to ask, not to require, 
not to interpret, 
not looking for anything... 
you don't know anything at all... 
there is an absorption capacity necessary to really learn.”

Wake up to Roar

"In emptiness and dissolution, in the 'don't wish'... 
if you apply it and explore it, 
automatically you will meet The Master.”

“Do not ask for anything and open yourself to everything. 
If there is a reaction?, perfect. 
Have the attitude:
Where are you inviting me? 
What are you showing me? 
... Is life showing me a discomfort...
The true Master is teaching at all levels. 
What is that reaction and anxiety saying? 
That I'm still holding something I have owned, 
that I want my way. 
No matter the way, is more breaking the chain of pain
from the one who says 'my way'.”

“How do you allow things to be revealed to you more? 
Disappearing is the most immediate way. 
Not paying attention to the 'I-me-ness'.”

Wake up to Roar

“We are in a game here, which takes you to the reins is the Self. 
Only the Self will wake up to Itself, through Being That which IS. 
Explore being the Witness of everything that happens, 
and don't do anything about it, literally!!! 
On any level, It Is just what It Is, 
without having a preference to be any different.”

“This angle of exploration will give you clarity of the Witness, 
not of phenomena, let us leave phenomena aside 
and leave all things where they are… in life. 
You are the Witness of life."

“Nothing that happens in front of you recognizes itself. 
You recognize things, everything! 
What interests me is that you don't get lost in the recognition of things. 
You say: “thought, body, I, they, world…” 
When I say, 'do nothing', don't even recognize things, don't name them, 
don't conceptualize them. 
You cannot say: “there are thoughts”, 
that is already a doing; the one that names is not you.”

Wake up to Roar

“You are here to do nothing... nothing! 
Let everything be. 
If you allow yourself to simply Be, 
then you will let everything be, 
and in the Realm of Being, of the creator of miracles 
will reveal itself as the only thing that has, exists and will exist.
You have always been That, the Self, the Source, the Lord...
Get out of the hypnosis of the 'I-am-ness'...
 You are THAT!

Wake up to Roar


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover your own self. It's time.


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Wake up to Roar


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Wake up to Roar

Wake up to Roar

"I wish that everything shared can help you awaken to the reality of the Self, the Supreme, the Absolute. That its light goes to the depths of your heart for you to remember your oneness with Truth. There has never been any separation or illusion. You have always been the Light of Lights. Wake up!”

- Sarkhân -

Listen the Roar of your Own Awakening!

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